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My version of Ai Kagano.…
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Very nice pencil work on this one, and cool looking character as well.  Cute, sexy and dangerous looking at the same time, triple threat!.:).
 PS: I like how you didn't draw her with massive oversized breasts, that look gets really boring when virtually 99% of the anime drawings out there feature huge tits on these gals. Don't get me wrong, I do like breasts but after a while seeing nothing but over endowed little anime gals tends to get tiresome. A little more realistic physic is refreshing to see.
 This has been posted since 2009 ?, wow!, I just found this today :).
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Hey, thank you for your feedback :)
I am glad that you like it, providing that it is ages old (yeah, since 2009!) and within the vast sea of amazing works deviant art!
I totally agree about the breasts; happy I am not alone in this! :D I like giving anime characters a tiny dose of realism, rather than exaggerating eyes/tits.  :)
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Great job in there.
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Thanks everyone :) Lol it's been ages since I last logged in! Hope everyone is doing well with their talent and life in general!
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Yoruichi  Takashi just told me that your work was stolen and displayed by another name. 
Im sorry that I gave a comment to the wrong person. 
I love the hairdo and especially those eyes. Love sketches <3
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Hey there,
I just wanted to let you know that your drawing was stolen:…
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You know, if this wasn't a hentai series and included some sci-fi, MSA/SMG would probably be my favorite anime.
SweetPlague's avatar
I know exactly what you mean :D
Jason-Jamey's avatar
Heh, I figured. And maybe more romance than horror to the sex found it. Something Bible Black had better.
your-personal-demon's avatar
cool :D
Looks a bit like setsuna from needless 
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Friggin' awesome ! :D 
panda27rox's avatar
the detail is soooooooo cool
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Flowery, devilish and cute, rolled into one.  I'd dare to call this girl sexy - she looks like she could kill.
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i LOVE the hair!!!
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Nice, I like the shading! :cool:
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you are really good ^^
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wow you are awesome!!!
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Oh! Ai is my favourite persion in anime world! Cool job!
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That's cool, I wish more people gave me a lot of comments....
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Evil indeed.
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I love it. I'm going to use this character for one of my manga novels, but of course it won't AT ALL look exactly like this. It will be the younger version of one of my pre-made characters and will only be in a few pages. I won't copy the exact artwork, but I will try to "copy" it on paper using my own hand. :)
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