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Valar dolls

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because i had nothing better to do... and i'm too lazy to work on anything important...
i always feel guilty when i post dolls like this, but hey, they took ALL NIGHT. :p

but yeah, gaia-like dolls made on tektek.org of the gods of Arda.
VERY "animefied":
Melkor (Morgoth), the evil one that Sauron works for.
Manwë, King of the Valar, and the god of Wind.
Varda, lady of the stars.
Aulë, the craftsman who created the dwarves.
Yavanna, the giver of fruits. pretty much nature goddess.
Ulmo, god of the sea.
Oromë, the huntsman, great rider.
Vána, the ever-young, younger sister of Yavanna.
Mandos, judge of the dead. (my favorite. gee, i wonder why. lol)
Vairë, the weaver of tales.
Nienna, grieves for all of Arda.
Lórien, master of dreams.
Estë, healer and bringer of sleep.
Tulkas, champion of Valinor.
Nessa, the swift, the dancer.

yeah, i'm a little fangirly right now, even though i still haven't finished the Silmarillion :/.
but it takes consentration to read of a book of that level, and consentration takes time, and time is a luxury i have had little of until now.
but now, i'm not really in the mood to read the Silmarillion, because i just found out that the next book of the Deepgate Codex series is out and i want to read it so badly i cannot even function. like seriously, it's kinda sad...
but yeah O.o';

Silmarillion characters belong JRR Tolkien.
dolls made on tektek.org because i needed something to do.
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This alone is one-hundredfold better than Chibi LOTR by StephenT. And you do other LOTR fanart that isn't sprite art! Kudos to you, amiga.
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Correction on you're statement that Morgoth works for Sauron, Sauron actually worked for Morgoth, Morgoth was the first dark lord also named 'The Enemy' I thought I'd clear that up since Sauron was AFTER Morgoth and.. well Sauron was a coward he fled to middle earth when Morgoth was sealed in the Void.
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very very very nice! lol if you check my gallery, I have such a serious interpretation of the Valar, but your version here is so unexpected and amazing! I love cartoony art design and this is great! your designs for the characters are original and neat looking too! I particurlarly like the Raincloud over Nienna, thats cleaver! and Mandos having the Mask is so Original...I always pictured him looking more like Father Time, but I like your design a lot.
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Nienna is adorable!
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Do you have a larger version somewhere? 1280x1024 would be nice so we could check out all the details.
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Yavanna and Nienna LOL ;)
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So great!!!! Loved the Silmarillion and your characters too!!!
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if u can, please give us a high resolution version
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Thanks :).

I'll see what I can do.
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and amazing, and pretty mmuch
the coolest thing I've seen :D

Cuio Vae, Mellon!
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Thank you so much! :)
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This is bad ass :) Finish the Silmarillion, it's the shit.
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I intend to! :)
Thank you.
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i. love. this!! i literally just finished reading Valaquenta from The Silmarillion and went to look this up.. heh heh ^^; but i like this. a lot.
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i. love. this!! i literally just read Valaquenta from the silmarillion for the first time and went to look this up.. heh heh ^^; but i like it. a lot.
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Thanks! That's my favortive part of the Silmarillion :).
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im sure you know this but Mandos isn't really the guy's name. i forgot what is was though.
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Yeah, I know, it's Námo, and Mandos is where he dwelled, but he is most commonly refered to as Mandos. Same with Lorien, his name was originally Irmo.
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you dont know how much i enjoyed this...maybe you could do one for all of the characters in the silmarilion, so i can keep them sraight in my head ;)
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I might try to make one with all the Silmarillion characters... if I could get them straight myself ^^;
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Lovely job with them, I'm reading the beginning of the Silmarillion right now actually.
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