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Anakin and Ahsoka (Star Wars) commission by phil-cho
Master Yoda by WhiteFox89
MJ II by Rathskeller7
CMS- Victoria Mikaru by Shardanic
Art Jams - Contests
SW 7 character by Sabin23
Just March by mashi
Tarkin sketch by JonasScharf
Aliens - Do Not Add Humans
Flora's grave and Jayce mourns Flora by florapolitis
Flora motorcycle pilot 002 by florapolitis
Queen Hera by Rebecca-Ecka
Hhex by mousedroid-hoojib
Boba Fett 2021 by Marc137
Sisters by LeneMa7991
Weapons Primed [SFM/4K] by Archangel470
One Face, One Army [SFM/4K] by Archangel470
Your Original Characters, not Canon Characters
Hammering Out An Agreement.. We Will Provide Aid! by StalinDC
Art Payment: Hakiim by GhostFreak-Artz
TIE Fighter Pilot by Baron-Engel
Valeus and Zartilda - Clone Wars Style by SkyeHammer
The Light Side
Jedi Luke Skywalker by tkdrobert
Rey the Jedi Mermaid by Simpsonsfanatic33
Grogu (Baby Yoda) cookies and blue milk by Simpsonsfanatic33
Star Wars - Aayla Secura 3 by Lacedra
Between the Light and the Dark Sides
Balance in the Force by CosmicLuci
Nightsister Izrina Kotjra Conceptart (COMMISSION) by DonFuchs
Revan (Star Wars) commission by phil-cho
Kosuke Ono - The Bandraoi by IK-Morishita
The Dark Side
The Power Of The Dark Side by Hal-2012
No Mercy! by Lordamus
May the Fourth be with you: Darth Vader by Shono
The Sith Woman by KaelaCroftArt
C3PO meets TC14 by Simpsonsfanatic33
Across the sands of Jakku by Simpsonsfanatic33
General grievous by WhiteFox89
My favorite Star Wars droids by Simpsonsfanatic33
AT-AV by Madskillz793
First Order Tie Fighter by Simpsonsfanatic33
Razor Crest by tkdrobert
LEGO Star Wars 75302 - Imperial Shuttle by TheRudeDevil
Disney Infinity Star Wars IX by LDFranklin
Cosplay and Costuming
Mandalore the Ultimate Cosplay 7 by AndreNitro
Objective: Survive by xxTheTruMan196
Humor - Comics
Page 38 by SWHyperlaneNomads
Literature - Galactic Library of SWFC
Dyad's Blessing, Dyad's Curse - Chapter 35“Ca-can’t sleep?”D-O’s voice penetrated the darkness Ben was staring up into. “No,” he said. “Even the sleep aid doesn’t seem to be doing any good tonight.”He heard the buzz of the droid’s neck craning. “Scared?”“Maybe.” Ben rolled over to face the general direction where D-O was, though of course it was as dark to his side as it was above him. “You really should go back to Rey tomorrow. It’s not that I haven’t appreciated having you around, but prison is no place for a nice little droid like you.”He heard D-O’s wheel skid towards him – it sounded like the droid was right next to the bed now. “Friend. Ben Solo. You need a fr-friend.”Ben would have argued further with the droid except for the familiar twitch in his senses. He rolled back around, sensing Rey lying next to him, heard her breathing, smelled the familiar worn, sweat-lined odor of the t-shirt she wore to bed. “Did you have a good time?” he asked, figuring that was as good a way to start a conversation as any.“Yes,” said Rey. “Did you enjoy the cake?”“Yes.”“Good.” A silence followed, during which Ben wondered if she’d fallen asleep, but then she spoke up again. “Ben . . . I wish I could have done something to stop . . .”“Don’t,” Ben interrupted in a hard voice. “Don’t apologize for what’s going to happen tomorrow – don’t even mention tomorrow!” A twitch was growing in his hands. “If you had just let well enough alone, neither of us would have to worry about tomorrow!” With every word he spoke, his breath shortened more until his chest was hurting. “That moment when you kissed me, I actually felt peace – if you’d let me die, I’d be free of everything I did and you’d be free of me!”He sucked in a gasp of air so loud that he almost missed Rey’s whisper.“I don’t want to be free of you.” It came out so small and so soft that Ben wondered if she’d even meant for him to hear it.“Don’t lie,” he muttered. “You were talking about splitting the dyad earlier, remember?”“All right, this – this thing – yes, it’s annoying, it’s scary, I don’t know what’s going to happen with it, but that doesn’t mean I want to lose you.”“And the kiss?” Ben didn’t know why he was bringing it up now of all times, but it came out anyway. “What did that mean?”A sudden wave of embarrassment came flowing from her. “Why do you ask?”Ben closed his eyes, not that it made any difference in terms of what he could see, but it felt more private behind his eyelids. “Because if it did mean anything, then you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak.”“What if I don’t know what it meant?”His eyes opened. “What do you mean?’“Just what I said. I don’t even know what romantic love feels like and quite frankly, right now I’ve got enough to worry about without worrying about love!”Why did Ben feel like a vice had tightened around his chest? If Rey didn’t love him, that was for the best, right? “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up.”Rey let out a long sigh, tickling Ben’s face with her breath. “I’m not saying I don’t love you – or that I do – because I honestly don’t know. That’s the best answer I can give right now.”Ben gave a tiny nod. “All right.” He didn’t mention how some small part of him had been wanting her to kiss him again almost every time they’d linked since his waking – for that matter, he wasn’t sure if that wasn’t the dyad making him want it. In fact, he admitted, he wasn’t sure what romantic love felt like either – he only knew that being with her felt right, as if part of his soul slept when she was gone and woke when she was around.But maybe that was the dyad too.“Ben?” Rey’s voice wavered slightly, as if worried that she had broken his heart.“What?”“Is there anything I can do to help?”The invisible vice around Ben’s chest tightened further, squeezing him almost to the point of physical pain. His hands twitched, twitched, twitched, as if his fingers were determined to run away from his hands. In his mind’s eye he yet again saw his father’s pained, devastated face, glowing red in the lightsaber’s flames . . . “H-hold me . . . please . . .” The words were small, vulnerable, desperate, uttered almost without any signal from his brain. “P-please . . . hold me . . .” He sputtered the words out, the twitch in his hands extending to the rest of his body, reducing him to a shaking mess as hot tears started welling up in his eyes. “Please!”Rey wrapped her arm around him, pressing his head against her shoulder, letting him feel her warmth. His own arm wrapped around her as the tears flowed into her t-shirt and she stroked his back in long, soothing movements, helping to calm the trembles. “You’re not alone,” she murmured. “We told each other that long ago and it’s still true, no matter what happens.”His breath and hers slowed bit-by-bit until they were inhaling and exhaling almost in synchronization, drawing comfort from each other’s breathing. Ben found himself wishing he could pause time and remain in this moment for as long as he wanted, remain in the embrace with the woman he loved maybe romantically and maybe some other way. Did it really matter?“Do you think you can sleep now?” Rey whispered.“Maybe,” Ben mumbled, realizing that his eyes had closed without his mind registering it. “If you stay.”“I don’t know how long I’ll stay,” said Rey. “Neither of us do.”“Yeah . . . I know,” said Ben, his eyes drooping shut again. “It’s just . . . wouldn’t it be nice if our biggest problem was sorting out our feelings?”“That would be very nice,” Rey said with a slight groan as she ran her fingers through his hair. “Now sleep.”Ben yawned, feeling himself sinking down, her touch lulling him as it had done many other nights, but there was still an undeniable truth pricking at his mind, trying to keep him from fully relaxing.He could fall into the most peaceful sleep, but he would still have to wake up.
Scenes - Battles
Koska Reeves - Sasha Banks  by CintelTex
Planets or Locations - cities, swamps etc
Star Wars - The City of the Sky by Konquistador
Pixel Art
1/72nd Republic 41st Elite Corps Phase One by Comradesoldat
Ben Solo Butterfly Stamp by RensKnight
Step by step - Coruscant by CeciliaGf
Old Republic and High Republic Era
Visas Marr by Alding-ART
Prequel Film Trilogy Era
Crosshair Bad Batch - Clone Wars Style by SkyeHammer
Original Film Trilogy Era
Princess Leia by jgledson
New Republic Era
May the 4th Be With You - 2021 by FlyingPrincess
Sequel Film Trilogy Era
DSCLukeSkywalker by TULIO19mx
Legends-EU New Jedi Order Era
Mara Jade by TheyaArt
Legends-EU Legacy Era
Star Wars - Galactic Alliance Infantry Scout by Konquistador
Infinities - Alternates
Thrawn: Infinities by RoninLoganX
Mature Items

Mature Content

Winter Dip by izanamiinblueart by TheWillofDarthAvis
Star Wars Stock Images and Resources - Not T
AB Equinox Teaser by FraggerMT
Fans Being Fans
New Year Card 2021: STAR WARS/ BB8 by Yuki-Shibaura
In Memoriam
Boba Fett (RIP Jeremy Bulloch) by SharkiBee

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...if an image was removed from a category, and you attempt to add it back in to the same one it was removed from, it's going to be removed again.  A third time, and you will be removed from the group with it.  You can contact the group prior to re-submission for any clarification, and if in that discussion it is determined where the misunderstanding is resolved, then there's not going to be any kind of penalty (but you have to contact us first).  As was stated in a previous journal entry...

"If your deviation has been removed by the moderation team, kindly do not resubmit it as it was likely removed for a reason. You may message the group regarding the reasoning for the removal but repeat submissions may result in more permanent actions taken."

Also, there are some images that are going to be removed, regardless of where you submit it to, and repeated attempts to submit will get you the same result as previously stated.

What qualifies for this?

1 - images depicting an underage character in a sexual manner, or in a nude manner.  As stated here and here . Please note: this also includes certain images of "The Bare Squadron" (personally I'm not a fan of that concept at all, but I'm not throwing out everything submitted of it, just the most questionable items)
2 - screenshots of the TV shows and movies, with or without a filter applied to it (still deciding if this should also be applied to video game screenshots with a filter applied)
3 - Journal entries or images that are bashing, toxic, hateful, or downright mean (you can take that nonsense elsewhere)
4 - Pasted on heads or flags (as was previously mentioned )
5 - an overabundance of similar kinds of works, such as a massive amount of animated gif images, as one example (slow your roll, and submit the best things you have done, not ALL the things you have done).  

Also, there's this: Rules on Submissions, Joining and FAQ Page:star:Rules on Club Conduct, Submissions, Joining and FAQ:star:
first, respect the rules of DeviantART.  Other than that...
1) THERE IS TO BE NO FLAMING.  It has been noticed in other Star Wars communities that there is some fracturing of the fan base: there are those one will call 'purists' and those one will call EU-ers (EU= expanded universe).  Purists strongly argue that the only true Star Wars material is the movies.  Some even go so far as to say only the original trilogy, and some even further to say the pre-special edition trilogy only.  EU-ers accept other sources, namely the books, comics etc, as Star Wars material also.  Any hostility to the other from either party will not be tolerated.  If you're a purist, that's fine, but there will be no ranting or attacks on EU-ers.  That goes vice versa as well, got it?
2) SLASH (yaoi-yuri etc) and mature works ARE NOT accepted. 
(note: there had been a previous rule about mature items, and we may revisit the decision to allow a Mature category, or adjust that specific primary rule for the group).  

Overall, this group has done a pretty good job with what they submit.  But every so often, we have to touch base and clarify things, especially for new members that simply may not be aware.  

Stay classy!  And may the Force be with you all!

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