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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 8, 2016, 12:51 PM
hey guys!! as some of you know, my family and i
are going through a rough time. none of us are
employed, and we have rent and other bills
that need paying, on top of needing money
to keep us and our toddler fed! after some 
suggestions from a few friends, i've decided
to take the plunge and make a patreon account!

this is where you come in! i need help coming up with
reward ideas and figuring out what kind of content
you, my watchers, would be interested in seeing!

i'm looking for suggestions and ideas! what have you
seen artists offer for rewards? what kind of content do
they post? how often should i post new content? should
i charge patrons per month or per creation? would you
be interested in seeing geckie adopts and WIPs before 
i post them publicly? would you be interested in 
patron-exclusive request streams and ych freebies?
would you guys be interested in tattoo designs?

please suggest away! <3 my husband and i are looking
forward to this new step in our life, and we're hoping
to be able to go traveling and connect with you all IN
PERSON and create memories and physical art together,
help make our dream a reality! i'll be posting a blog here
in the near future documenting our progress and our travels,
and there will be a long text post explaining what we are 
working toward accomplishing, and we can't do it without
your help!!

current rewards i plan on offering:
discount adopts
adopt presales
discounted commissions
tutorials and WIPs
NSFW art
request streams
allow patrons to suggest content
physical art goodies
video blog access with q&a

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Submitted on
July 8, 2016