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LFS Sheitan



LFS - Coat Of Arms .: New Version:. by SweetLittleVampire


LFS Sheitan


Studbook Approved!

ZWG Grading Ribbon by Zoubstance  ZS0102 by Zoubstance   Zlesdin of the Month ribbon by Zoubstance


  • Stable name: Lavender Field Stables
  • ID: ZS0102
  • Import Design: Zlesdin Custom Import - SweetLittleVampire
  • Name: LFS Sheitan
  • Meaning: "Satan", or "the Devil" in Arabic
  • Nickname: Sheitan, Shey
  • Breed: Zlesdin 
  • Gender: Stallion
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Height: (projected to be) 170 cm
  • Colour: Deep red chestnut (hidden sabino)
  • Markings: Coronet + sock on hind legs | star on forehead | blue eyes
  • Genotype: ee/Aa/nSb

  • Discipline: Show jumping, endurance

  • Personality: Sheitan is one Hell of a horse, with an even larger personality. He seems to be always putting himself first - except when he´s around mares; somehow he then always manages to behave like a perfect gentleman. He is very picky when it comes to his riders or trainers, and he´s known for stopping whatever he´s doing and walking away during training lessons when he´s fed up with them. He´s fascinated by everything round - toss him a horse ball and he´ll be entertained for hours.
    He hates everything wet and cold though. Rain, snow, water? Not his cup of tea.
    Prefers to be ridden by women.

  • Bloodline:
------------------------------------------ SSS: Starter
----------------- SS: Starter
------------------------------------------ SSD: Starter
Sire: Starter
------------------------------------------ SDS: Starter
----------------- SD: Starter
------------------------------------------ SDD: Starter
------------------------------------------ DSS: Starter
----------------- DS: Starter
------------------------------------------ DSD: Starter
Dam: Starter
------------------------------------------ DDS: Starter
----------------- DD: Starter
------------------------------------------ DDD: Starter


Open for purebreed Zlesdin horses and horses of the following list:

• Russian Don
• Saddlebred
• Akhal teke
• Karabakh
• Budyonny
• Morgan
• Thoroughbred

A foal out of a Zlesdin and a foal out of a horse of this list can be registered as half-Zlesdin. Read more about it here.


- Parents need to be older than 3 years old
- Parents need to be registered with the Zlesdin group
- A breeding picture, showing both of the parents together. Preferably full body; would be nice if it was shaded, but it doesn´t have to be.
- A picture showing my stallion with its foal if it is going to stay with you. Headshots are alright.


- To Hellgnoome´s SB's Yggdrasil Breeding Picture / Father with Foal )
Breeding spot for DatNachtmaehre - to SweetLittleVampire´s LFS Nurana ( Breeding Picture / parents with foal )
- slot reserved for Icarae - to be bred with LFS Kareema :bulletred:Not useable yet:bulletred:

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