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The Boy and the bird

By sweetmoon
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"Let's Go!"

This is for the Artbook"Monter" by m-o-th [link]
the whole concept is "boys and birds".
I really enjoyed this drawing !
Thank you :)
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очень красиво
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What kind of bird is it? Owl? Buzard? :P

And i want to draw this for in my room.
 I got you're promission? c:
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Cool work, I really like the owl in your style :)
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I like it! Kinda reminds me of this book from Jean Craighead George called, "My Side of the Mountain," where a boy moves to a forest to experience nature, and he keeps a bird, I think it was a hawk or something.
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This is beautiful.
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Sort of reminds me of Link with his hawk in Twilight Princess. :)
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That bird looks so real!
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I looovers this drawing!!!! I especially love the owl and how it looks fluffy!!!
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Very nice Miss ^^
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Good job. I love the colors in this piece.
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I like it but I'm also a little confused by the mix of drawing styles. The bird is very sculpted and painterly, but the boy is coloured very flat and has outlines. I think if you'd coloured him the same way as the bird it would have made them sit together a little better. Other than that, I think it's lovely
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I really like this work!
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本当にびっくりした!!初めてこの絵を見たとき、”gold ring”の漫画からfanartと思いました。
gold ring はアラブ人で書かされた話、日本人で書かされた絵の漫画です。
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I love the coloring and shading you did here :)
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So much story in this picture, I really like this style of yours, I adore your simple strokes but tangible line-art. It feels different from your other works. Great job, thank you for sharing!
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I love the soft coloring and stances on both characters. Very real
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Whoah, this is SO COOL! I love the owl! It's so perfect!!
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