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Star Wars: Galactic Legends.

This is club dedicated to the star wars universe, based in an OC timeline.

this club is just starting up, so, any input would be appreciated.
WHat I have so far is this...

After the defeat of Darth Krayt and his Sith Empire the galaxy was finally in peace.
Though, many Sith escaped and went into hiding, the citizen of galaxy would finally take a rest; but they were aware this was not an end and that Sith will one day return to disrupt the new found peace.

For the following two centuries, the galaxy had no major galactic war or crisis, only small wars between some of the governments on planets or riots, but nothing to rival that of the previous galaxy wide wars from the clone wars to the Krayt war.

However, in recent years, the largest war of the new era, where all three members of the Triumvirate participated, came to pass.

It was a war in the outer and Mid Rim, where a federation of planets created a large army of both organics and droids, and in conquest of new worlds they attacked worlds of Galactic Alliance. this was the Serien Technocracy War.

The force was not large, and the Alliance didnt send a whole fleet, but still they responded with sending their forces there to fight with the enemy. Fel Empire as a sign of good will, sent one fleet and contingent of troops to assist there, and some of the Jedi Knights joined as well.

The war lasted only a couple of months, and the Triumvirate came out, the victors. THough, the galaxy now bore fresh scars.

The situation calmed, though there started appearing some conflicts within the senate of Galactic Alliance and Council of Moffs, ruling parties within both Galactic Alliance and Fel Empire.

Siths in the meantime, while still seperated, and divided, had formed a shaky alliance between their groups.

and a time for the resurgence may be at hand.
Thanks to :iconvmetalic: for this help.

Right, so thats leads up to where the club takes place.

-So rules:

:bulletgreen: You can join, as a galactic citizen (member) or watch, so feel free.

:bulletgreen: you can join as either a Jedi, Sith, bounty hunter, rouge, or soldier. (other classes will appear as they are proposed by members) AKA contributors.
But, to join this group, you must have an OC for it which is then added to the gallery. THat will be your club character, but you can write other stories.

:bulletgreen: All OC apprentices start off with a training sabre until they are awarded a full sabre by the council (at the moment this iw when you get your first mission)

:bulletgreen: Collabs ARE incouraged between members.

:bulletpurple: On occassion there will be missions, set by the council of Jedi (founder and co-founders) for all members.

:bulletpurple: If a sith member takes one of these missions, then, they obviously play the reverse role.

:bulletpurple: Missions are first come first serve.

:bulletpurple: If you cannot get a mission, you may request one from the council.

-If you write your own stories for the club, then you have rules:
:bulletred: No major galaxy changing events/wars/overthrows unless you get permission from the Founder/co-founder. and as such, this event, once posted will be added to the Clubs timeline. Which will chronicle any major events the club creates for the galaxy, that writers may use for their own story histories.

:bulletred: No using other club members characters without permission. And if you are asked for your character to be used, please try to co-operate within sensibility.

Other rules may follow as I think them up.

Also, flamings are not tolerated, and

All in all, I hope you enjoy the club, and have fun.
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Oct 17, 2012


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Fan fiction and RP club

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The Time line

This is the timeline that we currently have. It will be updated as we have it. Much is up to the krayt war, is referenced from wookiepedia…

0 BY - Battle of Yavin. Destruction of the First Death Star.

4 ABY - The Battle of Endor. The New Republic is established.

12 ABY - The term "Imperial Remnant" is used for the first time referring to the shattered remains of the Empire, now unified under Natasi Daala.

26 ABY - The Jedi Order is driven off Yavin 4 by the Yuuzhan Vong.

28 ABY - The New Republic is reorganized into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

35 ABY - The Jedi, struggling to come to terms with a new role in the galaxy and a new philosophy on the Force are called upon to act as police and diplomats by the Galactic Alliance, despite the wishes of Luke Skywalker.

36 ABY - The Conclave on Ossus convenes.

44 ABY - The Jedi Order is commanded by the Galactic Senate to leave Coruscant. The Jedi Temple is abandoned and the Order relocates to the academy on Shedu Maad.

127 ABY – The Sith-Imperial War
The Galactic Alliance, Jedi Order and Yuuzhan Vong complete a successful terraforming of the war devastated planet Ossus. As a result, Yuuzhan Vong terraforming technology is implemented on a hundred other planets. The new Sith Order sabotages the program, causing renewed hostility to the Yuuzhan Vong and distrust of the Jedi.

130 ABY - The Galactic Alliance is defeated at Coruscant and its remaining territories are absorbed by the Empire which becomes the new galactic government. The Jedi Order is nearly destroyed during a massacre at Ossus, with Kol Skywalker as one of the casualties.

138 ABY - End of Krayt War, Siths went into hiding along with several of their fleets, formation of Galactic Federation Triumvirate

341 ABY - Serien Technocracy War, or "Serien War"

343 ABY - Current date








Hi, FOunder, Matt Wilson here. *see's everyone dying of shock* Yes, yes, i know, and its because of this lack of attendance I feel i have let you all down as founder, SO, I have decided to step down as the founder, and give up my role to vmetalic, who has done more for this club than me.

I will still have the role as Co-founder, but I want someone with more time to be in charge :)

Still, May the force be with you!
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This is sort of a writing game that takes place in our setting, not for the stories from all other eras. If the submission would be for this setting, I woudnt have any trouble with it.
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