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The Armor Shop

By sweetmoon
The Background Art for the game "Guild of Hunters" for smart phone.
It's my first Background work for a game! done about 1 year ago.
Please enjoy :)
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© 2013 - 2021 sweetmoon
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Thanks so much for such a great picture! I was asked by my college professor to make an environment for our final project and I admire your piece so much I recreated it (minus and item or two) to the best of my ability.  I wanted to let you know that you inspired me and here's a link to my portfolio website where I have it featured in case you wanted to check it out! Keep it up!
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Very cool details! I like it~
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Omg this is amazing!, i really loved the color and shading! :D
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It does look like a video game
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beautiful composition
Simply stunning.
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Now I just want it on my web site.  (no...I would not do that...its a commercial web site...and I don't rip off other people's work)  But I DO like the idea that my weapons and armour shop might someday look like this! 
Can I buy your "axe of awesomeness for" 3025 gold?
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WOW lets go shopping!:D
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yes, the talent is strong with this one.
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nice, ferry nice
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Shopping! just kidding, but great job, I really like the variety of arms and armor.
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It's gorgeous, well done!
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Wow Impressive
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Amazing! I love all the detail you've crammed into this, definitely fun to look around the whole piece. It makes me want to inspect every item and see what they're called / what stats they have, hehe.
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Beautifullt done, love the detail.
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Hi it so cool my friend ^^
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