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The Forest – Sylva

These cats are no bigger than a Titi (wolf). They will always have a “box-like” face with tufted ears. They have “eyes” on the back of their ears, tails tipped in white, a pattern face, a dorsal stripe, and a lighter colored mouth, under belly, and paws.

Rextus – The Leader of the forest that is chosen by the Elders and Vatestus who was a Duxtus.
    Springing Whitefoot  - an old blue tom with white paws, a white “star” on forehead and emerald eyes. His pelt has subtle darker blue stripes, like a tiger.

Duxtus – Second in command of the forest. There can only be two at a time.
    Blood Stream – a long fur red tom with green eyes.
    Blue Jet Stream – a blue queen with blue eyes.

Vatestus – The seers, healer, and tellers of the tribe.
    Rippling Pool de Water – a tan striped queen with amber eyes.
    Shining Silver Skies – a long fur silver-white striped queen with pale eyes.

Murco – Tallus, who are recognized by the Ancestors, are given a new name and are considered adults. They live in family groups around the region. Tallus are young Murcos in training.

    Murco Central - This family lives in the main location in Sylva - Amplustus Arbor. This is where the Rextus, Duxtus, Vatestus, and Elders live.
    Leopard  Claws– A golden spotted tom with emerald eyes. Mate of Blue Jet Stream.
    Sneaking Fox – a ginger queen with white points and green eyes. Mate of Springing Whitefoot.
    Shadow de Sun – a pale queen with golden eyes. Mate of Blood Stream.
        Kittens – Fire, Glare, Dawn, Trip

    Murco River - This family group lives along the river that separates the Palus and Sylva.
    Gray Fish Tail – a long fur gray tom with a very bushy tail and green eyes.
    Singing River – a blue striped tom with a silver underbelly and blue eyes.
    Swimming Otter – a sleek dark brown tom.
    Water Current – a blue tom with amber eyes.
    Moonlit Stream – a silver striped queen with green eyes.

    Murco Grass - This family group lives along the tree border line at Planum.
    Menacing Roar – a huge long fur black tom with green eyes. Mate of Blaze Stripes.
    Feather de Hawk – a dark brown striped queen with green eyes.
    Clawing Jaguar – a bronze large spotted tom with amber eyes.
    Blaze Stripes – a golden striped queen with blue eyes.
        Kittens – Gold Light, Sand, Black Bird
    Weed Whiskers – a long fur light brown tom with amber eyes.

    Murco Hills - This family lives in the hilly/rocky side of the forest, closest to the territory of Mons.
    Swooping Falcon  – a brown tom with pale eyes.
    Black Night  – a black queen with blue eyes.
    Silver Moon – a silver spotted tom with blue eyes.
    Biting Ice – a white tom with deep blue eyes. Mate of Sweet Berry.
    Sweet Berry – a brown striped with white queen and blue eyes.
        Kittens – Flake, Buzz, Cloud
    Five Stripes – a ginger striped tom with green eyes.
    Northern Breeze – a long fur white queen with amber eyes.
    Cold Ember – a black queen with amber eyes.

Tallus - These are young warriors and hunters in training to prepare for the ageing ceremony.
    Dark – a long fur black tom with green eyes. Originated from the River.
    Lone – a black tom with amber eyes. Originated from Central.
    Snowflake – a white queen with blue eyes. Originated from Central.
    Panther – a black tom with green eyes. His pelt has no patterns or softer colors. Origin unknown.
    Moon – a blue queen with green eyes. Originated from the River.

The Elders – These cats are the oldest in the forest. They are retired but they make the decisions, along with the Rextus, for the better good of the forest.
    Hiding Shadows – a black tom with yellow eyes. Originated from Central.
    Lost Pelt – a queen with missing patches of fur. Originated from the Hills.
    Clawed Face – a blue tom with a clawed face and amber eyes. Originated from the River.
    Calling Song Bird – a brown queen with amber eyes. Originated from the Grass.
    Chanting Trees – a black striped tom with pale green eyes. Originated from the River.
    Bitter Winter – a blind silver tom with white eyes. Originated from the River.
Inspired by Warriors, this is a project birthed from a Warrior fan-fic I have wrote almost 10 years ago. This is the character roster for the main group that the main character, Panther, finds. 

This story was originally a Warriors fan fic about RiverClan, believe it or not. All of these characters stayed with me, especially Springing Whitefoot (Whitestar in the RiverClan one). Originally, I wanted to make their names in Latin but I decided just have some of their speech replaced by actual Latin words. Sylva's word bank is soley based off of Latin. There are four other regions and they also have selected languages picked for them: Japanese, Russian, Afrikaans, and French. The regions are based off of 5 different land environments: Forest, Mountain, Grasslands, Deserts, and Swamps. I need to create a map for this! :D

These "fantasy" cats are based off of Tigers and Bobcats. 
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