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Total Simplicity Business Card

Business cards for my friends at Total Simplicity
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Free Business Cards, Renewed and Exclusive

View and Download Here::: :::
Is it possible for you to provide the psd for this design? Can pay if required :) Thanks
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really like this simple design
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Hey there! A friend of mine spotted a site for a design agency that posted a bunch of other people's designs on their portfolio page and pretended that they did the work. This design was one of them.

This is the site: [link]

If I were you I'd sue the pants off of them...
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Oh? I can't seem to find it on their website. Perhaps they've removed it? Hmm...
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nice... awesome.. plz check this out and comment [link]
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Haha yeah... we commented on the Facebook group with a few choice words and the group and all the stolen work on the site was removed within an hour. So now you must think I'm a nutter. Dammit.
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haha no not at all, you sound very sane.

Thank you very much :)
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maybe a psd file or a publisher template would do good for the not so creative ;) !!!

nice color combo...good job!!!
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The not so creative? Perhaps I wanted the design to be simple... to coincide with the theme of the company name "Simplicity" :P
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Could use a little bit of work on the type.
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