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Full name: Mitchell Donald Ralph Hughes (Mitch)
Nicknames: Bajan, Benja, BenjaCanada
Born in: Canada, unspecified city. Fans assume it is in Montreal; his current residence.
Birthday: March 3, 1994
Age (as of 02/4/14): 19 years old
Grew up in: Barbados, acquiring a Bajan accent as a kid. 
Siblings: Younger brother (Connor), younger sister (Kyleigh) and an older step sister (Marley)
Content in his channel: Most of his uploads center around PvP minigames (mainly Minecraft: Hunger Games), as that is what he is most related to in the YouTube community. He's been somewhat known as well for his parkour videos. He also has posted Roller Coaster TycoonZoo Tycoon 2, and Pokemon videos, though most of these are unavailable in present day.
Subscribers (as of 02/4/14 at 12:30): 2,959,937 subscribers/doods

He moved to New Jersey in 4th grade and met JeromeASF (Jerome) and became friends. They record videos (specially Hunger Games) very frequently. It got to the point where fans created a shipping between the two: Merome or ASFCanadian. Mitch and Jerome often joke and poke fun at it. (Ex. In the "City Of Love", where Mitch used a Merome drawing as part of the thumbnail) Recently, though, they've also used the term as a way to say they are a team ("You don't mess with Merome!" became a quote in their Pixelmon series, whenever they pranked Quentin ((HuskyMudkipz)) or Ian ((Ssundee))). The managed to trend #Merome during the Livestream Launch Party for The Nexus server, along with #TheNexusMC.

Started YouTube in: March 3, 2010 at the age of 16.
His username originates from him being born in Canada (canadian) and his upbringing in Barbados (Bajan). 
He calls his fans "doods".
He had a channel before creating "TheBajanCanadian", but his parents forced him to close it, as they thought it contained inappropriate content, like mocking "2 Girls, 1 Cup."

Mitch started to get acknowledged in the YouTube community when he, Jerome and Matt (Nooch) started AwesomeSauceFilms: a general gaming channel where they centered around Call of Duty. They ended up making videos for Machinema for over 2 years.
However, on December 2012, the group stopped producing ASF videos, as they had grown tired of CoD. When his channel started to turn Minecraft-centered, he got a lot of criticism and hate from older fans that is still going on. (Many of the comment sections in his videos are spammed with #ReviveASF)

Mitch got recognized as a Minecraft YouTuber through his Minecraft: Hunger Games. The series has 295+ episodes (as of 12/2/13), and its anniversary is November 1st,. It is still the staple of his channel.
He's praised as one of the best PvPers in YouTube, and he has received the title "King of Hunger Games (Deans)" by fans.

Before episode 6 of HG, Mitch wore a Winnie The Pooh skin, as his first experience with gaming had been with Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood. He swapped it for his current skin, afraid of getting a copyright strike.

Mitch has had 2 Minecraft servers: The Fridge (closed) and The Nexus (which he co-owns with Jerome.)

Benja started to join other YouTubers in recording sessions, such as SkyDoesMinecraft. He became a part of Team Crafted, along with Jerome, and became friends with the members of the group (Deadlox, MinecraftUniverse, HuskyMudkipz, Ssundee, SkyDoesMinecraft, etc).

Several of his videos have 'slang', generated from his love for food. "Get your food and drank on" is a popular phrase of his, for example. Many of his Instagram photos have food in them.

Mitch has his own way of calling different items in Minecraft (similar to Sky's way of calling Gold "Butter"):

Diamond Axe - Betty
Gold - Chicken Nugget Budder
Cooked fish - Vile Creature
Chestplate - Boob(plate)
Boots - Booties/Boots with the fur
Leather Boots - Boots with the fur
Chainmail - Sexy Lingerie
Lapis Lazuli - Blue sh*t/Lapis Lapoopie/Blue poop
Iron Axe - Fredrick
Rotten Flesh: Wet noodle

Other Info

• According to Mat and Jerome, Mitch is a picky eater.
• He is 6 days older than Jerome.
• When asked why he lacks a girlfriend, he replied that he didn't have time for a relationship. In Crazy Craft #4, though he said that he didn't want to upset the fan girls. Whether this is truly how he feels or not is uncertain.
• He is part of a good amount of the TC shippings. 
• In a poll hosted in… , Mitch is the winning candidate for favorite member of Team Crafted with 658 votes. The poll was created at 05:39 on July 25, 2013, and so far 2313 people voted. 
• He won Machinima's "Super Battle Heaven Island" versus Cupquake in the finals.
• Mitch and Jerome grew their channels from the ground up on their own before they met SkyDoesMinecraft and Deadlox at Pax East 2012 and joined Team Crafted soon after.
• Mitch is an atheist.
• The reason as to why he stopped swearing and went PG is that Mitch was aware that most of his audience was really young, including some family members like his brother and cousins. He wanted to be a good example for them, and stopped with the mature content in his videos, much to many fan's dislike.
• Mitch has the second most subscribers in TC (excluding the hub channel, followed by Jerome and beaten by Adam.
• He organized a Hunger Games event for YouTubers with 20K-100K subscribers on The Nexus and gave all of the participants VIP status in the server; the players were allowed to keep the status to help film HG in The Nexus easier. He also played alongside them, but didn't record the rounds for his channel.
• Mitch has talked about being frugal in byd podcasts.
• He calls "Mitch time" whenever he makes the build phase of a BattleDome longer than 10minutes, which happens when he's in charge of the time (which is always)

Hey doods (what's going on?) It's Mitch or BajanCanadian here!
Slap dat like button witchya forehead! Take care.
Hey, dood.
No plz! I fan!
Hey, biggums.
Boom, shaka laka! It's danga-lang time!
I'm onna boat, mudda-trucka
*slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp*
To the left to the left!
Darren Sharper, put da team on my back!
El boost!!!
On the way! Bum, bum, bum-bum, on the way!
Dat determination dough!
I make dat booty go M'da da M'da da
Nah/Yeah g
Talkin' bout all that goooood sh*t/stuff!
Big Booty B*tches.
Dat booty dough!
You best be steppin'!
You're a monster!
I'm/Thaz gucci!
I did dat.
Sad face.
Not big surprise.
Half a heart warrior!
Ooh, baby!
Big noob!
*smashes hands on desk or breaks something*
Thanks to :iconjade-spade: for the title! XD
Added a couple of quotes ;)

This took SO LONG to write. .-. I only had points in my notebook (like facts), so I had to turn them into some pepare like jumbled up thingeh. 
Anywho, here's the info thingy I promised! WIth a little help from Wikitubia, I managed to get more info (and by stalking his Twitter. :3)
Plz tell me if I missed anything! :D Suggest any other things you know about Bajan! <3 I'll be adding more tomorrow (hopefully)

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I miss his old videos so much. Do you know where we can find them?