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If in the trade folder you can offer points, art ,characters, and customs!
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Here is where you can find the adoptables:
Pixel Clover I have too many leftover adopts so each watcher will get 2 adopts! The rules are that you can't unwatch me or the character will go back up for free (new watchers are welcome) and that you have to credit me for making the design. If you read the rules then type "Lucky Clovers!" so that I know you read them!Pixel Clover 
Here are the freebies:

(OLD) Puppy Adopts OTA by SweetZtea 1 and 2 are free
*Closed* 6 Kitty OTA by SweetZtea 6 is free
(Free!) Old Dog adopts *CLOSED* by SweetZtea
(OLD) Pony Adopts! OTA by SweetZtea
ferrugineum fabric border e 1 ferrugineum fabric border e 1 

PENDING by SweetZtea *Pending*

                                   ** Ota by SweetZtea Any Art (Mostly looking for pixel art)

OTA (mostly looking for art):

Pony Auction! *OPEN* by SweetZtea PENDING

Set Price:


 ferrugineum fabric border e 2