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The White Wolf

Please fullview to see all the details, especially the face. Thank you.

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The Philosopher by SweetLittleVampire The Delicacy Of A Heartbeat by SweetLittleVampire

Meet Baldur.

He is a character from an independent roleplay I´m doing with :icondatnachtmaehre:DatNachtmaehre . He´s one of the lead characters in the story – along with mine, it seems – and is played by her.

She had asked me for a long time to draw him, but I had been hesitating because of his role in the story and because I have a clear vision of him in my mind and was afraid to screw him up.

Our roleplay is set in Germany during World War II. Baldur comes from an aristocratic family – his full name and title is actually Baldur Theobald Alexander Friedrich Gotthold Graf von Greifenstolz, Freiherr von Wittgenstein zu Wolfenbach ( :faint: ) , which means he´s Count of Greifenstolz (meaning “Gryphon´s Pride”; the gryphon figures in their family coat of arms) and Baron of Wittgenstein.

His passions are literature, music (if I recall right; he does have some Glenn Miller records at home), hunting and his private Doberman breed.

He is in his early to mid thirties, unmarried, but has an adopted son, Tristan.

Born and raised in East Prussia, he was educated in the spirit of chivalry. Now, under the Nazi regime, he acquired the rank of an SS-commander in Berlin.

But never judge a book by its cover. Secretly, Baldur is part of the Resistance against the Nazis, and he gathers a group of young intelligent men – mostly other noblemen and students, but also a few from lower social classes – around him in order to find a solution against the Nazi regime. That´s why he likes to refer to himself and the boys around him as “white wolves”.

Although he also has his own plans in mind, which cause a lot of trouble for one of the lads around him (my character), even if he thinks his plans are for the best of whole society.

Even if Baldur might seem like one of the bad guys at first, he´s really one of the good ones. He´s real fun to play with and can be really sweet if he wishes – you should see him handle his adopted son! :love:

And he´s just too cute when he´s confused. And my character manages to confuse him rather often. :giggle:

Pose reference by CathleenTarawhiti
Flower pattern on curtain by Snufver
Damask pattern by arsgrafik
Pose reference for the dog found on Wikimedia Commons → traced; I can´t draw dogs.

Baldur (Character & Backstory) © DatNachtmaehre
Art © SweetLittleVampire (me)
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Echt schönes Bild. Der Dobi ist klasse geworden. Das Zimmerdesign gefällt mir.
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Gah, you have such a stunning style!~:heart:
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Uuuuh, sehr cool^^
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Your roleplays seem to Be SO COOL. Really, I'm jealous - I wish I would have long meaningful RPGs like that. He seems like an awesome character. i like his looks - make him look interesting - with the long hair added his soft-like features doesn't make him look too manly, but his body makes up for it. iI like his clothing & the matching decor makes him look rather wealthy. I really love it. I haven't actually seen you draw dogs like that I think. Very well done. I''m not a dog person, but that dog looks nice & cute:) *reads description* Ahhh... you traced it! You cheater! Meh....still looks very nice.
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Thanks! :heart:
Meh, I can´t draw dogs at all. They end up looking like stretched potatoes on legs if I try. I prefer cats anyways - except for Shetland Sheepdogs, they´re too adorable! :love:

Well. he is a rather wealthy person, so I thought rich furniture would fit.

I´d invite you to take part in it, but we rp in German... :(
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I preffer cats too. Cant even remember the last time I tried to do a dog.
Awww Thats ok. Its your game. I guess I gotta learn German then.
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I'm impressed ^^ The details and color are both wonderful as always. I really like the idea too :) It kind of reminds me of Operation Valkyrie. Very well done to you and :devdatnatchtmaehre: :hug:

I'm inspired now :3 but I can't really find many people who would roleplay this type of story with me :( People are so sensitive these days.
I've had a general idea for a character but sadly I never seem to get around to it.
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Thank you! :3

It is a bit like Operation Vakyrie, just not that drastic.
Let´s say it is set up in the same spirit, though Baldur knows that assassination attacks often ends in disasters, and he doesn´t want to put his guys in too big danger, so he´s seeking other ways to end that war.

I would invite you to rp with us, but we´re rping in German only, and as we´re both fluent in it, it might be difficult for you to follow.
WinterVodka-Stables's avatar
You're welcome :heart:

And wow Baldur seems like a very intellectual character ^^

^^' Yeah, mabe just a bit. Since I speak almost no German. But thanks for trying to include me :) It means a lot.
WinterVodka-Stables's avatar
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
XD Just copy-paste her name. Or call her Nachti, I´ll know who you mean. :3
WinterVodka-Stables's avatar
*American trying to speak German F A I L* ok I will remember that ^\\\^
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Also irgendwie hat das ja schon echt was. :aww:
Das sofa find ich richtig schön, das hätt ich auch gern. :D
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Mir persönlich ist das Sofa etwas zu rot, aber es passt zur Inneneinrichtung.
FallenChocoCookie's avatar
Ich find grad das toll. ^^
Aber ingesamt sieht's auch voll gut aus. Hat irgendwie was erotisches find ich - wahrscheinlich grad wegen dem roten Sofa. :D
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Ich denke es liegt auch an Baldurs herausforderndem Blick, der eigentlich nicht so geplant war, aber ganz gut passt. XD
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Ach du...Gott ist das geil geworden. Der Dobermann glänzt übrigends zivil genug für einen Dobermann. Du hast es nicht übertrieben. ^^
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