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:star: First, you must have the Addon/Extension Personas for Firefox installed (and of course be using Firefox Web Browser.)  If you don't have Personas for Firefox yet you may download it from here:

:star: Second, if your image files (Header and Footer files) came in a .zip file, you'll need to extract them into a directory of your choice.  If you don't have an extraction program, Windows users can download the free utility 7Zip here:  and Mac users  can download StuffIt Expander here:…
Remember where you put your image files.

Once Personas for Firefox is  installed, you will see a little orange fox icon at the very bottom left of your open Browser window.

1) Left click on the fox and a menu will spring up.  

2) From that menu, select "Custom" and another menu will appear.

(If you don't see the word "Custom" you may have fiddled with this before and the name of whatever Custom Persona you typed in will appear in it's place.  In this case, select that name.   In any event, it will be the menu option just below 'Category'.)

3) From this new menu that opens, select, "Edit".  

(Now a new tab or window, depending on your Browser settings, will open.)

4) Type a name for this Persona in the "Name" bar.

5) Beside the Header bar, click the "Browse" button and navigate to where you stored your  Persona image files, then click on the Header image you want and select "Open".

(The image should appear at the top of your browser.)

6) Beside the Footer bar, click  the"Browse" button, go to where you stored your Persona image files, click on the Footer image you want and select "Open".

(Make sure you select an image labeled "Header" to appear at the top and "Footer" to appear at the bottom.)

7) Select a Color for Text by clicking on the colored square and picking one from the choices that pop up.

8) Select an Accent Color the same way you chose a Text color.

9) Click, "OK".

The window or tab will now close and you should now be wearing your Custom Persona.
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Hey All,

Sorry to have most of my Personas submitted in separate pieces of Headers and Footers - originally I thought this would be best so people could actually view all of what they were downloading - but now think I'll put them in .zip files and just offer a Preview as it makes for a messy Gallery, a Footer hardly qualifies as a submission in itself, and its too much work for you guys to be jumping from link to link to gather the pieces.

Please bear with 'till I get this reorganized.

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This site has long been a source of inspiration, both in work and life.   Always, I am amazed at the incredible talent and thriving spirit of the DA community.

     So I'm happy to finally have something to give back and hope to start a stock account soon.

Please bear in mind, if you visit, that I'm just starting out in digital graphics and we all have to begin somewhere...

Great to be here.

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