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Princess Lamina Selsan (World of Vina characters)

Lamina is one of my cutest characters ever, and one of the most innocent as well. Here are more detailed information on her:-

Lamina Selsan:-
Second princess of the Empire of Merorria, one of two superpowers of Vina. She loves peace, and wishes for it to happen with Caldalice, Merorria's mortal enemy. She loves space too much, to the degree she can't stop herself once she starts talking about it. This led her to hold a prominent position in Merorria space agency (M.S.A). Lamina dreams of colonizing Ertia, and to see it alive with her own eyes, if possible. She sometimes said:- "Even if I never got to see that myself, I will do it with the eyes of whom I love". She's more courage than she looks like, giving how she confessed her love to Agro, and ended up becoming his fiancée. As part of achieving her dream, she sends Agro abroad the Ratkarya-B ship to collect information on Ertia, not knowing he may never come back.

If you liked this artwork, feel free to give me a watch. It will encourage me to create more lovely artworks.

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