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The Legend of Swiftstar - Chapter 5
Swifttalon watches the kits dash out of the nursery. Silverdawn’s kits: Shatterkit, LightningKit, and Rainkit playing a game of tag with Blackcloud’s kits: Skykit, Badgerkit, and Crowkit. It won’t be long until they become apprentices. I wonder I would mentor one? The kits cheer about, but cautiously. The image of the hawk a moon ago still burns in their memories so much so that one of them is designated to be on Sky Duty: Crowkit.
“Come on Crowkit! A warrior is watching the skies! Let’s play!” a silver kit calls to him.
“Sorry Rainkit. I have to watch for them. Because next time, I’ll take it down! The same way Swifttalon did!”
The other kits laugh at him for being “too ambitious” for his own good.
“You’ll see! I’ll be a hawk slayer too!”
Crowkit chases after Rainkit, mewing on how he’ll be the pride of WindClan, thus their chatter became harder to hear.
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What is the one thing on DA you want to be known for the most? I love to write but I really can't choose between them! 

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Swifttalon - Warrior of WindClan. Loyal, Calm, and a swift fighter. However, do not anger her for she'll not be afraid to show her claws.

Please NO stealing my stuff! I put a lot of passion in my work!
Just a heads up: I tend to return WATCHES as a Thank You for YOU giving me a Watch!


I love to draw and write! I prefer pencil when i create art. I have won a blue ribbon at HOIAC 2012 and got a certificate at the Des Moines Art Festival. My blue ribbon was given to my color pencil drawing of the Legendary Pokemon. I have also done acrylic, charcoal, and screen prints in my high school years.

I have three sisters and and three brothers. My parents are divorced so thats why I have so many siblings. My sister is also here on DA: :iconvsposeto:

I have two pesky little cats: Marcie (who is 11 years old!) and Zoey (who is 1 year old!). If you have seen some of my images I have posted here then you may have seen Marcie already. She's loving but has a princess like attitude. But she's so cute when she greets me when ever I return home from work. Zoey is a playful kitten and behaves like Marcie. I might consider getting her a harness since she loves to explore. She is super friendly and isn't afraid of strangers.

The quiet one. I had that damn label for years. I'm quiet for two reasons: I don't like to talk and I am afriad of what comes out of my mouth. I had many regrets of saying things that I never wanted to say (and they haunt me). I also have a bit of a...studder problem. I tend to miss pronouce words and forget to breath when I talk really fast. I suck at phonics. Thus why I don't talk. Yes, text is different but I tend to keep my opinions to myself unless I can back up my statments (I'm looking at you YouTube Commentors!). I'm easy going and can be child like at times. Could be cause my innocent background. I am a Christan and don't worry, I'm not a preacher. I hate racisum. What is the damn point? My father and those before him were subjects of racisum all because of what? Being a frickin Itallian? Fuck those people. I was born when Des Moines got ever it and lived in a non-racial home. I lived in Georgia for 2 years and made a lot of friends of different racial backgrounds (and got into a lot of trouble too >:3 ).

I love learning about other people's backgrounds and bloodlines. But I never call them out for having a different background nor have a prejudice of them. Instead, if promted to, I'll be goofy and use sterotype jokes (you an thank Hetailia for this). I even do it to myself, since after all, I LOVE PASTA!!!! This is the best reason why being an American is great: No one person has a perfect link to Europe. Heres by bloodlines: English, German, and Italian. I am a descendant of a immigrant who wanted to escape from Italy and start a new life and a descendant of a German/English immigrant who wanted to start a new life in the new world when it was young, then later, fight in the Revolutionary War. I wonder how many other people can say that their ancestors fought in that war?

I have many projects that I am planning to start in May 2017 including cleaning out some old projects. The projects that are going to stay are these: 50 States and Quiet Legends. Future Projects are going to contain: a story inspired by Alice in Wonderland but Sodor as a stand in; anything to do with cats; and a fan-fiction project inspired by a fabulous fan-fic but with a darker twist and fixing character relations. I would also want to put my drawing skills to use by starting to work on Comic versions of the stories. This is not going to be easy but I will do my best to bring out more original content but also some fantasies to help blocks.

*Yawn~* What A Trip!

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For the past week, I went to the state of West Virginia to check out the Cass Scenic Railroad. IT WAS AMAZING! The trip was fun, the view was cool but the star of the show, Engine 11, is a beautiful piece of machinery and it's been nearly 20 years since I've seen a steam engine this close (I got to sit in the car closest to the engine!). I'll get some pictures up here shortly. I got to make sure they are looking good! There is a reason why I chosen West Virginia: Annabel Lee and Ginger Snap's old rail way. If you look around, I written a story about Annabel Lee pulling the express. I was wanting to work on a few stories about the sisters and the setting was WV. Lucky for me, the while state is mountains! That would make story writing easy!

Another reason is for West Virginia for 50 States. I have nothing prior for his personality but I think I got it now: A talker but rather not make small talk to strangers; appreciates the scenery; loves his heritage; a over achiever; and not afraid to show off his hillbilly side.

The last reason is that I haven't seen the Appalachian Mountains nearly 15 years. The last time I saw them was around 2002 when I moved out of Maryland.

Expect more stuff from me later!

Created at


Chapter 2 - Apprenticeship

Hawkfeather awakes in a dark plane, only darkness surrounds her.

“Hello? StarClan?”

She can hear paw steps but she couldn't see who is coming to her. She turns to see Swiftkit, fully grown, running away from the moor that she calls home.

"She holds her destiny in her own paws."

Hawkfeather wakes in a rush. It takes a moment for the dawn light to break through her clouded eyes. She looks to the other side of her den to see Swiftkit still asleep.

Is StarClan unable to see her future?


"...And I welcome you as apprentices of WindClan!"

The clan cheers for the new apprentices. However, Swiftpaw can only hear Hawkfeather cheer her name. She glances over to see the newly named warrior, Smokepelt. He had a prideful glare in his eyes. Soon, that will be me. The clan breaks off to continue with their morning chores and duties. The apprentices are summoned to the entrance of camp.

"We are going to take you four on a tour of our borders," the silver she-cat meows. "Try to keep up. We are going to visit the Lake first. Lead the way Tumblewind."

The wiry brown tom nods to the she-cat and dashes away. Swiftpaw runs after the four other apprentices growling under her breath, "Typical Frostmist. Never was able to count even if she had to."

Ahead was Lusterpaw, a sleek black she-cat. She has been nothing but cruel to Swiftpaw ever since she returned to the Clan. Always with Lusterpaw was Holepaw, a black and white tom. He isn’t as verbal as Lusterpaw but he doesn’t hesitate to follow her up. Then there’s Poppypaw, Redstar’s only kin. She is a tortoiseshell with white and a ginger red tail, like her father. She is smart, head strong, compassionate, and one of Swiftpaw’s only friends. Redstar took Swiftpaw in as his own, thus they became close as kin. Lastly, there’s Stonepaw. He’s a grey tabby. He is soft spoken and caring towards Swiftpaw, though she rarely notices. It was nearly sun high when they reached the lake side. Swiftpaw is quite pleased with herself that she was able to keep up with the other apprentices.

Then, Frostmist starts to talk, "Now, the lake is a neutral territory about two fox-leaps away from the water's edge. Across the lake is RiverClan. Over there is SkyClan and over there is ThunderClan. You got that Swiftpaw?" She finishes with a mocking hiss.

"Yes, I got it," Swiftpaw fought hard not to growl at Frostmist. Even though she's been a bully, she's still her superior warrior. And it doesn't help that both Frostmist and Tumblewind both got Lusterpaw and Holepaw as their apprentices. Stonepaw looks upon Swiftpaw with pity but his glance is ignored.

"Actually, SkyClan is across the lake, not RiverClan," Poppypaw quickly mews.

“I was about to say that! Looks like mouse got your tongue!" laughs Tumblewind. Lusterpaw and Holepaw join in. Frostmist growls uncomfortably.

"Let's go and see the RiverClan border," Poppypaw sighs.

"Good idea, Poppypaw. Let's go!" Frostmist leads the charge, her ears burn in embarrassment. It's obvious that she became nervous but Swiftpaw pays no mind. 

Swiftpaw runs alongside of Stonepaw, with Poppypaw taking head of the group, but Lusterpaw and Holepaw wanted to have some fun, slowing down to match paces with Swiftpaw.

"Are you sure you understand how the ThunderClan border works?" Lusterpaw teases.

"Such a shame, I would love to see what Yellowclaw would do," hisses Holepaw.

Before Swiftpaw could even give a reply, "Shut up back there! You’re scaring all of the prey!"

"Bossy-tail Poppypaw," Lusterpaw growls under her breath.

Anger pulses in Swiftpaw's heart. She wanted to tear the two apprentices and warriors apart. But she forces the dark thought into the back of her mind. I'll show them! They will regret everything they ever did to me!

The trek towards the RiverClan border turns into a constant climb up the hills and steep slides down. Swiftpaw watches the two warriors on how they were able to walk up the hill. Sideways huh? She mimics their pawsteps and found it easier. Eventually, they reached the top of the highest point. She looks out and sees the lake, shining like silverpelt.

“That is SkyClan! I was told that territory used to belong to an ancient clan called ShadowClan,” Tumblewind meows over the wind, looking across the lake. “You can see it better for yourself, Frostmist!”

Frostmist only growls at his cheeky remark. Swiftpaw looks towards the proper direction and sees the territory completely covered in trees. Many of the trees lost their green color.

“So, why does ShadowClan no longer exists?” Stonepaw meows softly.

“The elders say that ShadowClan lost their faith in StarClan, thus made them weak. SkyClan came in and took over, keeping the tradition of four clans,” Frostmist turns to Stonepaw, “A clan without StarClan is weak and unwanted. That also goes to us cats as well.”

“Frostmist is right. If a cat doesn’t believe in StarClan or loses faith, they will not receive their nine lives when they become leader, let alone, no protection from them. A true warrior follows the code and follows the will of StarClan.”


It has pass sundown by the time they return to camp. Swiftpaw is exhausted, cold, and wants something to eat. She heads over to the fresh kill pile. Just as she was about to pick a field mouse, Frostmist comes up and hisses at her, "Take that mouse to the Elders! You can eat last!" She picks up a lean rabbit and walks over to Tumblewind who is sitting with a few other warriors. Probably spreading lies about me. She picks up the mouse and takes it to the elders.

“Ah, Swiftpaw. How was your tour today?” a white tom purrs.

“Long and chilly. There is a lot out there!”

“Yes indeed. So, what brings you here? Swallowheart doesn’t have any ticks this time.”

“I was told by…Frostmist…to see if any of you are hungry.”

The tom growls, “All ways bossing everyone about. Poor Tumblewind. The fool is blind as a bat. Oh yes, we’ve eaten already. I haven’t seen Redstar eat yet. See if he is hungry.”

“Alright, thank you Whitetalon.”

Swiftpaw picks up the mouse and heads over to Redstar’s den. He’s sitting in front talking to a huge grey tom and Shiversoul.

"Do you need something, Swiftpaw?"

"I just offered a mouse to the elders. They already have eaten. Have you eaten yet?"

"I'm not hungry. Thank you though. Go ahead and eat that, and get some rest. I am going to teach you how to hunt tomorrow."

Swiftpaw feels her paws tremble in excitement, "Thank you, Redstar." She picks up her mouse and carries it to the apprentices den. She relaxes in her nest and takes one bite out of it before Lusterpaw and Holepaw approach her.

"I thought Frostmist told you to take that mouse to the elders?" Lusterpaw sneers.

"I did," Swiftpaw replies, "They didn't want it."

"Of course they didn't want it! They don't want anything from you!" Lusterpaw growls. "No one wants you here!"

Swiftpaw carries on eating her mouse, "I don't care. I want to be here. Nothing is going to change my mind."

Lusterpaw growls as she walks past Swiftpaw to her nest. She curls up and faces away from Swiftpaw, "Half-Clan bile."


It is dark. Swiftpaw knows that she is dreaming. She walks around in the darkness. It feels like a moon has passed by the time she comes across a starry plane. The smell of fresh grass and prey over whelms her as she feels a tug from her stomach. She explores the dew covered grass, searching for prey.

“Be careful, young one.”'

The voice surprises her and she looks up to see a cat taking on the illusion of mist, stars shine in his fur.

“Who are you?”

“She who has no destiny, what is your desire?”

Swiftpaw stares at the tom, confused. What does he mean by…”no destiny?”

“What will you make of yourself, she who has no destiny?”

“I don’t know what you are saying about ‘no destiny’ but I can say this: I want to be the best WindClan warrior.”

The starry cat stares at her, “And why is this so?”

Anger rises threw her, “Why? Why?! Brownwing tried to steal my loyalty to WindClan! I will prove every cat wrong about my mixed blood! They will regret what they have done to me!”

The cat dare not flinch at her words, “And how shall you do this?”

Swiftpaw gawks at the question. She thought she knew what she wanted but, she has no idea how to achieve it. But she had to come up with an answer, “Th-the-the Warrior Code.”

“She who has no destiny, the code alone cannot achieve this goal, your wish, your dream. However, there is one thing you must watch out for: do not break the code with a black heart or –“

A loud roar rumbles out of the darkness. She turns to where she heard it. In the distance, she sees a tree line faintly touching the starless sky that over hangs it. She quickly turns back to see the tom but he was gone. She looks back, holding her gaze at the darkness. Suddenly, she is pulled towards the black forest faster than a swooping hawk. A pair of blood red eyes blinks before her as she is stopped a whisker away. Fear fills her body to the point it feels too heavy to stand. The creature roars again and she closes her eyes.

“You will face the same fate as them.”

She quickly reopens her eyes and dashes out of her nest into the clearing, trying to control her breathing. She looks around. It's nearly dawn.

What was that? Maybe Hawkfeather might know.


"Step lightly; you don't want prey to hear you."

Swiftpaw and Redstar are alone in the tall grass. She keeps on practicing her stalk, to make sure she doesn't disturb the grass. She keeps on thinking about her dream and wants to talk to Hawkfeather about it.

"Pay attention, Swiftpaw. You're letting your tail drag on the ground."

"Sorry, Redstar. I have a lot on my mind."

Redstar sighs, "Is it about your decision?"

"No!" Swiftpaw quickly answers. "I will never regret my choice!"

"I see. So, what is on your mind?"

"Last night, I had a dream that I was in a starry plane. It was beautiful and smelled of prey. I even talked to a cat. But then, I was dragged towards a dark forest and I saw two red glowing eyes. Would you know anything about it?"

Redstar eyes widen, "A starry plane? Did you visit StarClan?"

"StarClan? Why was I in StarClan?"

"I don't know. Let's finish your training and I'll let you talk to Hawkfeather."

It is after sun high when she finished her training with Redstar. She rushes off to the medicine cat den to find Hawkfeather, who is getting ready to leave the camp.

"Hawkfeather, I need to talk to you."

"What do you need?"

Swiftpaw recounts her dream to Hawkfeather, whose amber eyes widen, "You went to StarClan?"

"What does it mean?"

"Come with me. I need to collect some herbs."

Swiftpaw follows her out of the camp. She realizes that they are heading towards the ThunderClan border.

"Where are we going?"

"I asked Jumpyrain to get a few herbs for me. There are some effective herbs that only grow in the forest."

"You trade herbs with ThunderClan? Does Redstar even know?"

"Redstar knows that the code of the medicine cats is different from the code of the warrior. We have no reason to fight against each other."

Swiftpaw sighs not in confusion, but in frustration, "So, what does my dream means?"

"Right. You were definitely in StarClan. The forest is the dark forest, the Place of No Stars, where cats who do evil deeds live."

"But why was I sent there?"

Hawkfeather stops walking and turns to Swiftpaw, "You weren't sent there, you yourself went there."

"What do you mean?"

"StarClan chooses who to talk to; no cat ever has gone to StarClan by their own choice without the aid of a medicine cat or the will of a leader. Not since the three..." Hawkfeather turns silent. "I was given a message from StarClan."

"A message? Why do you want to share this with me? Does Redstar know?"

"Redstar does not know because it is about you."


"StarClan cannot determine your future. You must be careful."

Swiftpaw dazed in shock for the cat in her dream said that she had no destiny.

“StarClan may not determine your future but you have a role to play, I can feel it. I’m not sure what it could be. Tell me, what is your desire?”

“To be a warrior of WindClan. That is my goal.”

“Just to be a warrior? Why not a leader?”

“Leader!? No – I’m not sure if that’s my path.”

“Whatever you decide, StarClan will be with you, even when the path is darken.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. The StarClan warrior wants to be of help. We are all walking in the dark.”

Hawkfeather and Swiftpaw continue towards the ThunderClan border. Swiftpaw slows her pace once the colorful trees came into view. So, that’s what ThunderClan looks like. They approach the stream and Hawkfeather starts calling for Jumpyrain. From the reeds came a silver tabby. His amber eyes glare at Swiftpaw, “I thought we agreed that our trades are to be in private.”

“Forgive me, Swiftpaw is helping me today.”

“Swiftpaw? As in Brownwing’s kit?”

“Yes. Do you have them?”

Jumpyrain clears his mind, “Yes.” He picks up a huge bundle of herbs and jumps across the stream. “Here:  Cat Mint, some Alder bark, Borage, Bright Eyes, Broom, and Celandine.”

“Thank you. Here is: Comfrey root, Dandelions, Goldenrod, and Juniper berries.”

“Juniper berries? How did you manage to retrieve these?”

“I had to go a bit more beyond the border to get these. I know you been wanting these.”

“Thank you! Ravencall would feel better soon with these!”

“Oh? What happened?”

“Cheeky tom decided to eat a decayed fish. I got him to vomit most it up but I didn’t have anything strong enough to help his pain.”

“I’m sure the berries will help.”

“So, Swiftpaw, correct? Are you planning on to be a medicine cat?”

“No. I am training to be a warrior.”

“Such a shame. I think you would be fantastic as a medicine cat. And give Hawkfeather someone to talk to more often,” Jumpyrain purrs in a playful manor.

“How about we go our separate ways before we are missed.” Hawkfeather mimics him.

“Alright. Thank you Hawkfeather.”

“Like wise.”

Swiftpaw and Hawkfeather carry the herbs back home, but, Swiftpaw couldn’t help but think about Jumpyrain’s words. Could I be a good Medicine Cat? No. I love Hawkfeather but…I want to be a warrior. That is my destiny, even if I have to make it so myself.

The Legend of Swiftstar - Chapter 2
Finally an apprentice and her first day isn't all that great.

Edit: Like Frostmist...I forgot where ShadowClan is... Thank you Secrets of the Clans!
Edit: I got a funny twist that just popped into my head. Instead of ShadowClan, it's SkyClan. Why? Keep tuned for future chapters about it!
Edit 3/12/18:
Even funnier that I have no idea where ShadowClan is at all on the lake home map. That was one edit. The other is that this chapter, to me, is the weakest. So, I have a character introduction for the other apprentices and an better interaction with StarClan. These really bugged me a lot.
Edit: 7/28/18: This should be the last edit for this chapter.

I bet on all of my nine lives that you will not ever guess the cat she was talking to! >:3

The Legend of Swiftstar - Chapter 1 
The Legend of Swiftstar - Chapter 3 
Chapter 1 – She Chosen Her Destiny

The wind roars over the moor as the kit stops, “NO! I WILL NOT GO!” The wind swiftly blows around her pale golden tabby fur, her blue eyes glow angrily.

The brown tabby queen turns to the defiant kit, her brown eyes are heavy with sadness, “Enough of this Swiftkit. We can’t go back.”

“YOU can’t go back! But I can!”

“Stop this! You don’t have a choice! ThunderClan is waiting for us!”

“Don’t have a choice? I DO have a choice! I’m almost six moons old and I AM going to be a WindClan warrior!”

The queen is taken back by her daughter’s defiance. Two other kits come forward to Swiftkit, worry fills their eyes.

“Sister please, come with us!” the brown tabby cries, her brown eyes swell up with tears.

“No Wildkit! I won’t! I’m loyal to WindClan!”

“But, they hate us! Did you see?” the other darker tabby mews, his brown eyes glow in anger.

“I know. And I’ll prove every cat wrong, Bramblekit. I’ll become the greatest warrior in the forest and beyond!”

The queen sighs heavily, “Is this your choice? To defy your mother? To defy the mix blood in your veins?”
“Yes, this is MY choice! I WILL resent you and YOUR CHOICE! You lied to us, lied to the clan, and broke the warrior code! I WILL be better than you, Brownwing!”

Only the wind howls as the queen ponders. Without a word, she walks away, leaving Swiftkit. Wildkit’s and Bramblekit’s eyes widen in horror. They chased after their mother, in hope that they will have her convince Swiftkit to join them. However, their cries are met with silence. By the time the kits turned around, Swiftkit already left, heading back to WindClan. The wind threatened to sweep Swiftkit away towards the lake. It was cold and salty. She eventually makes it back to the WindClan camp and is met with surprised eyes. Boldly, she ignores every stare and approaches the leader’s den.


Her yowl echoes in the cave below. A pair of glowing eyes makes its way towards her. The tom appears before her, most surprised, “Swiftkit? Why are you here? I sent you to ThunderClan with Brownwing.”

“You never asked me for my choice! I want to stay here!”

The brown tom flicks his red tail in annoyance, “You are too young to make this decision for yourself.”

“I am almost six moons old! I want to be a WindClan WARRIOR!”

Redstar sighs heavily, “Go and rest in Hawkfeather’s den. I need to talk to my warriors.”

Swiftkit dips her head respectfully and heads towards the medicine cat’s den. She watches the warriors surround Redstar but she is close enough to hear a few words: “Why is that half-clan cat doing here?” "It's bad enough that Leaf-fall is here." “Shouldn’t she be with her traitorous mother?” “ThunderClan is not going to like this.”

She is overwhelmed by the smells from the various herbs. Her sudden sneeze alerts the brown she-cat.

“Swiftkit? Why are you here?”

“I’m going to be a WindClan warrior. Redstar told me to wait here for now.”

“I see. You know, you are too young to make this decision.”

“I don’t care! I was born of WindClan.”

“But you are also born of ThunderClan. Don’t forget that.
Hawkfeather and Swiftkit turn to the opening to see two kits of Swiftkit’s age: a tortie she-cat and a grey tabby tom.

“Poppykit, Stonekit, what do you need?” Hawkfeather asks sternly.

“We want to see Swiftkit, if that is alright.” Poppykit meows.

Hawkfeather ponders for a moment, “Alright. I’m sure she would like some company.”

Poppykit purrs happily and rushes over to Swiftkit, with Stonekit cautiously following behind.

“You came back!” Poppykit mews excitedly.

“Yes! We are going to be warriors together!”

“Are you sure it was a good idea? What if ThunderClan comes to get you?” Stonekit’s eyes fill with worry and fear.

“I don’t and will not regret it! I am of WindClan!”

Suddenly, a yowl of alarm sounds from outside, “ThunderClan!”

“Kits! Stay back!” Hawkfeather rushes towards the entrance and peers outside.

The kits try to peer around Hawkfeather but they can only hear the loud yowls.

“Where is the kit!?”

“Calm yourself, Yellowclaw. She is here.”

“Well then, hand her over!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Shock, from both clans, echo outside. Eventually, it fell silent.

“What do you mean, Redstar?” Yellowclaw growls, breaking the quiet gathering.

Redstar takes a deep breath, “She has already made her choice. She wants to stay in WindClan.”

Yellowclaw laughs maniacally, “Seriously? You didn’t want these kits in your clan and now you changed your mind? The leader’s word is the warrior co-“

“I HAVE MADE MY CHOICE!” Swiftkit shoves Hawkfeather aside and bounds up to face Yellowclaw. Sudden fear stirs in her belly. The tom is much bigger than her, with scars on his body, most notably his face. But she fights it off, “I don’t want to live in ThunderClan! I want to live in WindClan!”

Before Yellowclaw can answer, a pale golden tabby tom steps forward, “Is this want you want?”

“Yes.” Swiftkit holds her gaze to the other tom’s eyes. Strangely, she feels a resemblance in his blue gaze.

“We are done here.”

“Hold on! I’m the Deputy here! I make the decisions whether or not we are finished!”

“You have heard them, Yellowclaw. Leave,” Redstar growls.

The yellow cat looks around at the battle ready clan. He growls and turn his gaze to Swiftkit, “You better not change your mind and come to ThunderClan, because if you do, I will kill you like the moor prey you are.”

The pale golden tabby gasps and meets his gaze to the deputy but quickly lowers his head. The ThunderClan cats turn and leave the camp without another word. All of the clan’s eyes turn onto Swiftkit, all angry and confused. Redstar quickly addresses his clan, “Swiftkit is now a full member of WindClan. In one moon, she will join the rest of the kits to become an apprentice. I will take her in as my own.”

Swiftkit gasps in surprisement. Poppykit brushes her pelt against hers, purring happily. However the others were not pleased, “Great, training a half-clan cat. Who does Redstar think we are, ThunderClan of the past?”

“The only thing that matters to me is that I’m not training her!”

Redstar hears the remarks and growls at them, “My word is the Warrior Code! You WILL respect my decision, Frostmist and Tumblewind. Since you were so keen on sharing your opinion so loudly, you both will guard camp with Smokepaw and go on the morning border patrol in the morning…with me.”

Few of the cat’s snicker but many of them left for their dens. Swiftkit paid no mind to the two warriors’ remarks for she was looking at the bracken tunnel. Hawkfeather approaches her, “You are free to stay in my den.”

“Thank you, Hawkfeather.” Swiftkit continues to look at the tunnel. “Who was the pale tabby? The one who asked me, if it was my choice?”

Hawkfeather sighs and stares with Swiftkit, “That was Thornpatch, your father.”
The Legend of Swiftstar - Chapter 1
Thanks to Leafstep, I got the drive to start rewriting this story again. This is a short series for my OC, Swiftstar on how she became leader of WindClan.

Edit 7/26/18: This should be the last update for this chapter.

Allegiances - The Legend of Swiftstar 
The Legend of Swiftstar - Chapter 2 
Prayers, best wishes, and thoughts for Marshalltown, Bondurant, Altoona and Pella. A hospital in Marshalltown got hit and there are many hurt.
I am guessing these tornadoes are F2-3 worth of damage.
I am lucky to not have this storm form more West otherwise Ankeny could've gotten hit.

*Yawn~* What A Trip!

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For the past week, I went to the state of West Virginia to check out the Cass Scenic Railroad. IT WAS AMAZING! The trip was fun, the view was cool but the star of the show, Engine 11, is a beautiful piece of machinery and it's been nearly 20 years since I've seen a steam engine this close (I got to sit in the car closest to the engine!). I'll get some pictures up here shortly. I got to make sure they are looking good! There is a reason why I chosen West Virginia: Annabel Lee and Ginger Snap's old rail way. If you look around, I written a story about Annabel Lee pulling the express. I was wanting to work on a few stories about the sisters and the setting was WV. Lucky for me, the while state is mountains! That would make story writing easy!

Another reason is for West Virginia for 50 States. I have nothing prior for his personality but I think I got it now: A talker but rather not make small talk to strangers; appreciates the scenery; loves his heritage; a over achiever; and not afraid to show off his hillbilly side.

The last reason is that I haven't seen the Appalachian Mountains nearly 15 years. The last time I saw them was around 2002 when I moved out of Maryland.

Expect more stuff from me later!

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