I've come back from the dead~

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Hello everyone! :'D So I have come back from the dead! I've been sharing my art on Twitter and FurAffinity a lot and haven't touched DA in months. First of all if you have stuck around THIS LONG as a Watcher, thank you SO MUCH for supporting my work. It's immensely appreciated. ♥ As always. :3 So what's been up with my life? Well I moved out of my parents and I'm on my own! I'm still dating the same man I've been with since Feb 2015 ♥ Hooray for us being together for 5 years!!! :D ANNNDDD I've been drawing my own characters! :D I'm gonna make a folder dedicated to the main OCs I've been working on. Have stories and everything! I REALLY wanna make comics of them VERY SOON. But it's been hard working Full Time. But eventually it will happen. :) Anyways, thank you all for sticking around for so long!!! Hope to make a journal again soon, whenever that happens. :D Have a great day!!! [My Socials]


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