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A low growl echoes in the dark.

“Hello? Who goes there?”

No voice answers. Only steady paw steps are heard.

“Come on out or I’ll come after yea!”

The growl grows deeper and closer. Then it suddenly roars, showing its red glowing eyes.


It is light once more. The only noise is a soft creaking of the wooden hull of a tug boat. A voice moans. Under deck, a pale ginger tom rubs his head with his paw. After being awoken from his nightmare, he hit a wooden beam with his head. The pain fades away. He glances around with his hazel/green eyes. He lies on the top shelf. He sees that everything is still in place.

‘That nightmare again. Why does it keep on coming back? What does it mean?’

“Ten Cents?!”

The sudden call of his name made him jump. He hits the beam with his head again, and then he moans, “Oh suffering stacks!” He covers his head with both paws.

“Oh there you are! I was lookin’ for yea!” meows a friendly voice, as he looks up.

“Give me two reasons why I shouldn’t claw you?” Ten Cents growls.

“Well, for one, I’m your best friend and two, I came here to git you so don’t blame me fir waking you up!”

“Why?” Ten Cents groans, since he hit his head harder this time. He looks over the edge of the shelf to see a pale (almost a light yellow) tom with a red sailor’s hat.

“Just git your hat on and let’s go!”

The pale tom walks away. Ten Cents growls a low growl. He grabs his blue sailor’s hat and places it on his aching head. He jumps down from the top self and climbs onto the deck. Once outside, the sun has not come up yet but the sky promises a good day. Then a breeze blows through, carrying the smell of the salty sea.

“Ok, why do you sleep in a tug boat? They tend to smell worse than Warrior returning from the dump!” the pale tom meows.

Ten Cents walks up to his friend who was waiting on the bow, meowing, “I choose where I want to sleep, Sunshine. And I don’t see why you are complaining. You sleep on a tug too!”

The two friends chuckle and smile at each other. They climb off of the boat and continue down the docks. Humans are walking around too. They are either loading or unloading the barges or working in the warehouses.  They can even hear the city’s noises of traffic and railways. They finish their walk once they reach a small neighborhood. The houses hold the families of fishermen or families who work at the docks. There are a few houses and a couple of tall buildings. They are casually walking through an ally way between two houses when a voice meows, “Good mornin’!”

The two toms look up to find an old cat sitting on the fence. He wears glasses, a fancy straw hat and a little vest. His fur is a rich shiny caramel. He even has a few gray hairs and bright white whiskers.

“Good mornin’, OJ!” Ten Cents replies.

OJ carefully jumps down from the fence but he suddenly lands awkwardly. He winces in pain.

“Oh my! OJ, are you alright?” Sunshine meows as he races to OJ’s side. Ten Cents also helps to support OJ.

“Yes, I’m alright. Just old, that’s all.”

“Well you better retire soon, OJ. We don’t want you to get hurt or worse,” meows a new voice.

The three cats look up to see another cat sitting on a fence, on the other side of the ally way. He is a rich chocolate brown with a top hat and a monocle on his right eye.
“How about you say that again to my face, Top Hat!” Ten Cents growls.

Top Hat gracefully jumps down and walks up to Ten Cents, meowing, “I could say it again but it won’t apply to you small fry!”

The two cats growl at each other until another voice interrupts them, “Alright, enough you two!”

Out from the shadows a pale ginger tom with a black dorsal stripe steps forward. He also wears a blue sailor’s hat and smart glasses.

“Well, if Ten Cents didn’t nag me on, I wouldn’t be in this mess,” growls Top Hat.

“Wait what? Why you!” Ten Cents hisses.

“Enough!” growls the tom. “Besides, Top Hat will get bad luck today.”

“Bad luck you say? I’ll tell you one thing Hercules: I don’t get bad luck!” Top Hat chuckles. Just then, a sudden breeze blows in and whisks away Top Hat’s hat. “Oh my!” Top Hat tries to catch his hat but he and his beloved hat land straight into the mud. The other cats laugh at him.

“Hehehe. Looks like Top Hat is gonna have a bad day, Big Mac,” meows a new voice. In front of the mud puddle stands two ginger toms. Both wear blue sailor’s hats and only one of them has a gray muzzle and underside.

“You’re quite right, Warrior. Let me guess, Karma?” Big Mac jokes.

Top Hat grumbles and growls to himself as the two toms walk on by him.

“Good mornin’, Big Mac. Warrior. Too bad you misses Top Hat’s little show,” Ten Cents chuckles.

“Yes. I do wish I could’ve seen it,” meows Big Mac.

Just then, Top Hat slips in the mud again and lands back in the mud with a big splash. This time, everyone sees him and bursts into laugher! Top Hat growls in frustration and folds his ears in embarrassment.

“Alright. That’s enough!” meows another new voice.

The cats turn around to see an old scruffy gray tom sitting on OJ’s fence. He wears a captain’s hat, a coat, and has a white star shape patch with his eye.

“Good morning, Captain Starr. Sorry about Top Hat. He is having a bad morning,” meows Hercules. Top Hat growls when his name is mentioned.

“I can see that. Now on to business! I called for all of you this morning for a quick meeting. You all are doing very well. We are having fewer reports of rats and mice on cargo, ocean liners, and ships.”

The cats cheer in excitement, but not Top Hat since he is still very upset.

“Now, I want a good day today, which includes you too Top Hat!”

“Yes sir,” Top Hat grumbles as the others chuckle.

“Now, go report to your locations!”

“Yes sir!” the cats said all at once.
Yes! Another cats story! I'm gonna have so much fun with Top Hat! :>:}:
I was going for an accent when they talk so thats why some words are spelled differently. If there is a better word for them, let me know! Plus, I have no idea what boat/sailor's talk is. Got any words for me to use? LOL. I hope you guys like this. :) Feel free to comment!
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