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Pokemon Shaming

By swiftfrost
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I posted this on my tumblr a while back and never got to putting it on here.
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That mailman deserves a raise for surviving such a near fatal encounter.
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So mailmen wear asbestos clothes in their world?
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This was hilarious and I had shown it to my friends at the Grandbull Card Club.
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That's beautiful.
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And the Zorua's face says
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Lmao awwww dont worry I will let you fry him next time~
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This is a reference and another reference.
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I would fry the mailman. there loud when they put the mail in the mailbox and interpt my game time. GGGRRRRRRR...
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I would only be mad at Arcanine if he failed to eat him. Although, I'm the new city mailman, so... just skip the frying part.
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Bad Arcanine! Bad boy!
You shouldn't eat the mailman, even if he brings nothing but bills!
And shame on you too, Zorua!

Funny as hell man! Funny as hell! Nice job!
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Hye, I found someone that stole your art plus.google.com/u/0/app/basic/… just thougt you should know
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that Zorua's face XD
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Well at least Arcanine looks repentant... not so with Zorua...
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Look at that pride! How can you be mad at that face?
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lol "and I encouraged him >:D"
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Oh this made me laugh.
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Damn it, cousin Gerald...
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