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Winter Ballet

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  • Handler: Rebecca Shelbie
  • Age: 29
  • Stable: Lavender Field Stables, France
((MORE CHRISTMASY THINGS - in January, but I don´t care! A bit of good old-fashioned dressage for Conquistador before dipping into the more Iberic side of the discipline. Gotta start somewhere.))

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Ice Dance by SweetLittleVampire


"Another kitschy place...", Floréan sighed.

"Oh don´t be such a Grinch", Rebecca replied. "What´s wrong with you? I thought you liked Christmas decorations? Or did that costume traumatise you that much?"

"It didn´t traumatise me. It just reminded me of what you said. About...fitting into your costume while you still can...and..."

"And what?", she grinned, climbing on the horse and riding into position. She knew exactly where this conversation was going to.

"Well, I was wondering if...if you were...perhaps...pregnant again?"

She stared at him for a few seconds, then she laughed.

"Actually I only put on quite a bit of weight, and what I meant to say was: if I continue to stuff myself like this I´ll never fit in that costume again. But your fce was too adorable not to troll you."

Flo shut his mouth tight before playfully exclaiming: "YOU TWIT! You´ll pay for this!"

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Scutterland's avatar
Oh my goooooosh I LOVE this!!!
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
ich find die Kugeln im Haar so schön *-*
tolle idee
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Irgendwie wollte ich Weihnachtsdeko ans Pferd kriegen. XD
Danke. :3
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
ist ne süße Idee gewesen :)
CalyArt's avatar
featured in "Awesome Barrocos" -> zusatzpunkte für deinen tollen hengst <3
SweetLittleVampire's avatar

CalyArt's avatar
nix zu danken hihi gern *-*
TreckyQueen's avatar
Uhh, ist das toll :la: Vor allem die Christbaumkugeln in Mähne und Schweif :love:
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Hihihi, ich hab diese Kugel irgendwann mal gemalt und sie dann so gemocht, dass ich sie zum Wiederverwenden abgespeichert hab. :giggle:
Danke. :D
SilvesterVitale's avatar
ahaha I feel like such a dork now. I had written a comment here but I never submitted it Facepalm 
but here it comes XD ldcndvklsdnv this is looking so stunning, the decorations in the mane and those tinmy braids :heart:
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
That happens to the best of us. XD

Aaaah thank you so much! I just love decorating this guy´s hair. XD
Equinara's avatar
amazing detail
Winxhelina's avatar
The Christmassy art is lovely, even if it is January, I like the colors and everything. And GOD Rebecca. You had us all fooled. 
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Ehehehehehehehehehehe! :evillaugh:
cheliace's avatar
Dein Auge für Details ist der Wahnsinn *-* Und die Dappleeeessssss! :dummy:
Und ich liebe die Deko im Haar! Außerdem sieht man doch bei Rebecca kein bisschen angefressenes Zeugs xD Soll sich mal nicht so anstellen :'D
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Mein Geheimnis für die Dapples: Dapple brush :giggle:

Aach, man sieht es nicht wirklich; es wird nur etwa eng wenn sie versucht Reißverschlüsse oder so zu schließen.
Danke dir!
cheliace's avatar
Jaaa, der ist echt der Beste :dummy: 
Nichts zu danken :3
SaphiraJK's avatar
BlueMoonStables's avatar
o-o did you get inspired by my drawing or somethimg? o: its very similar.
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
It´s...possible. Now that you say it. XD
I usually use textures for the wood and wanted to use the same type of garland I did for the halter picture, and we didn´t get much freedom with the hall anyways...and I used this pose before.
It certainly wasn´t intentional. Does it bother you too much?
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