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Macarons and Jane Austen Films

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Music I was listening to while drawing this:

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness - gave me the idea to draw a sad Grell again. This song was very popular the summer my grandmother passed away, so I´ll always link it with that.
Ms Greenbird – Shooting Stars & Fairytales - this song always gives me a warm feeling and cheers me up.

It is my strong belief and headcanon that Grell Sutcliff indulges on macarons and Jane Austen films when being sad.

Why? Maybe because that´s totally a thing I would do, though I´m more a chocolate or strawberries girl. :giggle:

(And learned the difference between macaroons and macarons, lol. My language barrier was hitting me pretty hard on that one.)

Grell´s nightgown was inspired by this drawing by Yana Toboso: [link]

Grel´s hairstyle was inspired by this photograph of Uehara Takuya: [link] Isn´t he adorable with his hair like that? :heart:

Pose Reference by *SenshiStock
Flower pattern by ~SriitaDeWatt

Grell Sutcliff / Kuroshitsuji © Yana Toboso / Square Enix
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rejected by William yet again XD
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Would Grell mind if I gave him a hug?he needs one.
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I don´t think Grell would.
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Good!*hugs Grell*
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Why is Grell sad?
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That´s up to everyone´s imagination. :3
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So beautiful!
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:giggle: You're right.  Takuya-san is so adorbs with his hair like that. I just want to hug Grell, or maybe join her in macarons and tea.  I've had a tough year.
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I think we all had. What was wrong with 2014 anyways?
I´ve heard from so many people that it was a terrible year for them.
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From September to now, my senior year has been a bust more than a fun last year.  :( Grell, I want a girls day with you so we can bitch about our problems and paint our nails together.
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That would be one hell of a day.
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
Especially since I don't like Sebastian and think Grell can have him if she wants.  She wouldn't want to wring my neck if I told her I would refuse sex, or anything else, with her Sebas-chan.
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I don´t like him that much, either.
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I just want to go there and hug my Grelly babyy :') <3
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omg i have a sweater like his robe :3
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D: is grell ok? Dose he need a hug?
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Hey I got a question for you is there some way you can do an art piece for #quxxnday yesterday a YouTuber thequxxn passed away (july 21)from an infection in her lung and everyone her fans are making this day Jul 22 quxxn day, I will be glad if you could do a pic I will repay you some how
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I´m late, I´m sorry (that´s the problem with different timezones).
I´m busy, but I´ll try to come up with something. :hug:
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