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dA ID 2018 of sorts by SweetPanda13 dA ID 2018 of sorts :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 4 0 Commissions Sheet 2018 by SweetPanda13 Commissions Sheet 2018 :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 4 0 Edd Day 2018 by SweetPanda13 Edd Day 2018 :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 10 0 Meet The Artist 2018 by SweetPanda13 Meet The Artist 2018 :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 3 0 Happy 18th Birthday, Anthony! by SweetPanda13 Happy 18th Birthday, Anthony! :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 2 0 Christmas dA ID 2017 by SweetPanda13 Christmas dA ID 2017 :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 2 0 Eddtober Day Thirty-One: Happy Halloween! by SweetPanda13 Eddtober Day Thirty-One: Happy Halloween! :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 3 0 Eddtober Day Thirty: Something Monsterous by SweetPanda13 Eddtober Day Thirty: Something Monsterous :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 8 0 Eddtober Day Twenty-Eight: Happy Birthday, Edd. by SweetPanda13 Eddtober Day Twenty-Eight: Happy Birthday, Edd. :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 7 0 Eddtober Day Twenty-Seven: Edd Gould by SweetPanda13 Eddtober Day Twenty-Seven: Edd Gould :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 6 0 Eddtober Day Twenty-Six: Song-Based. by SweetPanda13 Eddtober Day Twenty-Six: Song-Based. :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 3 3 Eddtober Day Twenty-Five: Tom's Eyes by SweetPanda13 Eddtober Day Twenty-Five: Tom's Eyes :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 8 0 Eddtober Day Twenty-Four: Movie-Related by SweetPanda13 Eddtober Day Twenty-Four: Movie-Related :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 5 0 Eddtober Day Twenty-Three: Zanta Claws. by SweetPanda13 Eddtober Day Twenty-Three: Zanta Claws. :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 2 0
Eddtober Day Twenty Two: If The End Never Happened
First, I just want to have a short ramble about why I'm not as big of a fan of The End/why I can't enjoy The End like I used to.
I understand why The End happened the way it did and why Tom originally wrote it in that way to finish the legacy season. I don't want to dive too deep into it right now, but cutting a long story short it's got a lot of allegories in it. 
For me, The End was good in the short run of a few months after airing the ep, but in the long run, I've noticed the Eddsworld fanbase (particularly on tumblr) have a lot more dangerous and toxic people come up, mostly to what I'm guessing is to angsty art, AUs and fanfics. I'm not saying that this is the case, but I do think it's certainly peculiar that the more angsty Tom/Tord/occasional Matt stuff came up a lot at around the same time the more, ah, shall we say, questionable, people became in the fan base. Personally I've witnessed people in a fanmade group chat being jerks to the admin and acting
:iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 1 0
Eddtober Day Twenty-One: Future. by SweetPanda13 Eddtober Day Twenty-One: Future. :iconsweetpanda13:SweetPanda13 1 0
I don't really post art here that often, but I hope you enjoy it anyway~ (Except for the stuff from 2013 and 2014. Oh god it's so embarrassing)

Panda | 18 | Female
I'm beauty, I'm grace, I'll punch an arsebag in the face. Currently living in Australia, though I do want that to change. Currently going through Bible College!

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Status: Pandamonium Pundemonium.
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Hello! Im SweetPanda13, but you can call me Panda (Why are there glitches and stuff in it, aaargh.)

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marclovallo, seriously?

-You have to post all the rules
-Answer 12 questions you have been asked (its the same questions as here)
-Choose 12 people and tag them
(lol nah)

1: What music do you like?
... I literally have little to no idea. I don't define music by genres, I define whether they make me feel things or want to dance.

2: What shows are your favourites?
I rarely watch much TV, so it's mainly Eddsworld for me. I've also enjoyed Gravity Falls in the past too.

3: Do you look at memes?
You know I do. You know I had to do it to 'em.

4: What's your favourite food chain?
Fast food? I love me some good Maccas (McDonalds), but since I'm cutting back on that it's been a fair bit. Otherwise, we really don't have much for food chains in Australia...

5. Favourite Song?
Again, no idea. I honestly don't have many favourite songs since I just love what I listen to in its own way anyway.

6: What do you like to draw?
Fanart, original characters and shameless self-inserts/sonas.

7: What is your aesthetic?
It varies. I'm a sucker for space aesthetics, cabin-in-the-woods aesthetics and a few sea ones too. I also enjoy the aesthetic of a gentle rainy evening and pastel neon colours, mostly in the purples and blues. 

8: Favourite YouTuber?
Dunno, honestly. Though I guess I'm kinda friends with one (Marc.). Have been enjoying me some good old JackSepticEye recently though.

9: You like rain?
Y e s. I like the idea of standing out in a heavy rainstorm and getting utterly drenched, and the view and sounds of thunderstorms thrill me when I'm at home, inside.

10: Catchphrase?
Don't think I have any.

11: Favourite game?
No idea. I like a lot of them so I can't pick just one.

12: Favourite instrument?
Again, can't pick. But I love the little music box chimes when used right in modern orchestrations like Rush Garcia's.

Nobody because I can't be bothered. You do it for yourself if you want.…

Why doesn't my new dA ID take up all the space come on dude


Artist | Student | Varied


1. A lot of people sometimes mistake my eyes for brown. They're not. They're actually green. But if you did brown, it's ok.

2. I graduated High School in 2017, and thank god it's all over.

3. Hey, see that Eddsworld Fanfic, The Mystery of Eagle's Cross, in my gallery? Yeah, I'm rewriting that thing. But I am gonna need feedback from the old one.

4. I am gluten and wheat-intolerant. I can have stuff that's got traces of it, but unless I have particular enzymes to go with regular meals (which are ridiculously expensive), my body doesn't react well with that stuff. I envy you regular-eating people.

5. I have only been to America twice, and I was in Manhattan New York for three days in 2007, and to LA and Orlando in 2013.

6. Cartoons were a large part of my life when growing up - Disney, Warner Brothers, Max Fleischer (Popeye is his best known one), Tom and Jerry and a few Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows too. Oh, and Veggietales. Can NEVER forget Veggietales.

7. I was heavier and taller when I was born compared to when my brother was born (1998).

8. I studied German and French when I was in high school.

9. I currently work with traditional art supplies in my art journals and digitally with a GAOMON PD1560 screen tablet I got for Christmas 2017. I still have the intuos medium tablet I got as a gift from my grandfather. As for my intuos small tablet from my 16th birthday I gave it away to my younger half-siblings. You were kind to me, old friend, but your legacy lives on.

10. As of 29th September 2017 in Australian Eastern Standard Time, I am the founder of the Eddtober prompts. The first list is here:… . You're all welcome.

11. I've been working with computers since I was four. Honestly. At Kindy, whenever there was a bug in it and the other kids gave up while trying to play games on it, I'd just jump in there, start playing and somehow fix it. That always annoyed the other kids. XD

12. I'm an abstinent straight person. However, I don't really give much of a care for sexual attraction as of now - except when I'll get married. Someday. My patience is infinite.

13. Edd is my favourite character of Eddsworld. Ever. Not for any other reason except he's just freaking great.

List of former Quotes on my Avatar:

Struck by a Smooth Criminal! ^_^

I'll be Moonwalking if I'm needed

Time Travelling Moonwalker

It's 2014. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! (I realized I predicted 2014 in a nutshell. Well done, past Panda.)

Unavailable till 20th January

13 is never going to be 14

Let the age regeneration begin!

The Kidneys! They're not new!

TARDIS Flying 'cross the fandoms

Sparkly Gloves and Four's scarf.

Moonwalking out of reality.


Remember the Time? :3

Because Cola & Sparkling Gloves.

OH DEAR GOD-it's finally changed

OH LOOK! 2016!



Panda, but screaming.

Eddsworld's my life. Oops.

Dear god why the old art...

Suffering in Yr 12 so you don't.

Welcome to HellTerm: Term 3.



The last Term... almost there!

Founder of Eddtober

I graduated 4 weeks ago.

I want to do stuff. Next year.

I should be doing stuff.

Ey, I'm 18

Life's great, yeah?

When was normal ever normal?


If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with. - Michael Jackson

I am also on:

Discord! Ask me for my user tag if you wanna chat!



And of course, my tumblr, which is down below.


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