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Chapter 1 – She Chosen Her Destiny

The wind roars over the moor as the kit stops, “NO! I WILL NOT GO!” The wind swiftly blows around her pale golden tabby fur, her blue eyes glow angrily.

The brown tabby queen turns to the defiant kit, her brown eyes are heavy with sadness, “Enough of this Swiftkit. We can’t go back.”

“YOU can’t go back! But I can!”

“Stop this! You don’t have a choice! ThunderClan is waiting for us!”

“Don’t have a choice? I DO have a choice! I’m almost six moons old and I AM going to be a WindClan warrior!”

The queen is taken back by her daughter’s defiance. Two other kits come forward to Swiftkit, worry fills their eyes.

“Sister please, come with us!” the brown tabby cries, her brown eyes swell up with tears.

“No Wildkit! I won’t! I’m loyal to WindClan!”

“But, they hate us! Did you see?” the other darker tabby mews, his brown eyes glow in anger.

“I know. And I’ll prove every cat wrong, Bramblekit. I’ll become the greatest warrior in the forest and beyond!”

The queen sighs heavily, “Is this your choice? To defy your mother? To defy the mix blood in your veins?”
“Yes, this is MY choice! I WILL resent you and YOUR CHOICE! You lied to us, lied to the clan, and broke the warrior code! I WILL be better than you, Brownwing!”

Only the wind howls as the queen ponders. Without a word, she walks away, leaving Swiftkit. Wildkit’s and Bramblekit’s eyes widen in horror. They chased after their mother, in hope that they will have her convince Swiftkit to join them. However, their cries are met with silence. By the time the kits turned around, Swiftkit already left, heading back to WindClan. The wind threatened to sweep Swiftkit away towards the lake. It was cold and salty. She eventually makes it back to the WindClan camp and is met with surprised eyes. Boldly, she ignores every stare and approaches the leader’s den.


Her yowl echoes in the cave below. A pair of glowing eyes makes its way towards her. The tom appears before her, most surprised, “Swiftkit? Why are you here? I sent you to ThunderClan with Brownwing.”

“You never asked me for my choice! I want to stay here!”

The brown tom flicks his red tail in annoyance, “You are too young to make this decision for yourself.”

“I am almost six moons old! I want to be a WindClan WARRIOR!”

Redstar sighs heavily, “Go and rest in Hawkfeather’s den. I need to talk to my warriors.”

Swiftkit dips her head respectfully and heads towards the medicine cat’s den. She watches the warriors surround Redstar but she is close enough to hear a few words: “Why is that half-clan cat doing here?” "It's bad enough that Leaf-fall is here." “Shouldn’t she be with her traitorous mother?” “ThunderClan is not going to like this.”

She is overwhelmed by the smells from the various herbs. Her sudden sneeze alerts the brown she-cat.

“Swiftkit? Why are you here?”

“I’m going to be a WindClan warrior. Redstar told me to wait here for now.”

“I see. You know, you are too young to make this decision.”

“I don’t care! I was born of WindClan.”

“But you are also born of ThunderClan. Don’t forget that.
Hawkfeather and Swiftkit turn to the opening to see two kits of Swiftkit’s age: a tortie she-cat and a grey tabby tom.

“Poppykit, Stonekit, what do you need?” Hawkfeather asks sternly.

“We want to see Swiftkit, if that is alright.” Poppykit meows.

Hawkfeather ponders for a moment, “Alright. I’m sure she would like some company.”

Poppykit purrs happily and rushes over to Swiftkit, with Stonekit cautiously following behind.

“You came back!” Poppykit mews excitedly.

“Yes! We are going to be warriors together!”

“Are you sure it was a good idea? What if ThunderClan comes to get you?” Stonekit’s eyes fill with worry and fear.

“I don’t and will not regret it! I am of WindClan!”

Suddenly, a yowl of alarm sounds from outside, “ThunderClan!”

“Kits! Stay back!” Hawkfeather rushes towards the entrance and peers outside.

The kits try to peer around Hawkfeather but they can only hear the loud yowls.

“Where is the kit!?”

“Calm yourself, Yellowclaw. She is here.”

“Well then, hand her over!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Shock, from both clans, echo outside. Eventually, it fell silent.

“What do you mean, Redstar?” Yellowclaw growls, breaking the quiet gathering.

Redstar takes a deep breath, “She has already made her choice. She wants to stay in WindClan.”

Yellowclaw laughs maniacally, “Seriously? You didn’t want these kits in your clan and now you changed your mind? The leader’s word is the warrior co-“

“I HAVE MADE MY CHOICE!” Swiftkit shoves Hawkfeather aside and bounds up to face Yellowclaw. Sudden fear stirs in her belly. The tom is much bigger than her, with scars on his body, most notably his face. But she fights it off, “I don’t want to live in ThunderClan! I want to live in WindClan!”

Before Yellowclaw can answer, a pale golden tabby tom steps forward, “Is this want you want?”

“Yes.” Swiftkit holds her gaze to the other tom’s eyes. Strangely, she feels a resemblance in his blue gaze.

“We are done here.”

“Hold on! I’m the Deputy here! I make the decisions whether or not we are finished!”

“You have heard them, Yellowclaw. Leave,” Redstar growls.

The yellow cat looks around at the battle ready clan. He growls and turn his gaze to Swiftkit, “You better not change your mind and come to ThunderClan, because if you do, I will kill you like the moor prey you are.”

The pale golden tabby gasps and meets his gaze to the deputy but quickly lowers his head. The ThunderClan cats turn and leave the camp without another word. All of the clan’s eyes turn onto Swiftkit, all angry and confused. Redstar quickly addresses his clan, “Swiftkit is now a full member of WindClan. In one moon, she will join the rest of the kits to become an apprentice. I will take her in as my own.”

Swiftkit gasps in surprisement. Poppykit brushes her pelt against hers, purring happily. However the others were not pleased, “Great, training a half-clan cat. Who does Redstar think we are, ThunderClan of the past?”

“The only thing that matters to me is that I’m not training her!”

Redstar hears the remarks and growls at them, “My word is the Warrior Code! You WILL respect my decision, Frostmist and Tumblewind. Since you were so keen on sharing your opinion so loudly, you both will guard camp with Smokepaw and go on the morning border patrol in the morning…with me.”

Few of the cat’s snicker but many of them left for their dens. Swiftkit paid no mind to the two warriors’ remarks for she was looking at the bracken tunnel. Hawkfeather approaches her, “You are free to stay in my den.”

“Thank you, Hawkfeather.” Swiftkit continues to look at the tunnel. “Who was the pale tabby? The one who asked me, if it was my choice?”

Hawkfeather sighs and stares with Swiftkit, “That was Thornpatch, your father.”
Thanks to Leafstep, I got the drive to start rewriting this story again. This is a short series for my OC, Swiftstar on how she became leader of WindClan.

Edit 7/26/18: This should be the last update for this chapter.

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leafstep Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like her! XD
Stubborn, and strong willed!
And determined!
I can't wait to see how her future unfolds!
Swiftstar01 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
same! lol
She has a lot to prove!
leafstep Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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