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Puppet Leia 5 by DarthBorinquen
Puppet Leia 3 by DarthBorinquen
Blame it on the Kids by CatstronomerArt
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Ancient Jedi by DarthDestruktor
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Nightsister Merrin by Valraya
Mandalorian - May the 4th be with you by GiP7
The Dark Side
Trilla Suduri by Ivertanu
First Order flag (Ikkrukk sympathizers) by JR-Imperator
Reva Sevander by Grissaecrim
Chapter 907: Mosciive Commander Acef Nedbru by SheldonOswaldLee
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Battle Droid Veterans of the Clone Wars by Taipu556
Commander Ragnar by JR-Imperator
Star Wars - 'Red Sky' by Konquistador
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Qui-Gon Jinn Costume by SilhouetteCosplay
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Sugar free by editsulli
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The Adventures of Nomi Darklighter - Ch. 29- The Confrontation -Nomi woke the next morning by the hiss of the cell door and Darth Vader’s mechanical breathing. So it wasn’t only a nightmare as she had hoped. She squinted because of the light in the hallway and noticed that the Dark Lord wasn’t alone this time. After the door slammed shut she was able to see more clearly. At Vader’s side stood an approximately 1.30 m tall, gray skinned alien with a row of horns on its head. The creature looked scary with its large blue eyes and needle-sharp teeth. It seemed as if Vader didn't share the Emperor's prejudices concerning aliens. Nomi stared at the creature in fear.It seemed that Vader gloated over the young woman’s fear, since he kept silent for a rather long time. The alien sniffed as if it wanted to take in Nomi’s scent and memorize it for some reason. Finally the Emperor’s enforcer broke the silence.“Barakhkha will guard you. He is a Noghri and for years my faithful servant. His species is known for their combat skills and keen sense of smell. You see it’s useless to think about an escape. Barakhkha knows how to prevent such attempts. And if you manage to escape, which is unlikely, I will find you wherever you try to hide. Keep always in mind that I can feel your unborn children. It will be them who will give you away.” Nomi swallowed hard, still staring at the Noghri, who stood there taking in her scent and sight. The odds for an escape dwindled more and more. “You must eat to keep your strength for your children,” Vader continued. “Follow me.”He turned and left the cell, while the Noghri kept a watchful eye on his prisoner. Nomi rose from her hard bedstead and followed the Dark Lord out of the cell. The Noghri made up the rear when they headed for the turbo lift. Two Royal Guards flanked the lift and snapped in attention. Vader didn’t pay them any attention and entered the lift when the door opened. Nomi hadn’t seen him push a button, but she assumed that he had done it with the special powers he possessed. All three entered the lift and it didn’t take long and the lift stopped. The door opened and they stepped out. Nomi looked around, seeing a hallway which was different from those she was before. The wall panels were made of black and gray stone, as was the polished floor. Their footsteps and Vader’s mechanical breathing echoed through the hallway as they walked. Finally they reached their destination. Another set of Royal Guards were standing there and snapped in attention like the two at the detention level had minutes before.Vader ignored them as well, moved his gloved hand slightly and the door opened, revealing a room with a table and chairs made of exotic wood, Nomi had never seen before. The table was laid for one person.“Take a seat and eat. It is pointless to refuse food, since I have ways and means to force you,” the Dark Lord said and took a seat himself.Nomi sat down and noticed how hungry she was, since she hadn’t eaten for hours.Vader and the Noghri guard watched her as she began to eat and downed the bites with some water, which was served in a glass which was decorated with strange symbols. It didn’t take long and Nomi felt that she was about to throw up. Quickly she pressed a hand against her mouth and fought the upcoming sickness. She didn’t want Vader to see her this way. But the effort was in vain, as the Dark Lord watched her carefully and noticed what was going on.He motioned to the Noghri, who stood in the background. “Bring the medicine, Barakhkha,” Vader commanded the guard.Then the young woman heard the Noghri’s voice for the very first time, when he answered his master.“To hear is to obey, Mylord.” He walked over to a door which led to an adjacent room, opened it and entered. Shortly after Barakhkha came back with a flask containing a red fluid and handed it over to Nomi. She eyed the flask suspiciously before she opened it and took a sip. The fluid tasted bittersweet, but she noticed that her nausea subsided. Nomi handed the flask back and resumed eating. “Excellent…you have to keep your strength for the three you carry,” Vader said and leaned back on the chair. “With the medicine you shouldn’t have any further issues.” Nomi continued to eat and didn’t react.After the young pilot had finished her meal something on a small table at the wall caught her eye. She gasped as she realized what it was. It was a small hologram of her youth friend. It was the bluish image of Luke Skywalker. The Dark Lord noticed where his prisoner looked at. "You are wondering why there is a hologram of a rebel.” He paused for a moment seemingly considering something. Only the mechanical breathing was heard. The Noghri had left to bring back the flask in the adjacent room. Finally Vader had made up his mind and continued to speak.“Since you will not leave this fortress alive, I will tell you my well-kept secret,” he paused for a fraction of a second. “My name was once Anakin Skywalker. Luke Skywalker is my son." “So you didn’t lie to Luke back in Cloud City,” she blurted out without thinking.Vader leaned slightly over the table and studied his prisoner carefully, before he spoke with his deep voice again. He hadn't expected such a reaction by the woman."What do you know about this? Ah, I understand. Darklighter - the name rang a bell somehow. The Darklighter family lives on Tatooine. Luke was raised there as well as I have learned. Wasn't there a Biggs Darklighter? Yes, now I remember. Biggs Darklighter was responsible for the mutiny on the Rand Ecliptic. Back then the entire crew defected to the Rebellion. Are you related to him?"“Does it matter? Biggs was killed in action during the Battle of Yavin. Shot down by a TIE in the Death Star trench. Since then I hate the Empire and joined the Alliance,” Nomi responded angrily.“You will have even more reason to hate me, since I was the pilot who killed Biggs Darklighter,” Vader said with an even voice.A long silence lasted between them, only interrupted by the Dark Lord’s mechanical breathing. Nomi stared at the man who had shed her cousin’s blood. At this moment Barakhkha entered the room.“Bring the prisoner back to her cell,” Vader commanded.The Noghri bowed slightly and walked over to Nomi.“Come,” he said and waited patiently for her to rise.The young woman complied and left the room followed by the guard. It didn’t take long and she was back in her windowless cell. The Noghri left and the door slammed shut. It had to be noon since the cell door opened and the Noghri entered carrying a tray with food and water. He kept silent and placed the tray on the bedstead. Then he walked back to the door, but didn’t leave. He stood there and kept an eye on Nomi to make sure she eats the food. There was no way he would disappoint his master. Nomi cast a glance at the guard, whose behavior irritated her, but then she began to eat. She wondered how Vader had earned the Noghri’s unwavering loyalty. Did the Noghris have the concept of a life debt like the Wookiees? But why should Barakhkha owe such to the Dark Lord? The young woman finished her meal and downed the last bite with water. Slowly the guard approached her, took the tray and left the cell. Nomi stared at the closed and locked door and shook her head. She had thought that she could coax the Noghri to help her to escape, but she had realized that such a try would be in vain. Now her only hope was that they would send a search party after she didn’t show up on Ithor. She fell into a fitful sleep from which she woke by the noise of the cell door which opened with a hiss. It was the Noghri again, who entered the cell. This time he wasn’t carrying a tray with food. “My master wants to see you,” Barakhkha said and made way so Nomi could pass. But she didn’t bother to comply with the guard’s request. “Tell your master that I don’t want to meet the man who murdered my cousin!” The young woman retorted and glared at the alien, who backed away totally surprised by the young woman’s outburst. “I will inform my master about your request,” Barakhkha finally said and left the cell. After a while the cell door opened again and Lord Vader stepped in accompanied by the Noghri. “You don’t want to see the one who murdered your cousin? May I remind you that we are at war, Lieutenant? By what right are you calling me a murderer? How many have you killed in combat? Were it two, twenty or even thousands?” The Dark Lord asked with an icy voice, but didn’t wait for an answer. “You are a murderer and Biggs Darklighter was a traitor who deserved to die. Everything depends on the point of view. I can feel your anger. This is good since your anger and hate feeds the dark side. You make it easier for me to teach your children so they become Dark Jedi.”In Nomi’s mind’s eye the battles and fights she had taken part passed by. Vader was right, she had killed thousands. There was again the sickening feeling as he entered her mind. She could imagine his smile behind the impenetrable mask when he read her thoughts. "As you see, Lieutenant Darklighter, it is only a small step from war hero to murderer,” he paused a moment to let sink in his words. “But now your children will compensate for the Empire's losses caused by you." Nomi was unable to hold back the thought which came in her mind. “Compensation for the Imperial losses or rather the means to fulfill your own wishes and desires? Luke told me what you offered him in Cloud City. That you offered him to end the deadly conflict with combined strength and bring order to the galaxy. He resisted your temptations and wanted rather to die than to follow you. You must be good at hiding your true ambitions from the Emperor. Otherwise you would be already dead."It seemed as if she had hit a nerve, since the Dark Lord turned and left the cell without a word, followed by the Noghri. As the door slammed shut Nomi sighed. She knew all too well that she played with edged tools, but she wouldn’t back down.
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Confrontation by tkdrobert
Planets or Locations - cities, swamps etc
Chapter Eight: For the Republic! by SheldonOswaldLee
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Senate commandos by Comradesoldat
Ben Solo Butterfly Stamp by RensKnight
Step by step - Coruscant by CeciliaGf
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Firebrand Bounty Hunter by mousedroid-hoojib
Prequel Film Trilogy Era
Hot Chocolate by ARC-Trooper-Star
Original Film Trilogy Era
Flag of the Galactic Empire by JR-Imperator
New Republic Era
Mandalorian post it note art by JK-Antwon
Sequel Film Trilogy Era
Zlata Suokas by JR-Imperator
Legends-EU New Jedi Order Era
Mara Jade Skywalker (New Jedi Order) by DarthRavager86
Legends-EU Legacy Era
Leia declaring war on the Dushkan League by JR-Imperator
Infinities - Alternates
Ahsoka in wonderland by Rosyforest
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Nahy Wakes Up - By Marcoabe by Tu49
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Random Star Wars SFM model pack 3 by ShittyHorsey
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My birthday cake by EsmeAmeliaSolo
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Boba Fett (RIP Jeremy Bulloch) by SharkiBee
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I have been notified that there is an individual on dART that is apparently taking close up images from other artists and trying to pass it off as their own in NFTs and subscription images while keeping the proceeds for themselves.
I myself have not seen this in action, but the individual who mentioned it has also commented two artists have caught'em and were able to get their work removed.
I have looked at the user in question, and they seem to have a lot of Bare Squadron work in their gallery. I don't follow much of that material/content, so if you have created any artwork for that, you may want to view the user's gallery and verify if there is anything amiss.
Note: I'm not saying go after'em with flaming torches and pitchforks (or with a pack of angry Wookiees, whichever suits your fancy for mob violence), just review what's present, and make sure for yourself. If there's nothing amiss, then all is well.
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