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Sean Connery - 007 wp

The beginning of a new series of wallpapers celebrating the actors who have been "Bond....James Bond". We start with of course Sean Connery, film's first and to many, best Bond. For this wallpaper I used a jpeg of the gun barrel and then placed a shot of Connery in the middle. I then surrounded him with the titles of the Bond films he made. I then finished things off with a "Sean Connery is" I made myself. ENJOY! Next time, George Lazenby.

Made with Photoshop Elements 8.

James Bond created by Ian Fleming
Photo: (c) 2011 Sean Connery
James Bond and all films titles: (c) 2011 Eon Productions/MGM
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RIP Sean Connery. You will be missed.
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He was cool, but none can compare to Pierce Brosnan.
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Sean Connery is definitely the best James Bond. This wallpaper is awsome!
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Thank you!

I have ones for the other Bonds as well!
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And thanks for the watch!
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Screw what they say about Daniel Craig. Sean Connery will always be the greatest Bond. (But my all time fave Bond movie is Tomorrow Never Dies with Pierce Brosnan.)
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Dalton is my favorite Bond, but Connery starred in my favorite Bond film (FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE).
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He is cool but Roger Moore is better.
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Been a long time since someone said that.
Seven Adventures But There's Only Six Installments in the Long Running Bond Franchise but Connery's Seventh Film Was Not Included and Not Produced by Broccoli's Eon Productions but Never Say Never Was Done by PSO which became Lionsgate and directed by the Same Guy who did The Empire Strikes Back and I LikedThis Wallpaper So Much
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Yes indeed, I am aware of all that. And thank you very much!!
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Sweet!!! I love how you included all films including Never Say Never Again!
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Of course it was his last film in the role ;-)
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Which many people don't consider to be a real Bond film...but fuck yes it was his final film in the role! So, as much as it pains people to think that Roger Moore did one more film than Connery, in reality they are both at a tie! So booyaa!!!
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Connery also played a very Bondian role in THE ROCK.
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What an awesome wall. On behalf of the 007 nation, thank you ol' boy.
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