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Wanna Join Us, Mister Todd?

Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) and Nellie Lovett (Sweeney Todd)

I was in a kind of fem-slashy mood when I made this but I chose the title because I have this scenario in my head of Sweeney Todd walking in on Mrs. Lovett and Bellatrix... well...umm "playing" with each other XD

Usually I don't ship characters that are played by the same person but I felt very inspired after checking out WickedWonka13's [link]
beautifully slashy, Johnny Depp photomanipulations,
so I figured I could give it a try and to be honest I think this works out pretty well...

If you like Bellatrix and Mrs Lovett as a couple, you should definitely read 'Filthy Muggles' [link]
by Grapenut and Pandora Spocks! It's awesome so far...I just wish they would finally update ...

Ha, I almost forgot to mention, my sister and me are going to Dublin next wednesday and we're going to spend Halloween there so I most likely won't upload anything new till after November 2nd...

I wish you all a early Happy Halloween (hence the Black and Orange color scheme of the manip and who could be more appropriate for this than a witch and a cannibalistic meat pie baker? : )

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You have the honor of being on TV Tropes...
Excellent mashup.
SweetSandy's avatar
Thanks! Is my manip featured on their site? Can you give me a link, please?
Aorta-Heartless's avatar
I think it is just a link mention. Can't remember what page though.
PinkChan1993's avatar
Love it <3 Reminds me of my drawing of the same pairing ;D

Just Bella has a knife instead of a wand. Heh.

Well done! :D

P.s: I wish they'd update, too. Not enough fanfiction for this ship ;D
SweetSandy's avatar
I know right?! There should be waaaaaaay more fanfics and fanart about Bella and Mrs Lovett!!

Thank you for commenting! :glomp:
PinkChan1993's avatar
Agreed. ;D

And it's my pleasure. :D
Marilovett's avatar
OMG Bellatrix and Nellie!!!! WTF?
SweetSandy's avatar
lol yeah...I like weird pairings ;) Thanks for commenting and faving! :hug:
Marilovett's avatar
the weird pairings are the BEST!!
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Yes it is! It's never mentioned in the Tim Burton movie version, but in the stage musical she refers to herself as Nellie.

However in the original book from the 1840s (The String of Pearls) her name is Maggie if I remember correctly.

Thank you very much for commenting and faving!! :glomp:
foozzys's avatar
hmmm how peculiar, you are most welcome good ma'am
Marilovett's avatar
yes Nellie is the first name of mrs lovett
foozzys's avatar
I did not know that, also great femslahs, tho I haven't seen manny harry potter movies, and the fact that there the same actress is sorta awkward, but none the less I have a huge crush on her. Brilliant!
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lol not a big fan of this pairing huh? XD
CurlyCoquette's avatar
Lol i'm just confused as hell!
MmePandoraSpocks's avatar
Ratty Darling now, love. I absolutely adore your art, in fact, I am quite envious of it.
SweetSandy's avatar
Thank you!
I'm really happy to hear you like my art! Also, Thank you so very much for all the faves!! It means a lot to me! :glomp:
Zenarraus's avatar
I LOVE this picture on SO many levels! instant Fave!
SweetSandy's avatar
=D I'm glad you like it so much!!! Thanks for commenting and faving!!! :glomp:
Zenarraus's avatar
You're very welcome. :dummy:
paigeypie96's avatar
Words cannot express how awesome this is. :O I absolutely lovett.
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