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So, it was only a matter of time before this particular topic had to be broached, and this may cause a little bit of a stir, but we must march forward and meet it. It's already known what DeviantART's position on AI art is, which is that they're 100% in favor of it, to the point of by default including everyone's submitted works to be data scraped (unless you opt out of it manually) and used for AI generators to scrape and 'learn' from, as well as their own AI generator tool.
Thing is, there are law cases currently going through the courts, with at least one court in Washington D.C. already ruling that AI generated art that does not have human input cannot be copy-written . According to that court, there must be a human author involved, which I imagine will have downstream effects on other lawsuits involving various other forms of AI art generation. So it's definitely an open debate as to whether it's good or bad.
For SWFC, due to the fact that in order for any AI generator to work, it must literally steal content from other creators, this group will not be accepting AI generated works.
AI generators scrape data in order to compile that material into whatever is input for a prompt, or in the aforementioned case above without any human input at all. As it stands now, AI generators are unethical. They're a cheat. They're not creating art. Their point is to allow you to not make art.
To reiterate: it's about NOT MAKING ART.
One inputs prompts. It spits out what it thinks is wanted. Maybe it has to be tweaked, so they throw other prompts in, and it again spits out what it thinks is wanted. As it uses other material that was scraped/stolen to compile an image together, the end result is in itself hollow and without any real heart or skill. Yea, they look shiny, and neat. But the person inputting the prompts didn't really create it. They just plugged in some prompts into the magic box and got out something that fits what they think it should be. They didn't create art. They had an idea, and then pushed a button and bam, they think they got the thing they wanted. All without having to interact, pay someone else to do the work, or didn't have to learn to do it themselves.
That's why I say it's a cheat. It's an attempt to get quick gratification without actually putting in the effort to make something worthwhile. Quick, cheap, and utterly vacuous. Push a button, 'ooh, shiny!,' rinse and repeat. It makes cotton candy: sweet at first, but falls apart easily.
It's very much like taking a screenshot of a TV show and then slapping a filter on it. That's not art. It's theft and then trying to doctor it up to make it look 'different,' but the underlying material is still stolen material. As of right now, AI art is the same.
"But what about using 3d models to make an image?!"
"What about using photoshop to manipulate or digitally color?"
"But what if I use things I did draw and just did multiple iterations with it in a generator?"
First, what-about-ism is an attempt to deflect and is irrelevant to the point.
Second, they're not the same thing. Not even close. AI Art as it currently stands is theft. The other two are not. Using created 3d models or photomaniuplating an drawing or image requires input and creativity to make it turn out the way that's wanted.
Third, doing multiple iterations on work that you personally created is little more gray, but the generators are still pulling from other peoples works to slap onto what you may have sketched up, so you cheapen your own efforts, as well as most likely potentially stunting your own artistic growth.
Hell, pewdiepie, a major youtube influencer, taught himself to draw over the course of 100 days. He was apparently not an artist prior to that point, and now he's apparently drawing some nice works. He didn't take short cuts to get to that point, he didn't use AI generators to do it. He just put in the work (which, very impressive) and time and did it. I understand not all of us have the kind of time he likely had available to focus entirely on learning to draw, but the point was that learning to do it can be done with some effort and time. Maybe it takes longer, but it can be done.
Will it ever go away? No, that cats out of the bag at this point. Maybe it'll be a useful tool someday, but right now it's definitely not.
You want good, quality work, you can't take shortcuts. Obviously, you do what you want to do, and if all you want to do is plug in some words and get something kinda pretty for a time, that's your prerogative. I will say that you'll appreciate work that was actually created with some heart far more. But if you submit it to the group, it'll be removed. We don't get a lot currently, but it's sure to increase over time.
Long story short: regardless of dART's position on AI generated images, SWFC will not allow them at this time. If they're submitted and it's found they're AI generated, they'll be removed.
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