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M9 Bayonet 3D Model (Download)

Hi, this is my first 3D model for download. It is the M9 Bayonet. Included is a standard material as well as a fade (CSGO) material.
Modelled in Blender and rendered with cycles.

This model is free to use and distribute as long as credit is given.

.Blend + .obj Download  (OBJ is currently untextured, will be updated as soon as I can get around to it)…
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4400x2300px 2.75 MB
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Great this model of Bayonet in 3D ideal for the trend of video games.
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I've been looking for this for ages, thanks for the model! 
When you will give the texture ???
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Knives great. What the glass dragon in my opinion a little too dark rendering.
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Thats a normal bayonet, M9 got spikes in the back.
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The model looks great here, but the wire seems to indicate a lot of ngon faces, which could potentially raise issues in certain rendering situations or engines.  I'd at least consider triangulating the faces.  Love the handle, and the shape of the blade.
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Blender does not draw the edges of polys in flat faces so there are actually far fewer n-gons than one would assume from the image. The small number that existed have been triangulated an the download has been updated. Thank you for the feedback :)
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