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Cold morning

Something I often draw a naked A-chan, but on the street autumn and cold! And she's completely naked! It was interesting to see a warmer version of A-chan :)

The market for mechanics where you can not only buy hot buns and tea, but also parts for robots! Treefolk do not go there usually, but one went! Who will find him? :)

Comission Open!! *-*
Comissin praice by SweetPrank 

On Patreon you find NSFW version! PATREON!!

Strip game by SweetPrank Are? by SweetPrank First chapter: acquaintance by SweetPrank Personal time by SweetPrank Peace by SweetPrank  
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hey you draw awesome
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Beautiful background and characters Pink Heart Icon Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3] 
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this furry thing is cool as a drawing! But are you boy or girl???
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OHHH Nekos
nekos are sweet, nekos are life
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this looks amaing i love social pictures like this one :aww:
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Thank you!
I love this world :)
Evodolka's avatar
your welcome
and from what i have seen of the world in your pictures it seems neat, but i'll admit i have mainly seen sexy pictures but my point still stands :D
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I just love your art style. Its fantastic, very very well refined.
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Thank you sooo much! T-T
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Youuu are soooo welcome!! =D
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Is very cute. I like.
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Thank you sooo much!))) 
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You're welcome. Is apleasure.
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Sweet work! She maybe look beautiful when she is naked but she's more cute with that jacket she wears. :D
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Thank you very much! I hope that  A-Chan do not get sick :)

And she will undress in a warm room!))
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How nostalgic. ^_^
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Wow! Why?)) What do You think of this picture reminded? :)
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It's just so cozy. Many people must have memories of walking with a friend on a brisk winter morning. ^_^
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I agree :)
This is a beautiful moment
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Awwww!!! So sweet I love it! I also love that you can also do super awesome backgrounds n' stuff too!
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Thank you very much for the review!!! I am very glad that you liked it)))
Usually go naked only girls, and I want to draw something other than them XD
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And it's a good change. Though I do like naked girls, seeing them clothed and doing normal people things is a great way to make them more believable. 
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