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REQUEST - Mikkabi
Late night bliss
To: Mikkabi
Note: Hey there!, so sorry for taking so very long on giving you your request! So much happened =/ I promise to be better in the future!!!

Late Night Bliss
You had pulled, trudged and crawled through a long tiring day; but found peace in your boba tea and precious husband calling you ever two hours.
            “Babe, when are you getting home? I know I don’t cook and such; but I ordered out and well I’m waiting for you here~”
            “You didn’t~”
            “I even have a bath prepared for you and a nice foot massage?”
You smiled to yourself, lowering your head so nobody else saw how red you had just gotten. Biting the air a bit from the sudden closing of the door; into the nights cold blanket.
           “I am on my
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Late Night
It was a late night, you had been sitting at home and slowly peeking to explosion. Your parents were arguing and you needed someone to save you, but you didn’t know who? You took the chance of getting out of the house in stealth mode away from your loud parents. Outside, the stars and moon gave a different atmosphere; freedom. Even though looking at the stars by yourself made you feel lonely you still managed to enjoy them.
You began your walk at 11 at night to the nearby park just a mile up the hill from where you lived. When you began to think on your life and how you were feeling lonely. The emotion of sadness over took you and before you could adjust to it; your eyes were burning from salty tears. But you kept walking and looking at the stars until you came upon the park and to your surprise someone was there. Walking closer you noticed it was Jongin and at that whispered “hey” to him. He jumped as expected but something about his eyes choked your emotions.
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Commission: Serenity Blossom by NanakoBlaze Commission: Serenity Blossom :iconnanakoblaze:NanakoBlaze 165 63
A Moment with Minho [slightly M]
You and Minho had been friends for a long time, always laughing at inside jokes and taking goofy pictures. Neither of you really understood your feelings for each other until these few events happened.
This was a smooth day at first, everything was going so well and you couldn’t think of anything to make it go any better. You had finished your work for the day, received compliments on your photography, became leader of your photography crew, and you were about to see your best friend. The day was a bright light unto your path, that was until this happened.
“_____! I heard the news!” Minho cheerfully yelled and hugged you tightly.
“Oh, really? my mom and her mouth” you giggled and hummed into his shoulder, engulfed in his tight hug.
“We shall celebrate aye?” he looked at you, releasing you from the hug.
“Yeah, that is exactly what I was coming to tell you about” you blushed a little bit, his eyes endearing.
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I trust you [Jongin Fluff]
“May I kiss you” were the words that left Kai’s lips
“hmm, yes” you replied
Kai’s face gradually moved closer to yours and you closed your eyes. Your heart fluttered at the taste of his sweet lips on yours. The gentle touches he placed on your arm and neck was so passionate, yet it hurt you.
“I..I can’t” A tear fell
“Is it me?” Kai said wiping the tear away with his thumb
“It’s a personal experience, I was treated badly and when you touch me I..I” more tears came
“Look baby” Kai said lifting your face with his index finger knuckle on your chin. “I love you and that is all that matters. Let me love you baby. I promise with all of my heart to never make you cry or hurt. Not by my hand. Just let me love you baby...”
You felt your body go weak, your heart burst of warmth and the world seemed to be different with him. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you and that his love was genuine a
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Winter Romance and a MoonDance - Pt. 3

 Making History
We walked holding hands with awkward silence as Jongin remained uneasy; more like instead of him being the funny puppy he was he was, well quiet and distant. I could tell something was bothering him and well I wanted to know what it was; so once we sat down and the sweet man named Jongin brought our food to our table. The question was asked.
“What is the matter? Like rally what is wrong? Did I do something?”
Jongin looked at me in the middle of opening his sprite and eating a fry, “It’s nothing and no you didn’t do anything”
That was all it took, for his signature smile to show on his face, and a small blush to his cheeks. He was really charming when he smiled, something I seemed to just get used to now.
“Well promise me you will do whatever to this nothing, so it doesn’t eat you alive,
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Winter Romance and A Moon Dance pt. 2

Tour or Classes?
I had woken from my nice sleep, with my hair a jungle and my eyes squinting as they tried to adjust to the lighting.
What a nice rest I had…
Climbing out of my bed, grabbing my pillow; still not ready to open my rested eyes fully. Walking into the bathroom now, brushing my teeth and washing up I heard a knock on the door.
“Coming!” I yelled, to inform whoever it was.
Running to the door quickly, pulling it open with no clue who was on the other side.
“Hey, Myeong”
“Oh.. Hey Jongin”
I didn’t know I was holding my breath until
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Clarissa by sugarbxtch Clarissa :iconsugarbxtch:sugarbxtch 5 0
Moment with Key
“Hey....get up lazy bones” moaned as you twisted in your comforter, and pulling a pillow into your chest.
“Get up! Yah!”
Key poked you until he grew annoyed and pulled the comforter off of you. Smirking as he lingered his eyes over your body.
“A Coca cola tshirt and boxers”
You grunted and curled into a ball, cupping your legs; then giving up when he picked you up and carried you to the restroom.
“Yah!” you hit his shoulder lightly, but giggled.”I thought you were a weakling, babo!”
“Hey, i’m carrying you, aren’t  I you fatty!”
“I am not fat!”
“Oh shut up, you deserved it...fatty!”
You pouted as he put you down, and then brushed your teeth; avoiding his eye contact and continuing to wash up.
A few minutes later
“I have to get dressed”
“Get out!” you yelled pushing him out the roo
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Little Cheonsa - Jongin
Little Cheonsa
    It's Christmas Day and you can't believe what you woke up to, the surprise was very unexpected and all you could do was kiss every inch of his face. You had woken up to breakfast prepared and hot, he prepared your favorite tea and on top of that provided you with a gift. You didn't know how to repay him and even though you bought him a gift and knew he would adore it; what he prepared for you was way to much to handle. Crawling out of your bed, you walked over to the puppy eyed Jongin, wrapping your arms around him and lingering with your kiss to his lips.
"You went through all this trouble for me?"
"Anything for you isn't a trouble, but more of a blissful memory."
"How did I become blessed with you?"
"Well, my heart thudded quite hard when I met you, and I did my best.... No, I just honestly, and deeply love you."
"Hmm, my puppy Jongin"
"My gorgeous girl" he smiled leaning in to kiss you.
"Will you eat this massive breakfast with me?" you giggled ou
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Spiderman and the Powerpuff Girls
Dylan C.
    A dangerous prisoner was being transported to a high security prison for insane criminals. Spiderman saw the truck and wanted to make sure the prisoner didn’t escape. He swung toward the truck and collided with the Powerpuff Girls, mid-air, accidentally. They were all falling but the Girls were able to stop and Spiderman used his web to hold on to something.
            Buttercup said, “Watch where you’re swinging.”
            Spiderman said, “Sorry, I was watching over a criminal to make sure he didn’t escape.” Then he asked, “How are you floating and why don’t you have any fingers?”
            Blossom said, “We are the Powerpuff Girls. This is Bubbles and Buttercup and I’m Blossom.”
            Spiderman introduced himself too.
            Blossom asked, “Are you a superhero?”
            He replied, “Yes. Yes I am.” Buttercup thought his costume was very tacky but Bubbles thought it was very cool.  . But then Spiderman said, “Don’t you like the red and blue on my suit?”
            Suddenly there was an explosion. It was the Rowdyruff Boys. The Girls quickly tried to fight them. Spiderman wanted to help too but the Girls didn’t have time for him. The Girls and the Boys were fighting. Spiderman decided to help anyway and said, “Yoohoo, boys?!” And Butch said, “Wow. What a stupid costume this bug has!” Brick and Boomer laughed at the costume. “Says the kids with really long hair…” Spiderman said.  “And how are you gonna get a girlfriend with that attitude?”
            The Boys attacked Spiderman. He kept dodging their attacks. Brick said, “Hold still you bug so we can squash you.” Spiderman kept saying, “Tisk, Tisk. Haven’t you guys learned that with great power comes great responsibility?” The Boys said, “No!” Spiderman asked, “Why wouldn’t you just help people?” “Because being bad is fun,” said Brick.
            Spiderman attacked the Boys. They fell on the ground. Brick said, “That’s it! We’re going to roast this cockroach!” Brick used his laser eyes. Spiderman dodged the laser but it hit the truck holding the prisoner. The prisoner came out the the truck. “Ha, sunshine! At last! It’s a really good day,” he said in a creepy growl. Spiderman recognized that voice. It was Carnage. With his red body and sharp claws he came toward Spiderman.
            Carnage said, “It’s been awhile, Spiderman.”
            “I haven’t really missed you,” Spiderman replied.
            The Powerpuff Girls rushed to help Spiderman. Carnage said, “Sugar, spice, and everything nice… I think I’ll eat a lot of sugar!!!” Blossom thought, “He’s so creepy.”
    Spiderman told the Girls Carnage’s weakness- sonic vibration. Bubbles used her scream as sonic vibration. This weakened Carnage. Carnage was retreating. The Powerpuff Girls were impressed by what Spiderman was capable of. Buttercup said, “For such a tacky costume, you’re a pretty strong guy.”
            Spiderman said, “Thanks.” Spiderman noticed the Rowdyruff Boys were gone. Blossom said, “They’ll be back.” Carnage looked at them and he smelled Chemical X. The Rowdyruff Boys mistook Carnage for Spiderman. Brick said, “Time to squash this cockroach.” But Carnage was screaming at them. Carnage said, “You know those girls?” Boomer replied, “Those sissies?” Carnage said, “For sissies they are really strong.” Carnage asked them a question. “For little girls they are really powerful. What’s their secret?” Brick said, “They’re made of Chemical X.” Carnage asked them, “Where do I get Chemical X?” “There’s a professor that makes it. He lives by the Powerpuff Girls,” said Brick. Carnage said, “I’ll just have to pay him a visit now, won’t I?”
            Carnage went to the lab. There was Chemical X. A whole bunch of it.  All lined up in lab beakers. Carnage said, “Yes, yes, yes! Chemical X. This will make me stronger.” The professor heard a voice and recognized it from long ago. The professor went to the laboratory. The professor called out Carnage’s real name, “Cassidy?” Carnage recognized the professor’s voice too and showed his human face. He said, “Utonium. It’s been a long time. Nice lab you’ve got here.” The professor asked, “Cassidy, what happened to you?!” Carnage said pointing to his body,  “Oh this? This is just a new and improved me. I’m going to tell everyone about the truth.” Professor asked, “What truth?” “The truth,” Carnage said. “The truth about death. Death is the only thing that matters.” The professor begged him, “Don’t do this.” “I could cut you open right now,” said Carnage. “But I have something to show you first. Oh, one more thing- it’s not Cassidy anymore. It’s Carnage.”
            The Girls and Spiderman knew that Carnage was in the professor’s lab so they headed over. Carnage had just left. The Girls were worried about the professor but he was ok. The Girls were relieved.
    Carnage was drinking Chemical X when the Rowdyruff Boys came and asked, “What are you doing with Chemical X?!” Carnage said, “What does it look like I’m doing? Drinking it so I can grow stronger.” Brick said, “Good luck with that.” Carnage said, “You boys smell like Chemical X.” And Carnage grabbed Butch and Boomer by the throat in each hand. He looked at Brick. And with that, Carnage devoured the three boys whole.
            Meanwhile at the house, the professor explained what had happened. Spiderman asked the professor, “How did you know Carnage?” The Professor explained, “We’ve known each other since we were kids. His real name is Cletus Cassidy. His parents were very abusive to him. His father would beat him unconscious. And one day Cassidy killed them both. I saw the police take him away to a school for troubled boys.” Spiderman said, “I know you knew each other but he’s a threat now.” Then phone started ringing. Blossom picked up the phone and said, “Yes, Mayor?”
            The Mayor said, “There’s a giant monster that’s coming and he’s really scary. Please hurry!” Spiderman and the Girls went to the city. The monster was Carnage. He’d grown bigger- he was as tall as the buildings now. Carnage was laughing. He said, “I will release Maximum Carnage.” Carnage raised his hand into the air and it turned into an axe. He brought his axe hand down on Spiderman and the Girls. They dodged it. Spiderman noticed that something was different. Spiderman heard the voices of the Rowdyruff Boys calling for help. The screams were coming from inside of Carnage. Spiderman made a web and swung himself up and landed on Carnage’s chest. The web was so strong it ripped Carnage open. He made another web to pull out the boys. He rescued Butch first, then Boomer, and as he was about to save Brick, the boy said, “I don’t need your help.” Spiderman said, “What about Bush and Boomer? They need you.” Then Brick gasped. Spiderman tried to pull him out but Carnage’s skin was already growing back around the boy. Then the Powerpuff Girls came to help Spiderman pull Brick out. Together they all pulled him out and Carnage’s skin snapped open.
            Spiderman and the Rowdyruff Boys were thrown off of Carnage’s chest and started falling. Spiderman quickly used his web to grab Brick, Boomer, and Bush to protect them. They all landed on an old factory. Carnage was weakening. The Girls went to check to see if Spiderman was ok. Spiderman said, “Yes, I’m fine.” It began to rain. Carnage had shrunk back to his normal size. He started walking toward Spiderman and the Girls. Carnage said, “Now now, did you really think it was going to be that easy? I will spread the truth so no one can deny it.” The Rowdyruff Boys were out cold. Spiderman told the Girls to get the three boys out of there. Blossom said, “But what about you?” Spiderman said, “I’ll be fine, Blossom.” The Girls left.
            Spiderman and Carnage charged toward each other. The battle was very fierce. Spiderman was doing well. But Carnage grabbed him by the throat. Carnage made his other arm into an axe. “I wanna look you in the eyes when your life slips away.” He was about to kill Spiderman when the Girls came and stopped him with their laser eyes. Spiderman asked, “How’d you get here so quickly?” Bubbles said, “We flew.” Carnage said, “How nice. Everyone’s here. You girls are old enough to learn about DEATH.” Spiderman and the Powerpuff Girls faced-off against Carnage one last time. The battle was really intense. And Carnage hit a gas line with his axe. It exploded and caused a fire. Spiderman knew that Carnage’s weakness was fire. Spiderman told the Girls that Carnage's weaknesses were sonic waves and fire. Spiderman punched Carnage in the face. Buttercup kicked and punched Carnage in the chest. Blossom shot laser beams into his eyes. And Bubbles used her sonic waves to push Carnage into the fire. Carnage was defeated.
            The rain had finally stopped and the flames died down. The policemen came too and wrapped Carnage in a strait jacket. The professor came to the scene. Carnage said, “Just like old times.” He laughed but it sounded more like a cough because he was so weak. The professor said, “Oh Cassidy.” Spiderman asked the Professor, “Are you gonna be ok?” The Professor said, “Yes. It wasn’t his fault completely. He was just dealt a bad hand in life.” Spiderman was thinking about the Rowdyruff Boys. “Where did you put those boys,” he asked the Girls. Blossom said, “Over there.” Spiderman took the three boys to the hospital. Buttercup asked, “Even after everything they put you through you still want to help them?” Spiderman said, “Yes I do.”
            The next morning Brick was awake. He asked, “Where am I?” Blossom said, “The hospital.” Brick said, “Who asked you?” Blossom said, “You’re so weak and you still have that kind of attitude? If it weren’t for Spiderman, you’d be dead. You’re brothers are still sleeping.” Brick asked Blossom, “How is Spiderman so strong?” Blossom said, “He has great power and great responsibility.” Blossom left the hospital. Brick thought about what Blossom said. “With great power comes great responsibility, huh?”
            It was afternoon. Spiderman and the Powerpuff Girls were looking at the sun. Together they would stop crime and any villain that threatened the city.
The End
Annaivri Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday! Gift for You And Merry Christmas Eve! Christmas Tree (Small) 
lovesdrawing721 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017
happy birthday!!! Have your cake and eat it too Party 
And have a merry christmas!  Merry Christmas sign 
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Happy Birthday ^^
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