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    One day, two mischievous tribe boys were in the forest and decided to explore one day. Ones name was Tyson, and the older one was Carl. Carl had short brown hair, light skin and bright blue eyes. Tyson had short, dark brown hair, light skin and eyes as green as grass. Carl was ten and Tyson was about five at the time.
     It was a beautiful spring morning; the brothers wandered through the woods.
After about fifth-teen minutes into the walk, they came across a flame-colored  fox. The fox looked like it was hunting something small in the bushes.
    Carl and Tyson started to whisper to each other and began to throw rocks at the fox. The mouse darted away, fox was furious, turned around and growled "WHO DID THIS TO ME?!"
     Whipping his broad head around he yowled, "WHO STONED ME?!"
    "Us! Us! We did," Tyson was smiling and bouncing up and down.Carl's eyes shown with pride.
 The fox picked up a rock with his tail, and whipped it towards them. the stone weighed about five pounds and missed them by nearly a yard.
    '"Come," the fox growled as the boys started to follow him.
 The three trotted up to a pond filled with water.
    "Look at this fish," he barked pointing to it with his tail,"Notice his appearance is different."
     Tyson and Carl gazed down at the odd fish. It had two fox eyes, a fox's nose, whiskers, and flame colored scales.
    "What happened to it?"
    "It looks like a fox!!"
    "One day, I was sunbathing," the fox yapped,"and I didn't want to get wet. The he splashed me!!! I so mad, so I did this to him. No other fish wants to be near him now."
     The fox padded up to one of the sparkling red flowers and barked, "Pick this flower and put it in the pond full of water. Give it a lick, it taste just like raisins."
    They did so and the water-filled pond turned purple. The fox scooped up the fox-fish out of the purple, raisin flavored, water-filled pond.
    "Eat. You must be hungry."
The boys divided the fish and ate it.
"Now, cause of what you've done, you'll be punished or you'd never learn from your mistakes."
     The fox turned around. "Now close your eyes, and you'll fall asleep. And when you open them you'll be awake."
      This was quite impressive to hear from a sensitive fox who dropped out of high school. He wanted to be certified fox who points out the obvious in life, but that never happened. He was happier in the forest, hunting, and trying to control his anger issues.

                     *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    When the boys awoke, nothing happened. "Try going back to sleep," the fox murmured.
    They did so, and when they awoke they had fox-like  ears and tails. "You and your tribe are being punished. To be unpunished, you must bring me a pound of gold by sundown. Or else you and your tribe will look like this forever."

    After sundown, the boy brought back only fifth-teen ounces of gold. Receiving the gold, the fox looked up and said,"You're an ounce short. You and your tribe will remain Fox-people for eternity. Now leave!!"
    Carl and Tyson left without another word. Guilt sparkled in the boys' eyes, regret in the fox's, as the fox padded away.
fox-fish by swiftcross
fox by swiftcross
                                                The Fox
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