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I have "disowned" this story arch. You will not be able to find any of the chapters on my page. However, I will not remove them since a few people really like it.

It is a wonderful afternoon, even though it is still winter. The neighborhood is quiet, except for the meowing.

“Snow! Snow! Snooow!”

An Italian-cat jumps around making a lot of noise. He yowls and purrs happily.

“Italy-Cat, please. You will wake up the whole neighborhood,” growls a German-cat.

“Aww come on Germany-Cat! This is fun!”

Italy-Cat runs off. He slides on a patch of ice and collides into a snow pile.

“That’s why,” Germany-Cat growls.

Just then, another cat appears. He is a black and white cat with a bob tail.

“Oh, morning Japan-Cat.”

“Ohayou gozaimasu, Germany-Cat,” Japan-Cat replies. “Where is Italy-Cat?”

Then Italy-Cat pops out of the snow pile, “Ve~ ciao Japan-Cat!”

Japan-Cat purrs back, “Germany-Cat, Italy-Cat, do you know what today is?”

“What are you saying, Japan-Cat?” Germany-Cat asks.

“Oooo! I know! It is Valentine’s Day!” Italy-Cat meows happily.

“Yes, and I was wondering, how you celebrate Valentine’s Day?” Japan-Cat asks.

“Valentinstag? Yes we do celebrate it. You can say we do go ‘over board’ with it,” Germany-Cat answers with a soft smile.

“Yep! We do to! A while back, we were so enthusiastic about it but we figured that we celebrate everything every day!” Italy-Cat responds with a smile. “You can say that we celebrate it like America-Cat does!”

“So, what about you Japan-Cat?” Germany-Cat asks.

“Well, the women give the gifts to the men. Then on White Day is when they return the favor.”

“Well, that is…um…unique,” Germany-Cats meows as he searches for words. “Wait…is it me or is it quiet?”

The two look around and see that Italy-Cat is gone. Then they hear some flirting. They see their friend with a girl cat.

“Here we go again,” Germany-Cat growls.

They walk over just to see that the calico girl cat was no ordinary cat: Anastasia-Cat!

“Oh, hello Germany-Cat and Japan-Cat,” she meows.” Um…Priv-yet.”

“Sounds like you are learning Russia-Cat’s language,” Japan-Cat responds. “That was really good.”

“Aww. Thank you! You have to thank Veronica-Cat! She helped me a lot.”

“So, my question was that ‘do you know what today is?’” Italy-Cat says excitedly.

“No. It is important?”

“Today is Valentine’s Day!”

“Valentine’s Day?”

“You never heard of it!?”

“No. Sorry. My memory is not what it was.”

“So, you have amnesia?” Japan-Cat asks.

Anastasia-Cat blushes. She did not mean to say that. “Anyway, what is Valentine’s Day?”

Japan-Cat and Germany-Cat did not like it when she is changing the subject.

“Well Anastasia-Cat, Valentine’s Day is about love, love, and love!” a new voice interrupts.

They look over and see a very well groomed cat with a rose in his fur.

“What do you want France-Cat?” Germany-Cat growls.

“I just want to tell her how I, France-Cat, celebrates Valentine’s Day.”

“Alright, go ahead, but no scary stuff!”

“Hai. She lives with Russia-Cat. That is scary enough,” Japan-Cat whispers into France-Cat’s ear.

‘Forgot about that.’ France then meows, “Alright, Valentine’s Day was started all because of a saint named Valentine. This all started when the king banned young soldiers from getting married.”

“That is terrible!” she replies.

“Yes it was. But, Valentine did not approve of this. So, he wedded the young couples in secret for a long time but he did get caught.”

“What happens then?”

“Well, he was put to death for defying the king. But then many years later, he was recognized as a saint!”

“Oh my, what an ending.”

“I know. But it was all thanks to him who wanted to spread more love into the world!”

“Just like you, right?” a new voice meows.

There stand four cats: America-Cat, England-Cat, China-Cat, and Canada-Cat.

“Hey guys! Happy Valentine’s Day!” Italy-Cat meows. “How do you guys celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

“Uh? How well…I…” England begins.

“We give the girls candy, flowers, and a romantic dinner. No one knows it better than me!” America-Cat interrupts.

“Back home we celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different day: Qi Qiao Jie,” China-Cat answers.

“May I speak for once! Ahem! In my country we celebrate much more quietly than blabber mouth America-Cat,” England-Cat growls.

“Hey!” America-Cat yowls.

Then the cats started yowling at each other.

‘I guess I won’t get to put input. I do celebrate is similar to America-Cat but my favorite gift to give a teddy bear.’

Just then, Russia-Cat walks up.

“Здравствуйте! Why is everyone fighting?” Russia-Cat asks.

“England-Cat started it,” Anastasia-Cat meows.

Russia-Cat purrs in amusement.

“So, Russia-Cat.”


“How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

Russia-Cat blushes a little, “Um…da…the most romantic thing is to give fresh flowers to which you love.”

“That sounds sweet.”

“Da, but don’t go to Belgorod on Valentine’s Day.”


“That is a very long story…”

Not so far away, we see Greece staring at the group of cats.

“I love cats but I swear that I heard them talking…oh well…I better go get some sleep. I won’t be celebrating it until the 16th.”

Later that night, Russia-Cat and Anastasia-Cat found a surprise in their beds: fresh flowers.

“These? Are they?” Anastasia-Cat begins. Then she smiles.

Russia-Cat stares at the flowers he has got: They were sunflowers.

“Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

(And have a happy Cat Festival!)
A furry Valentine's Day! Da, this is early but I wanted to do this so...tough! The hetalia cats made an appearance and may be the only one. I'm not for sure. Greece makes a small scene and even gives a line so yay!
Ok, Italy-Cat, you can't get even more cute!

Well, it is Valentine's Day (and the Cat Festival around the corner) and the countries share what they do on Valentine's Day.

i did research ok! If I'm still wrong, please let me know. I do not want to offend anyone!

leafstep Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thats awesome!!!!
and i love how Anastasia-Cat is a Calico~
Calicos are always beautiful
Swiftstar01 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes they are! :)
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