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The Demi Sisters..

Twin characters the Demi Sisters, Scarlet and Loretta
I wanted some high school demon twins to draw when i'm bored, Most likely will see them again.
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Looking gooooooood man!! Thems some mad painting skills you've got there, and now I see what you mean about not drawing like Slush-a any more. =) Keep up the rad work dood.
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Thanks for the compliment man, I'm trying man, just trying.
in the end i plan on working something out with both of them, but slush-a is so solid to me, i didn't want to just start uploading random paintings into it you know.
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I can understand wanting to keep your paintings to a separate channel, but I honestly don't think that there's a problem if you keep using the slush-a profile. I don't see any reason why you can't combine all your styles, because it's you as an artist. If you rock multiple styles then all the better. I personally enjoy artistic diversity. I've also found that being diverse has aided me in my freelance career. But yeah, I can dig your motivations. =)
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It was basically because like most people or all people, my art is based on how satisfied i am with it... and i never am.
but i never tried either... i always just drew to make art and it's very peaceful when i draw, so it was nice having that... but i wasn't happy with the art as much as i wanted to be.

So now i really want to see if i can make myself happy with my art... and be the best i can, leaving my old self as an artist in the past.

I have that thing with art, that you get with music sometimes, where if you listen to an old song, it takes you back into the past where you may have been dealing with things, or just felt different about life... or something stupid.
I get that with art, and drawing like i did before drops me back into a mindset where i wasn't happy with my art, because i wasn't trying to be the best i could be really, just drawing to enjoy the peace of doing so.

I do enjoy freelancing, but i never get anything anime related... which i did tho.