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Aboleths of Minonna by Swiftstar01 Aboleths of Minonna by Swiftstar01
3.5 D&D rules. Not fully complete yet but this is the Desert variant of the devious...thing. Don't know what and Aboleth is? Well here: . This thing is a creepy fish thing but I would rather face it than a Mindflayer. The Desert Aboleth doesn't have any modifiers so it's basically the same thing but has a huge weakness: water. They are still a CR level 7 due to the "Slaving" ability and the ability to swim effortlessly in the sand. There are four examples of these aboleths. The reason why I did not give any more information on how to build them is to let the DM's do it and to not upset Wizards of the Coast. I did leave book titles in there so you can look them up. I DO NOT OWN THE PEVIEW IMAGE AND THE IDEA BEHIND THE ABOLETH! THIS IS ONLY A MODICATION TO THE ORIGINAL FORMAT. CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST AND WIZARDS OF THE COAST. 
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January 28
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