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Getting shitfaced on moonshine ~Betara

I drew two fully clothed characters doing something not sexual?! Yeah, I'm shocked as well! ;)

Just Beth and Tara getting shitfaced on moonshine while sitting on top of the Terminus A box car.
(I started drawing this before all the spoilers and the trailer which hint that the group doesn't stay in Terminus for very long and Beth isn't even there...Oh well, I still hope those two get to meet in season 5)

The characters Beth Greene and Tara Chambler belong to Robert Kirkman and amc

Also, drawing laughing people is really hard!
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I'm just happy someone else appreciates Tara enough to do art/fics of her I mean she's such a good character. And Beth/Tara would be so cute too.
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The anatomy looks really good here – and yes, laughing people are hard to draw! I think that the blonde's grin is especially well done :D