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OK, you may have heard of the land before. But this is my story not his! Anyway, my name is Destiny. I am just an average girl in the world where technology was and still is the main part of life. All the cool rich kids have fancy cars, huge houses, and easy lives while the "middle class" doesn't have many of those items. I'm one of the "middle class" kids. I'm not a talkative person, nor a courageous one. Anyway, my day just started out like a normal day. I go to school, learning new things in class, and getting picked on by one of the meanest girls in school. I tell you one thing, girls are worse than guys when it comes to bullying. It was study time in class. The teacher was gone and everyone was either talking or trying to finish their homework. I was minding my own business, drawing in my special sketch book, till she walked up. Jennifer Colton, the so called leader of the "plastic" girls. Yuck! With her are three other stupid girls: Cinder, Candy, and Bow. Those are their nick names that their "leader" gave them. I never had a chance to hear their real names.

               "So what are you drawing now?" she said in an immature tone. I can tell that she was already mad at something. I ignore her. That made her even madder. She reached down and swiped my sketch book out of my hands. "Hey!" I yelled.

               She started skimming through my book, while giggling in the process.  She stopped at the page I was working on and looked at me, "These are worthless! You have no true talent!"

               "Then how about you give me back my book and waste your breath on someone else!" I said in an angry low tone. I stood up to challenge her gaze.

               She looked back at my book, and she did the unthinkable: She tore the page out of the book, let my book fall to the floor, stomped on it, and then looked at my almost done drawing. She placed both hands on either side of the paper and tore it in half. She tore it in half again and threw the paper in the air and the four pieces rained down. It felt like she tore my heart into those pieces. She looked back at me and smiled an evil smile, "Think twice before smack talking back at me. Let's go girls!"

They left me at the brink of tears. I could still hear their evil laughs as they walked away. No one came near me, no one defended me. I felt more of a ghost to those who don't truly care. The so called friends I made didn't even help me. Released by the final bell, I grabbed my book and the four pieces of paper and ran back to my locker. I packed my stuff and ran to the bus circle. I jumped on the bus and sat in a seat close to the back. The ride home felt like forever. My heart was broken.  I would never finish my sketch. I could remake it but it wouldn't be the same. I stared out the window and started wishing myself far away. I thought of being brave and fearless as a knight. Being able to take down any challenger who dared to challenge me, but I pulled myself back to reality. That would never happen.

The bus stopped at the bus stop. I hopped out and slowly walked to my house. On the opposite side of the street, a block away, is where the bus dropped me off. I like to walk through the yards as I head home. That was when I heard a strange sound, a sound of a trumpet. A blast of light blinded me and I was swept off of my feet. It was so bright I couldn't keep my eyes open.  My body was being bounced around in the air and then everything became still and dark. There was pain on my chest, but I opened my eyes and looked around. Something was not right. The scenery looked familiar but where were the houses? Where were the power lines? Where was the sound of the roaring bus? I did hear something nearby, a small stream. I looked over and gasped at my reflection. My hair had turned into a brighter blond, my eyes were a brighter blue, and the most unusual thing: my ears were pointed like an elf's. I thought I would have screamed. When I stood up I realized that my wardrobe had changed too. Instead of my t-shirt and jeans, I was wearing a pink cotton dress that stopped below my knees. Instead of my tennis shoes, I was wearing tan boots with a pink strap for a buckle. And on my head was a headband, it was pink! I was dazed and confused. Then I heard a noise coming from the road not so far from me. There was a horse pulling a wagon. I thought to myself, "Maybe he will know where I am."

So, I ran up to the road and cried, "Mister! Mister!" The man made his cart stop. The horse snorted for it did not want to be stopped. The man looked at me when I came up closer. I then saw the same ears, I wondered, "Is he an elf too?"

Then my thoughts were broken, "What do you need miss?"

I remembered what my question was,"Where am I?"

The man giggled and then looked at me. He knew I was not joking," Well miss, you are in the land of Hyrule. Now if you excuse me, I have farm goods to deliver."

"Where?" I asked.

"To the market place," he answered.

"Will you take me there? I believe I must go there," I asked.

"Will I? Well yes I could," He replied.

So, I hopped on the wagon and rode till we reach the market place. When the wagon stopped, he told me to be very careful, "A pretty young lady is a perfect target for trouble."

I told him thank you and said I would stay out of trouble.

Boy, the market place was a pretty big place! It felt like a fair when everyone was dressed up just like medieval people in the school books.  So, I wondered around. There were lots of strange items everywhere! The strange foods caught my eye, but they looked a little too strange. In no time at all, I found myself in the middle of town, at least I thought it was the middle. There was a pretty water fountain with a center statue. On top of it were 3 triangles that formed a bigger triangle. "What is up with that," I thought to myself.  

Slowly, I walked away from the fountain when I heard thunder behind me. I spun around and saw five men on horses racing towards me! I tried to jump out of the way but I was taken straight off of the ground. The first rider grabbed me and I realized that I was being abducted! My first instinct was to squirm out of the man's arm but that got me nowhere, so I started screaming for help.

"Quit your screaming," the man hissed. But I didn't stop.

From under his arm I saw another rider coming from behind. I was not the only one who saw him and the riders became nervous.

"Faster boys! He's coming!" yelled the man who was still holding me.

"Who is coming?" The horses increased their speed and the ride gotten bumpier. I saw something fly over and one of the riders fell off of his horse.

"Genno! Take the girl to camp! We'll finish him off!" the leader of the group said. Then I saw the three horsemen slow to a stop while I was sped way.

"Not long now," Genno mumbled. He was not kidding. Before I knew it, we passed into a cave. Then I was tossed off onto the ground. Ouch! Stone floors hurt. I had a swift glance around. It was not completely dark. There were torches all around. I also noticed a box that looked like a treasure box. Then I heard thundering footsteps coming from behind. I turned around and saw a huge dude!

"I see you brought me a guest, Genno," the big guy said.

"Anything for the boss," Genno replied. Just then a horse whiny echoed down the hallway. "Sounds like they are back," the boss said slyly. Then the thundering of hoofs echoed as the rider came closer. "Why only one of you slackers returned?"

"Because they got a taste of my sword!" the figure yelled.

"It's him!" Genno shrieked. The horse and her rider busted out into the open room. The mare reared up and neighed really loud. The rider jumped off. Genno raced towards him with his sword in hand. The rider pulled his sword with his left hand and blocked Genno's attack with his shield. Genno jumped back to try again but the left-handed rider was too fast. He slashed his sword across Genno's chest and Genno's almost limp body fell to the ground. The rider quickly turned to me, "Get out!"

With no questions asked, I ran down the hall where the rider entered. I can still hear their voices but I lost the verbal as I continued running down the hallway. I finally see light and raced out. I was glad to be out of there. But then I found myself surrounded by other goons. I saw a large spear not so far from me. The goons came closer. I counted six. They were all making fun of me. Suddenly, I felt a similar rage. With out warning, one of the goons lunged at me and I dived for the spear. Once I grabbed it, I rolled out of the way and stood back up. The same goon lunged at me again, this time with his sword. Without thinking, I blocked his attack and kicked him in the lower gut. He fell to the ground whimpering and slowly crawled away. The next goon, number two, attacked. He swung his sword too high. So I ducked and hit his foot with the butt of the spear. He dropped his sword and started hopping backwards, howling in the process. After that, he tripped and landed into a thorn bush. He burst up and ran off crying. After that funny scene, the other three goons surrounded me. I had no idea what to do. Suddenly, I heard a whinny. The mare came bursting out of the tunnel and trampled a goon. The fourth goon attacked but I was able to hit his head very hard since his sword was positioned low. Number four fell to the ground and rolled away. I took out goon number five and the chestnut mare took out number six. I was glad that was over. The mare snorted confidently. I turned to the mare who gave me a nudge, "Thanks. You are a wonderful horse." The mare cheerfully whinnied.

"You did pretty good yourself!" I quickly turned around and saw the rider. He wore a green tunic, a pair of brown boots, and a long green hat. I had a closer look and saw he was an elf too.

"Thanks, I guess," I responded.

"I was glad that Epona helped you. I knew you couldn't do it alone."

I smiled. The mare softly whines in pleasure as he rubbed her muzzle. "Oh! Excuse me! My name is Destiny. Thanks for saving me."

The rider smiled, "It was no trouble Destiny. My name is Link."
This story is still at work. I plan to finsh it later. I gotten this idea when I was playing/thinking The Legend of Zelda. This is totaly a fan fic that just came to me.

This story is about a girl who does not know who or what she is or can do. Then she gets transported to a different demension. She then learns that she is the new legend to this world and the former hero, Hero of Twilight, has to teach her how to be a knight to defeat a powerful foe. As her story progresses, she learns that there is more to her legend than she knows.
"Destiny controls Destiny; She will pull the Shadow out from the Shadows; and bring forth the Third Warrior."
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