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b4 u say anything, its a tarsier FYI..
its prob d smalest monkey in d world..
n i ws able 2 touch it! D:
truth, i dnt lyk em at all..O.o dey freak me owt wit deyr huge eyes & skiny fingers
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Mar 20, 2008, 1:10:43 PM
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holy moly that looks scary in a cute way nice job
sweetntoxic's avatar
lol. i stil find it freaky..
bt anywy, thanks.. XD
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no problem awesome monkey
sweetntoxic's avatar
lol thanks agenXD
misskisshu's avatar
ommggggg what is that! i WANT ONEEEE
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I have a soft toy of one of these.. I reckon they're neat. XD I think this particular one is just isn't too photogenic.
sweetntoxic's avatar
rili? lol
lol, ya i gues it isnt.. maybe ill place dis in scraps l8ah..^o^
lilhazelnutta's avatar
Yeah it's hanging in my old bedroom. X3

No no, I didn't mean it was a bad photo! I meant that this particular tarsier just isn't as cute in pictures as others. It's like photogenic people - some people look good in photos, some people don't. DX It doesn't mean it's a bad photo! Don't scrap it!!!
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oohhhhh! lol..XD ok..i get it now..>w<
n deysel tarsier stuf there? =O
i hav one too..its a tiny stuf toy dat hangs lyk urs..except mine only hangs in bags, caps, ur wrist,etc.. XD
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oh! That animal was in Indonesia too! They're cute. But some ppl says its a 'ghost animal'. and actually not xD
They're fast! We can found them in forest at night.. Its rare! xD
sweetntoxic's avatar
really? i thought it was only found in the phils. since thats what they said..O.O lol
it only comes out at night in indonesia? ^^
rurimon's avatar
yea. But there is a zoo where its live. So we can see them in a day, or morning ^^
Drunny's avatar
o.0U uh the eyes x.x
sweetntoxic's avatar
LOL XD deyr pretty freaky
Drunny's avatar
o___o *shock
SimplyAddictive's avatar
It's not the smallest, but cute picture. :)
sweetntoxic's avatar
really? lol..i thought it was..XD well, mayb one of the smallest then..
and thank you! :heart:
louieaberia's avatar
tarsier?? hahahaha!
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