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Thor movie wallpaper 2

My last THOR wallpaper using the pre-production art. This one shares the simpler background mix of stars (which is becoming a trademark of mine) and a large single logo of wallpaper 1.5. A different pose out of Thor this time as well. Next I think I'll head over to DC, there's some characters I've wanted to make wallpapers of over there.

Made with Photoshop Elements 8

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Very cool!
What layer do you use to make the fabric look so painted, or did you paint it?

Looking good, best so far!
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Actually the central image of Thor is a piece of promotion art I found online. I placed it in front of the stars and logo background and then added the lighting affects.
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oh cool, Well, I still think it fits very nice.
I saved it to my pc :heart:
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Thank you again. I can't draw myself but I can arrange images into wallpapers. I can also recolor things to make them into nearly a new image. Everything I can do I learned through trial and error. I have gotten more elaborate with my wallpapers as time's gone on.
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Neat, neat, neat!
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Yeah I really like that stars background, I reused it in a number of my wallpapers.
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Hay, If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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