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Spock, Kirk, and McCoy tribute by sweetnursechapel Spock, Kirk, and McCoy tribute :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 7 0 Leonard McCoy Aesthetic #2 by sweetnursechapel Leonard McCoy Aesthetic #2 :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 3 0 Leonard McCoy Aesthetic #1 by sweetnursechapel Leonard McCoy Aesthetic #1 :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 3 0 Solo sides- A look at Han Solo's inner self by sweetnursechapel Solo sides- A look at Han Solo's inner self :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 0 0 Spider-pony by sweetnursechapel Spider-pony :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 9 2 Strange Selfie (Stephen X OC) by sweetnursechapel Strange Selfie (Stephen X OC) :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 3 0
It's in my Nature (Logan Howlett X Rhonda Stark)
July 1st, 1976
Upstate New York

Today was just a normal day for every other child. For Rhondella it was two things. 1) it was her seventh birthday, 2) Her Uncle Howard had promised her a very special type of birthday present. She had been very excited as the morning light peaked into her window. She had been awoken by the familiar, but not completely unwelcomed weight that was her younger cousin Anthony. The smell of blueberry waffles wafted through the air and she could hear Edwin humming one of his favorite classical tunes while he worked. “C’mon, C’mon Rhonda! Today’s the day! Dad’s taking us to his work” Tony cheered using his smaller hands to grip the covers and pull them away from her.
Rhonda chuckled and playfully rolled her eyes. “I bet you forgot what else today brings cuz” Rhonda laughed and ruffled Anthony’s dark brown hair. The little boy that sat on top of her grew a ghostly white as he had reali
:iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 7 2
The Secret Admirer
The Secret admirer
(Spock X Reader)
It’s almost time for Prom. You and your friends are really excited about it even if you don’t have dates. That of course doesn’t stop you from having a crush on a certain handsome, Vulcan-Hybrid in your English and Biology classes. You think that it’s time to give up hope until a week before Prom you start getting little gifts. All of the gifts are marked with one thing. Your secret Admirer.
You stood around with your friends in the busy hallway. Of course the conversation was what it always was…Boys, gossip, hottest styles, or the newest movies that had been released. You inwardly shook your head at some of the things that they talked about, but today it was about Prom. Prom was a magical time of year where a girl was supposed to feel enchanted and have the best night of her life. You weren’t sure if that would be the case for you though.
See you were in love with someone, but you weren’t sure
:iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 5 1
Deforest Kelley AKA: Lucky Peach by sweetnursechapel Deforest Kelley AKA: Lucky Peach :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 2 2
Fear not (Leonard 'Bones' McCoy X Reader)
Enochlophobia. Definition: Fear of crowds of people or large mobs.
Mix that with a slight case of claustrophobia and you got a bad concoction for a panic attack. Most people with the fear of large crowds would not be working on a starship. You could handle that because you were not surrounded by tons of strangers 24/7 in a small room. Most people of your kind would probably run in fear at the sight of too many people so it didn’t really surprise Leonard when you had fainted after getting lost from him and your friends in that kind of mess. The country doctor stared at your heart monitor trying to keep your heart at a steady pace. To his satisfaction, it had settled out to a calm beating. He could feel it beneath his own palm as the beat of your heart mingled with his. You were still asleep from your episode and now he just waited for you to wake up again. He was mad at himself for letting his own girlfriend be swept up from their group, especially with the knowledge of your fear.
:iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 8 1
Tiny Box Tim Tea Pot by sweetnursechapel Tiny Box Tim Tea Pot :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 2 0
Mature content
Be her Hero (Sherlock X Abused! Reader) :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 27 1
Mature content
Worth fighting for (Sherlock X Reader) :iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 7 1
An Interesting night (Sherlock x Watson!Reader)
An interesting night
Imagine that your brother John Watson is getting married and has invited you and (Y/BF/N), your best friend, to the ceremony and the after party. You accidentally meet John's friends including his very handsome best friend Sherlock Holmes while you wander around waiting for the wedding to start. During the after party you sit in the corner because you're a wall flower unlike your best friend (Y/BF/N) who already has a dance partner. That is until you're asked to dance by none other than Sherlock.
Oh don’t you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said you’re holding back
He said shut up and dance with me
This man is my destiny
He said oh, oh, oh
Shut up and dance with me
You loved your big brother. You really did. What you hated about your current predicament was
:iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 13 1
T'was the Night
T’was the night
Wholock’s night before Christmas
T’was the night before Christmas
When all through Baker street
Only one curly haired creature
was on the hunt for something sweet
The pale skull sat by the chimney with care
in sure hopes to give intruders a good scare
It was late at night on Christmas Eve, the snow filled skies were a sight to see for anyone that couldn’t let themselves fall into the simple embrace of sleep. (Y/N) of course wanted to make something special for her friends to eat on Christmas morning along with their usual hot tea. She didn’t realize that Sherlock, her secret crush, had still been awake as she began to mix the ingredients that she needed to make a lovely gingerbread cake with cream frosting. The Consulting Detective had been quieter tonight than most nights. This didn’t really bother anyone except for her and John because their friend was anything, but quiet. John had guessed earlier that it might have had something to
:iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 2 1


APH: Germany x Reader - Work Bitch~

Warning : some curse words and sexiness alert~ :3

You wanna...
You wanna...

Sitting by your window, you sighed dreamily as watched the Axis trio exercise not so far from your dorm window, in the training grounds. You wished, you could be as determined and strong willed like them - at least like Germany - and bring your butt to start training yourself for the next summer season.
Training was healthy and good, helping you stay fit and beautiful, but it was seriously not your thing... You had tried many times, to get up and do a few exercises in the mornings, but two or four days would pass and you will get lazy again, like always. You tried running laps, too, but after a few days, didn't succeed even to bring yourself and try again. Well, this were you - starting, but never finishing normally.
Watching those three, especially Germany, only made you feel more miserable about this whole thing. It only felt wor
:icondija9:Dija9 721 305
Mature content
Never Lonely .:Russia x Reader Lemon:. :iconnikkicake93:Nikkicake93 17 4
Puppy Love: Germany x Reader
You were just trying to give your new neighbor his mail. It was turning out to be more of an ordeal than you had thought. After you had waited a good five minutes or so, you went around to the back door, considering you hadn’t heard him leave. You supposed the mailman had gotten the address wrong with the new name and all, and given it to you instead.
So now, mail in hand, you made your way to the backyard. What you weren’t expecting was to be tackled by dogs. First a doberman knocked you over and growled at you menacingly, then was backed up by a german shepherd and golden retriever. What they weren’t expecting was for you to withhold squeals at their cuteness. You stayed in your pose of submission, and eventually the doberman got off of you. Quickly, but with slow cautious movements, you reached into your bag and brought out a bag of sample dog treats you had gotten for your trip to the animal shelter today.
Soon you were giggling as you had made three new friends.
:icon666kurai:666kurai 514 187
Father!Germany x Kid!Reader - Bedtime
You stared at the television, trying as hard as you could to keep your eyes open. You wanted to stay up and watch all the cool, adult shows that came on at night with your “Uncle” Gilbert. However, every night you fell asleep on the couch and your father, Ludwig, would carry you upstairs. You never thought it was very fair, but it wasn’t like you could stop him if you were asleep. You thought they maybe if you could stay awake, he wouldn’t make you go to bed.
“[Name], perhaps you’re getting a bit tired?” Ludwig asked you, a slight grin appearing on his face.
You simply shook your head ‘no’.
“Not at all?” Ludwig continued. “Not even just a teeny bit?”
You shook your head again. “Not even a teeny weeny bit.”
Ludwig sighed. “Well, you should maybe think about being tired, because it’s time for bed.”
“What?!” You cried out. “But, I want to stay up with Uncle Gilbert
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 348 92
Mochi!Russia x Male!Reader
Meh, haven’t done a Hetalia story in awhile. -3-
[M/n] - male name
[F/c] - fave color, [E/c] - eye color
     [M/n] wasn’t the most social in the world.  He preferred sitting in the background and letting others argue it out.  Probably why people mistook him for a half Canadian, half Japanese man (if you actually are, then good for you).  Although that’s not the case (or it it, w/e), [M/n] still befriended Matthew Williams and Kiku Honda, and both their 2p’s and genderbends.  The longer they got to know him, the more Kiku realized [M/n]’s awkward nature, and also spotted a hint of loneliness.  Which lead him to making a gift with England’s help.
~[M/n]’s House~
     [M/n] had just gotten back from shopping when his doorbell ran.  Sighing, he opened the door.  Half relieved and half disappointed to find no one there.  Instead, a [f/c] box sat on his doormat with a folded note
:iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 539 71
Russia x Reader - Special Sunflowers
The bright yellow color of the sunflowers always brought so much delight to you, you didn't regret starting such a store in a rather cold area like this, it was quite successfull after all. You really didn't have trouble to get your stockings to the store either, you knew a very nice company that sold them and brought them over to you for cheap prices.
You didn't only sell sunflowers, but those were definitely the most popular in town. The bright yellow color usuall stood out from the various of others you had around, and you actually liked that. You just happened to be busying yourself with cleaning the store when a well known customer of yours came in, it had been like a lucky strike since he came in the first day you had opened the place.
"Good day to you, Ivan~" You happily greeted the Russian as his purple eyes curiously scanned the contents of your store, he always brought his warm smile along with him which brightened you up a lot as well.
"Da, it's nice to see you again, ______
:iconlemmingx3:Lemmingx3 865 283
Russia's Corset (Russia x chubby reader)
“ You're too innocent.” Stated Ivan, “ You're so innocent that you have no idea what that corset does to me.” “Wh-wh-what?” “ You heard me.”  That only reinforced the embarrassment that you were experiencing at the moment. Your boyfriend of almost two years was known for his bluntness.  You fooled around for the first time ever last year which was a very good experince by the way. “ It’s because it has sunflowers on it?” The corset in question was white with little sunflowers on the pattern.  “ Yep.” He answered with a smile.  “ I came here to give you a reward for working so hard, and it’s not sex or anything sexual.”  He frowned  pushing his papers to the side, “ Then what on earth could it be?”
You revealed from behind your back his reward, “ Ptchie Moloko!” He yelled like a child but with the sparkle of  a bishie.  
Ptchie Moloko is a cake best
:iconlemonycoffin:Lemonycoffin 388 87
Mature content
Typical Days (2p!Germany X Reader) Lemon :iconlifelikefiona:LifeLikeFiona 68 11
Mature content
Typical Mornings (2p!Germany X Reader) Lemon :iconlifelikefiona:LifeLikeFiona 91 16
Love's Battle (Luke Skywalker x Reader x Han Solo)
 A sequel to Hoth Crushes. Just a note if some events are wrong, I'm sorry for that. It's been a while for me seeing Return of the Jedi but I'm still going to try to do to the best of my abilities on focusing on the events. So some warning if it's altered a bit. Enjoy!
 Star Wars (c) LucasFilm
 You (c) Han/Luke

 Here's some music that kind of goes with it: Battlefield by Jordin Sparks (or you can choose your own music to go with it). I got this idea after viewing a similar plot of which it was a Disney crossover of Tulio x Belle x Sinbad video from a long time ago.

 "For pete's sakes, (y/n), if you holler at me one more time yelping about your feet, I might as well drag you across the place," Han said, shaking his head at you grumbling about them.
 "Well maybe if you've picked up on the communicator once, we can find them!" you snapped, rubbing your ankles.
 You were with Han, traveling ac
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 90 12
Hoth Crushes (Luke Skywalker x Reader x Han Solo)
 I honestly just thought up of this idea after seeing some Luke Skywalker x Reader inserts popping out. There's also rarely any Han Solo ones as well and I sure am probably the only one doing this (unless you want to give it a shot or anything....)
 Takes place during "The Empire Strikes Back" right at the beginning with Hoth of course...Also, reader is a Rebel trooper...
 Star Wars (c) LucasFilm
 You (c) Luke/Han
 (Y/n)-your name
 (F/n)-friend's name
A loud yelp howled throughout the Hoth Rebel soldiers' quarters. Many of the soldiers gasped as what they saw before them. A few went "Ooooo!!!!" They were bouncing up and down upon the scene.
 One of the soldiers sitting on his bed before you laid a hand on his face, rubbing his cheek. The cheek was complied of a reddish handprint.
 "You didn't have to hit that hard," he growled, grimacing at you.
 You frowned at him. "You asked for it," you snapped. "I to
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 123 23
Valentine's Dance (2p!Germany X Reader)
Valentine's Dance (2p!Germany X Reader)
Warnings: fluff, mentions of sex
You sighed and rubbed your hands against your frilly dress. It was decorated in small flowers and you were wearing matching flats. The dress pushed up your cleavage and covered your stomach. You were erasing the notes on your whiteboard, your class of juniors leaving now. You were a history teacher, teaching World History.
It was a lunch break now, however, and you went into the cafeteria to go eat your box lunch. You sat down with your fellow teachers, smiling happily. You heard a few of the students snicker at you when you sat. You looked next to you.
“Why are they laughing?” You asked.
“It's best not to pay attention to them, toots.” Lutz, the PE teacher, responded. You nodded, opening your lunch box.
Your day ended and you went home to your two cats, grading homework until you fell asleep again.
Your day repeated over, wearing a similar dress, teaching the next lesson. You sat o
:iconlifelikefiona:LifeLikeFiona 27 1
England X Reader - Pocahontas CH.2
Chapter 2 – Just Around the River Bend
You sat in your canoe with America or Alfred who was dipping his feet out into the river. He sighed pulling them back in and looking up at you.
“He wants me to be steady… Like the river. But it’s not steady at all.” You smiled at Alfred, as you dipped your paddle into the river, pushing off. “What I love most about rivers is you can’t step in the same river twice. The water’s always changing, always flowing, but people, I guess, can’t live like that. We all must pay a price to be safe we lose our chance of ever knowing.
“What’s around the river bend? Waiting just around the river bend. I look once more, just about the river bend. Beyond the shore, where the gulls fly free.” Alfred giggled as you picked up speed, catching up with a couple otters that were swimming ahead of you. “Don’t know what for, what I dream the day might send. Just around the river bend.
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 103 35
England X Reader - Pocahontas CH.1
Chapter 1 - America
You were really tired, so tired in fact that it felt like you were still standing… and was that the smell of pine? What kind of library is this? And who opened the window? You slowly opened your eyes, but they widen when you saw where you were. How the heck did you get into the middle of the forest and above a huge freaking waterfall?!
“___! Your father’s back! Come down here!” It sounded like Jxk, as you looked down at the little canoe in the water. It looked like someone else was in the boat, too. This whole scene looked familiar to you… but from where?
“Come on, ___....” You mumbled to yourself as you took a few steps back. You took off at a sprint, diving off the extremely tall platform. You hit the cold water and the answer clicked into your head. This was just like Pocahontas! So, does that make this a dream?
“No, not that… way.” You heard Jxk mumble, as you broke the surface. You carefully swam ou
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 175 30
Germany X Reader - Beauty and the Beast CH.7
Chapter 7 – Something There
Your horse bucks, sending you flying off and causing his reins to get wrapped around a tree branch. The wolves begin to attack him, but you grab a hefty looking branch and beat them away with it. One wolf grabs your branch in his mouth, snapping it in half, leaving you completely defenseless. Another wolf leaps at you, catching your cape and pulling you to the ground. You look up to see a wolf about to jump at you.
Before it can get to you, it’s caught in mid-air. Its captor is Ludwig. He throws the wolf away, before standing in front of you protectively. The wolves lunge at him and they all begin to have a full-out attack. One rips a patch of fur off Ludwig’s shoulder, leaving it vulnerable and the other wolves attack.
Frustrated with their attacks, Ludwig finally throws one against a tree, knocking it out. The others turn and run away in fear. Ludwig turns to face you, a look of tired, despair on his face, before collapsing to the ground.
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 124 14
Germany X Reader - Beauty and the Beast CH.6
Chapter 6 – The West Wing
“Bravo!  That was wonderful!” You cheered.
“Thank you, thank you, mademoiselle. Yes, good show, wasn't it everyone?” Arthur looked at the reflection of his face and gasped. “Oh, my goodness, will you look at the time.  Now, it's off to bed, off to bed!”
“Oh, I couldn't possibly go to bed now.  It's my first time in an enchanted castle.”
“Enchanted?  Who said anything about the castle being enchanted?” Arthur laughs nervously, as a fork hopped by, before pointing accusingly at Francis. “It was you, wasn't it?!”
“I, um, figured it out for myself.” The two were strangling each other, but stopped when they heard your answer. Arthur dusts himself off, as Francis checks his wax nose. “I'd like to look around, if that's all right.”
“Oh!  Would you like a tour?” Francis asked, excited.
“Wait a second, wait a second.  I'm
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 118 22


this is one of the best one's I've seen so far it's amazingly cute you did a great job! it shows the iconic view that McChapel could've...


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey there fans! I just created my first Sherlock Video and I'm really excited to share it with you. I've just uploaded it to my new channel on YouTube so I hope some of you will be kind enough to go and check it out. I made this sort of in honor of the new season of Sherlock coming out on Sunday which is going to be super hype! 

here's the link: 

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Character ponies! Hand Drawn!
If you like MLP or you just really enjoy the art style, then please feel free to grab up or request your own Character pony! I've done special ponies from Marvel to even Doctor Who! Just give me your username, the name of the character you wish for me to draw, and any other specifics. I also will do couples ponies for an extra 100 points!


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I am a big Star Trek Fan and I love Dr. McCoy a lot I try to do art based on Rp's I have with friends on my Facebook and I love the Dr. McCoy and Nurse Chapel pairing.


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