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Wild Growth
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Wild Growth is my attempt to design a MLP species (is that the term I want?) that echoes the Night Elves of Warcraft. They live deep in the forests of Equestria, tending to the world around them with care and diligence. Their coats and manes are almost always darker shades, though lighter ones do crop up, and their eyes can often be seen glowing in the dark. Some, like Wild Growth, have markings in addition to their cutie marks.

Wild Growth © Me
Night Elves © Blizzard
My Little Pony © Hasbro
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This is gorgeous, I like the MLP species idea with the night elves a lot, you could make such a great story especially with the unicorns. Probably have a story with something similar to the Well of Eternity? How the unicorns of the forest gain their magic source, how they spreaded out their ancient magic teachings to equestria?
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