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Wood Grain Medium Ash Texture

1500x1500, 300dpi, 5x5", seamless tileable

You may use this image for ANYthing, commercial and offsite use is fine, no credit required.

    Please do one of the following if you use, ty:

  • Fav or Collect it
  • Use the Download function rather than right clicking
  • Make a note to show me how you've used it, I'd love to see it!
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1500x1500px 1.23 MB
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Thank you for posting this! I'll be using it for a personal reference sheet.
Hi i'm using this with my personal design ty
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Hi, I'm just gonna use this for a school project. I'm making a web page for my web design class and this seems like a good background to me.
not only is what im doing with that texture in work but also i dont know if it will be used in the finished product. additionally i will probably not be able to show you i hope youre ok with that.
NachoTheTrekkie's avatar
Thank you.
If I end up using it, I'll send you back a link.
shiseihitsuji's avatar
Hi, I used your lovely texture here: [link]

Thank you for sharing! :)
NullPt's avatar
Used this in to help texture my project here, thank you.
BlackOrange1024's avatar
Awesome Texture.
I use it for some Blender-stuff I will drop a link when its finished (it could take some time).
Thank you.
MichaelLinkJr's avatar
Very nice! Perfect for the chair I'm building for my final... =)
720tur's avatar
Ultrameow's avatar
Perfect! Thank you. I will drop a link once it's up.
Evil-Tink's avatar
I used your tile
atulpandya's avatar
thanks for share it
LunaLunett's avatar
I gone use it it^s a very nice pattern I think so in 1 hour I can send you the result :)
LinkGilbs's avatar
I used this! [link] It looks awesome by the way.
femjesse's avatar
I'm using this in a few package designs! This is a wonderful texture and very easy to manipulate. Thank you for sharing!
Aelfric-Maundrell's avatar
I used your stock here: [link]

I feel like I should apologize, but mostly, I should thank you for providing it to use.
So, thank you~
SweetSoulSister's avatar
You're welcome - hope it's just what you need!
Royce-Barber's avatar
downloaded for web design. thx <3
SweetSoulSister's avatar
Absolutely... leave me a link, I'd love to see it!
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