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Little Sweetpea

Another of the new addition to our family.
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oooo..look at the eyes..=)
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That is a gorgeous kitty! Is it actually chocolate brown?
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Thank you! She is gorgeous girl, but I may be biased ( ; No, she is solid black, but the inside of her ears were very brownish as a kitten, as you can see ( : She was kind of scraggily and underweight when we got her, and when her coat started filling in, you could see less of her skin and she got darker
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I actually got a friend who's got a really dark cat like yours and I had to ask if it was actually choc brown, lol. Just the way light reflects, I suppose ^^
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I've only ever seen one chocolate brown cat in real life, and amazingly, she was a stray...beautiful little kitten! Her mother was white with only a grey spot on her head, and all her siblings were the same as mother...but she turned out that beautiful chocolate brown! I wonder why it's so rare...
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Really? Wow... I've read somewhere that there is a Chocolate British Shorthair :o They are really hard to find (I got a white British Short ^^)
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