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so ive had this idea for a comic or story or something, i call it Cross Eyed, so far the only thing i have really secure is the main character, a girl with a demon partner in her, that has x's on his eyes like for pupils, and the demon lends her his power to kill other demons and eat them and they both gain power. Her demon isnt evil per se but not completely good either. so yeah thats all i got, ive only started to work on concept but ive never really done much character and world building like this its pretty scary really!
so much has happened its crazy, so here recently i just finished what was my first real art "job" or whatever. its a cover art for a super cool Dr Whooves story, the author took it in a real different direction with the writing and its quite the read. On cosplay im waiting for the Roman costume to come in,i couldnt make it so i had to order one but whatever, i did have a side project cosplay idea for a while now, i finally cut this wig i got at comic con at new orleans and threw together a punk platter shirt and i just had the rest of the pieces it turned out great! things have been not so bad lately stuff been turning to a good head here very recently so heres to looking up!
So as seen i have completed Romans weapon the 'melodic cudgel as it is called (stupid ass name by the way, candy cane was better, sorry monty) soon i will order the costume, the wig is on the way, will need some work but just Romans iconic "swoosh" thing hes got going on and then the most difficult thing is just something i want. Id like a dust crystal, however i cannot find one anywhere and havent found many places to custom cast it in resin (tips and suggestions would help, i'll search a tad more) so i may have to do it myself which should be fun. Then a cigar which should be trivial...i hope, fake would be nice but if i have to go real then whatever.
so im going to mechacon this year and i'm planning on my first time cosplaying. i intend to be roman torchwick from RWBY. should anyone have any tips send them my way!
finals are over and classes are done, the only thing i'll be doing is working. so glad for a break now
so.. um.. been away a bit, a little thing here and there, not much. mostly personal stuff, i have the relationship problems of a teenage girl i swear (no offense teenage girls) but making mistakes is how you learn and lets just say ive learned alot...had a girlfriend for about a week or two, a girl i had been stuck on for quite some time (and still somewhat am) but she couldn't come to me and be fully ready to commit, this had been about the fourth time she had shown interest. it was difficult but i had to make the decision to give her no more chances, i couldn't get swept up in this vicious circle that was forming. we remain friends yet, being around her... sometimes its easy and others its incredibly difficult, i think what is most painful is afterwards seeing her smile and i couldn't do that, its alot of internal questions that take hold after something like that but you cant let those get to you, you have to tell yourself that you were good enough and be honest to yourself and acknowledge your own mistakes and get past them. After all of this happened i found myself becoming closer a friend from my past, 4 years ago this girl and i had dated, she was my first girlfriend ever, we were young and didn't understand what was going on, but now we had grown up and knew better. i had hurt her somewhat, both she and the last girl i have spoken about had interest in me and i chose the other girl. After some time she and i had a date planned and talked very much and then none at all. she had cut all contact and i had later found out she had found some other guy. I know not why she made this choice, however in my time with her i had noticed changes. i could look at her one second and see the same girl from 4 years ago then look again only for her to be a complete stranger. She had become so angry on the inside and it manifested as pure spite, she would go out of her way for it with a smile on her face. I slightly believe she chose this other guy because i chose someone else before her, it matters not. Looking back i saw her and i realized that i did not want to be that, people will hurt you and it will be hard but you cant hold grudges, you may not have to forgive but you cannot hate.  Now im not really one to throw this on here, i see this being more art oriented and professional, at least for myself, but it had to go somewhere, and i am a very emotionally oriented man so much that it can be strange but my moodsets affect my artwork so i think its relevant, i mean hey i love a good romance story so hey, whatever right?
Cause its the most beautiful thing in the world
so ive never had a premium "experience' on deviantart, and this is where ll of my stuff goes and i prefer it over other places so i figure id better start doing this seriously so id like to ask for points to get a 12 month premium(2500) because i wont get paid any sort of soon and even still im waiting for my card to come in so if you would you have my eternal blessings and will most certainly owe you a few favors and what not

Ok so comic com, new orleans, lots and lots of pictures, lots and lots of cosplayers, so when i decide to upload those pictures i need all the help i can to find the peeps i photo'ed with so they can get credit cause they deserve it.
Comic con in New Orleans this weekend was pretty cool...i mean i guess IT WAS THE FUCKING BEST HOLY SHIT!!!
Excuse me for that but omg it was so cool, there were so many nice people there! I got to meet Matt Smith!! IVE MET THE DOCTOR!!! I also met Sara Jean Underwood who was incredibly nice, and Yaya Han who was gracious enough to take a picture with me! I just love meeting celebrities just to address them as regular people, it really puts a smile on everyones face.
   Dear Princess Celestia
  Our friends are whats most important, we must keep that in mind. We all make mistakes, 
but we may not see it for as bad as it is. We would be right to call out these to others should they 
happen, but not be angry at them as we may not see the entirety of the situation. 
It is never worth putting a friendship at risk.

  your loyal subject
so via a long chat with a very kind and understanding man and maybe drinks (my dad was there dont start on me) ive come to a great conclusion, a newer understanding of my talent and what i want to do with it. Thus i will commemorate this new understanding with a change to my signature and cutie mark. 
Alot happened this year, graduated high school, girlfriend 
dumped me then found her on a date with my best friend
2 weeks later but she wasnt worth the hassle, made it to
college and everything just lit up, made many new friends
online and off, you know who you are. You guys really don't
Know what you guys mean to me well because though it
sounds cheesey, Friendship is Magic!!! And you all make my
life very very special! ^.^
if i may ask all of my new friends that ive made this year, to post a link to your pony self for a group shot!
May your hearths be warm,
you loved ones near,
friendship is magic, 
that fills us with happiness and cheer!
so i just watched all of panty and stocking with garterbelt, it was gross raunchy, filled with sexual themes and awful language.... its kinda the greatest thing ever.
I want all available time and resources devoted to an animated gif of pinkie banging her head in the school bell! GO GO GO!!!
Well things have been a bit more productive lately, there has been more time and there will be even more time to come, im going to have a painting class next semester! Ive practiced painting before but never had any professional tutelage, im pretty excited! 
Havent uploaded or even made anything lately, i decised to try to make comics for my school but ive no clue what to do yet


Journal Entry: Fri Aug 16, 2013, 7:44 PM

So i told my art peeps at my college that i draw and post   
stuff on the internet and they were wicked hyped about it
 they said that if i made cartoons or comics they could 
totes be in the paper and junk, probably not now since
 i have not the ability to draw anything other than ponies :iconraritycryingplz:  
but i'll be trying my damndest tofix that soon..