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Hello again! What's new? :3

Hello again! What's new? :3

~Sweetochii (https://www.deviantart.com/sweetochii) ♥ :iconramblerryto: It's been a long time since I made a new DA journal. What's new in my life? Well, too much to be honest, since the last time I updated my journal here. -I left my first job in October 2018 and was working for that company for 6 years -I work at a better job where I get paid more to work there than I did for all my management jobs -I'm a part time free lance artist -I'm trying to stream more using Twitch.Tv -I have a Nintendo Switch. Been playing a lot of Legend of Zelda BOTW lately! -My bf and I have been together for 4 years ♥ -One of my good friends left to move to OK so my bf and I s



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Saturday I'm THINKING about live streaming around 11Am Eastern Time. I'll update again if I am! :D
Whoah I made a status! If you want to see my sketches or WIP pictures, you can follow me on Twitter (@ Sweetochii)or Instagram! (@ Ochiikou) :D Have a good day!

What time of the day do you usually watch people livest...

  |  11 votes
  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • After Midnight

What would like to see me draw more? :D

  |  26 votes
  • Claire New OC- Claire by Sweetochii
  • Nubana Icon- Nubana by Sweetochii
  • UNDERTALE [F] Undertale- Sans by Sweetochii
  • Pokemon Pokemon- Whimsicott by Sweetochii
  • My Little Pony AT- Dreami Sweet by Sweetochii
  • Ochii (My furrysona) Ochii 2015 Ref by Sweetochii

Streaming art right now! :D http://www.livestream.com/o...

  |  3 votes
  • Going!
  • Sorry! Didn't make it. :'p

Furry/ Anthro raffle ending TONIGHT @11:59pm Eastern Ti...

  |  3 votes


  |  1 votes

What are would you like to see more from me? C:

  |  12 votes
  • MLP characters (My OCs Star Ocean and Vanille Blush)
  • My new OCs (Phibee and Rayne)
  • League of Legends???
  • PokemANS???
  • etc comment

League of Legends stream :D

  |  0 votes
  • www.twitch.tv/sweetochii

What is your PREFERRED way of communication when it com...

  |  12 votes
  • DeviantArt notes as the usual!
  • E-mailing the artist!
  • Other?

Livestreaming right now for arts :3 www.livestream.com/...

  |  2 votes
  • YESS
  • didn't make it :C

Twitchin' it up with League of Legends again! www.twitc...

  |  1 votes
  • I'll watch! :D
  • Sorry didn't make it ;_;

Pony Auction!!! Ends Dec 11// 10PM Eastern Time! :3

  |  2 votes
  • :thumb499013081:

League of Legends! :D

  |  1 votes
  • www.twitch.tv/sweetochii