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little ayano aishi x little budo masuta by eisjon little ayano aishi x little budo masuta :iconeisjon:eisjon 914 66 Go Away by doodleroos Go Away :icondoodleroos:doodleroos 174 1 707 by doodleroos 707 :icondoodleroos:doodleroos 308 20 Mystic Messenger Yoosung by Hisekii Mystic Messenger Yoosung :iconhisekii:Hisekii 2,056 147 Apology for Charizard by pink-hudy Apology for Charizard :iconpink-hudy:pink-hudy 178 14
[BSD] Payment Dazai x Reader
Mildly pervy. It is recommended to know Dazai's story.
Being a part of the Detective Agency had it’s ups and downs. On one hand, you got to hang out with the others, but it came with the cost of hard work. You had one of the harder jobs which required you to fill out paperwork about damage repairs because of a select group of people had a great idea to ruin whatever they touch. A very specific trio of men. You couldn't get mad at Atsushi, he caused little to no damage (because he hasn't controlled his ability yet) but you wanted to kill Dazai and Kunikida. It was their fault for making your life a miserable hell. Granted, you weren't just didn't have that much experience on the field compared to the others. 
Letting out a sigh, the clicking sounds made by the keyboard bored you. To your left, was a curly-haired man lying down on the couch, eyes closed, arms crossed above his head with headphones in his ears and was humming some kind of song.
:icononeechansenpai:OneeChanSenpai 54 6
salvation [shinya hiiragi]
Shinya Hīragi x Fem!Reader

Shinya released a shuddering gasp as he clung onto you desperately. You could only stand there, shocked by his emotional outburst. You stuttered his name.
    'Sh-Shin-chan?' you called in a soft voice, attempting to pull the man away so you could get a good look at him. Shinya immediately latched onto you again when you were able to pry his arms off of yourself, and shook his head, burying his face deeper into your stomach.
    'P-please... [Nickname]...' he cried, sobbing uncontrollably. 'I beg of you, please... D-don't leave me alone... Please...' His pitiful state was comparable to one of a child who had just lost their parent. Something burned in your eyes - quickly, you blinked your tears away. Seeing your best friend dissolve into tears, throwing aside the cheerful mask he wore to protect himself, brought a sharp pang of sadness upon your heart.
    'Shin-chan...' you mumbled, lifting a hand to rest it at
:iconvocaloidlenkarinto:VocaloidLenkaRinto 77 38
After the rain [Shinya Hiiragi x Reader]
-"Soft tiger, warm tiger, little ball of... fur?"
Grey clouds in the sky, covering the sun and its very welcomed light. Destroyed buildings all around, a real apocalyptic sight. It was only the middle of the afternoon and yet, it seemed like the night was already here for hours. No trees, no birds, everything was only desolation and silence, like a bad omen. But as bad as it could be, it didn't prevent a certain girl from singing her happy tune.
-"Soft tiger, warm tiger, rawr, rawr, rawr!
-What are you saying, [Name]? It doesn't even rhyme!"
A few steps behind her, a young man was listening to this strange song, an amused glint in his eyes. Blue like the sky... or maybe the ocean? How long it has been, since [Name] saw the ocean for the last time? But that blue, the color of Shinya Hiiragi's eyes, was her favorite. Even when the heavens were at the verge of crying, and the rain was ready to pour at any instant, those orbs remained blue, forever.
-"Who cares if it doesn't rhyme? It's ab
:iconmarginalism:marginalism 129 67
intoxicating | shinya x reader {one-shot}
"(Name)-chan~" Shinya cooed. You groaned loudly and tried to ignore him.
You were sitting on the couch, holding a reading book in one hand. You have decided to take a small rest from the pile of paperwork Kureto had ordered Aoi to graciously dump on your face, which kind of ruined your day; because that signifies more work. You were a Major General like Shinya and Seishirō, so of course you had to do the boring stuff as well.
"Leave me alone, Shinya," you grumbled, rubbing your temples. Your bothersome boyfriend has been hanging around your office for half an hour, being unproductive, and you were certain that he too has some paperwork waiting to be completed.
"But I missed you," Shinya murmured with fake sadness, draping his arms over your shoulders from behind. He nudged his nose into the crook of your neck and inhaled your scent, making you shudder. He smirked faintly. "I haven't seen you for the entire day."
Your left eyebrow twitched. All you wanted was some peace and quiet s
:iconharuta-san:haruta-san 126 21
Pokemon Go Team Leaders by batensan Pokemon Go Team Leaders :iconbatensan:batensan 916 31 HQ.Kenma.Hinata by choco0950 HQ.Kenma.Hinata :iconchoco0950:choco0950 41 2 Star vs The Forces of Evil by choco0950 Star vs The Forces of Evil :iconchoco0950:choco0950 147 8 Starco: Hearts by Otakuofeverything Starco: Hearts :iconotakuofeverything:Otakuofeverything 1,433 246
One little kiss: Steven Stone X Reader
          Steven is the Champion of the Hoenn Region, son of the head of Devon Corporations, and profound stone collector. That much is said and, to be honest, the male couldn't ask for more.
          After all, he has you.
          You were just a blooming Trainer that wanted to be the strongest. You first met him in Granite Cave when his father asked you to deliver a letter to him. Nothing sparked between the two of you just yet, but through the ride, he knew he just had to confess. Whenever he went back to his house at Mossdeep, which was a rare occurrence, you greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. He liked the affection but he did thought about one thing.
          You two never really shared a real kiss. Like lips-to-lips. It's just you were particularly shy about things like these. Steven begun doubt if you ever wanted to be with him. He decided to a
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 252 27
No More Kittens (Kozume Kenma x Reader) [One-Shot]
"Jeez~ Did you buy the whole store when you went in?"
"No, just the snack section." You stared blankly until you busted out into a fit of laughter as you walked hand in hand with your blond boyfriend. Though he didn't look all too funny, Kenma always managed to make you laugh daily, whether it was from a joke or just from him acting cute. Nothing pleased him more than seeing a smile grace your soft lips.
"Oh, Kenma. You're so funny~" You cling onto his free arm, making him blush and look away. You hummed happily and marched along your path until you heard a crashing noise. "What was that?"
"I think it came from over there," he said, pointing to a tree with a fallen branch at its roots.
Curious as to why the branch had fallen, you approached the tree cautiously and found a small creature lodged in its wooden arms. "Kenma, there's a kitten stuck in this tree!" The tiny feline's desperate cries resonated in your tiny heart. "How are we gonna rescue it?"
"Well, I could climb
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 274 25
The Hill Status (Oikawa x Childhoodfriend!Reader)
Here is the truth about Oikawa Tooru.
(Y/n) and Oikawa had been friends ever since their mothers introduced them to each other when (Y/n)'s family first moved to the little hilled neighborhood at seven years old and arranged a playdate between the two of them. Although they were both hesitant with each other at first, they soon opened up enough to start playing a few games together, and from that point on, they practically grew up together, seeing as their houses were literally right next to each others.
Oikawa was always a very shy kid. He was pretty quiet and reserved and he only had one other friend, a boy of the same age named Iwaizumi. Nevertheless, (Y/n) liked him well enough since he would invite her over and share his toys with her and they would play until it was dinner time and (Y/n) was practically forced to go back home (not that that stopped them from sneaking into each other's houses after bed time anyways). 
Oikawa was a slightly nerdy kid and he was a little insecu
:iconwinter-summer:winter-summer 173 30



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United States
I am a girl if you want to know.I have many fandoms i am into. I can speak English and Tagalog. I am learning Spanish and Japanese.Feel free talk to me I wont bite ;).
I love my watchers and I love who i am watching >.<

Astrology Series - Aquarius by feiyan

my cousin :P:iconmysunshine29:
my baby<3:iconkrystial:
BFF >U<:

Neko Sisters dance loop ver by tao63

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