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LFS Nurana



LFS - Coat Of Arms .: New Version:. by SweetLittleVampire


:star: LFS Nurana :star:

Studbook Approved

ZSG Grading Rosette by Zoubstance  ZM0085 by Zoubstance   Zlesdin of the Month ribbon by Zoubstance


:iconeditplz: November 3rd, 2017: Reference sheet updated.
Old sheet plus colour reference:

LFS Nurana - Old Ref by SweetLittleVampire

  • Stable name: Lavender Field Stables
  • ID: ZM0085
  • Import Design: Zlesdin Custom Import - SweetLittleVampire
  • Name: LFS Nurana
  • Meaning: "pretty" or "beautiful" in Turkmen
  • Nickname: Nurana, Nura
  • Breed: Zlesdin 
  • Gender: Mare
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Height: (projected to be) 169 cm
  • Colour: Flaxen liver chestnut sabino
  • Markings: 4 high socks | blaze | blue eyes
  • Genotype: ee/Aa/ff/nSb

  • Discipline: Dressage, halter

  • Personality: Nurana is mischief on four legs. She pokes things and people, nibbles on you, bites you (though gently), tears the blanket or the saddle pad off her back once you put it on her. She also always tries to open the door to her box sho she can escape, though she prefers to be on the outside anyways. Except for those things she is relatively easy to handle, though she can be stubborn at times and may refuse to work. She also is very proud and likes to prance around and show off when she gets praised. With people she like she can be very sweet though.

  • Bloodline:
------------------------------------------ SSS: Starter
----------------- SS: Starter
------------------------------------------ SSD: Starter
Sire: Starter
------------------------------------------ SDS: Starter
----------------- SD: Starter
------------------------------------------ SDD: Starter
------------------------------------------ DSS: Starter
----------------- DS: Starter
------------------------------------------ DSD: Starter
Dam: Starter
------------------------------------------ DDS: Starter
----------------- DD: Starter
------------------------------------------ DDD: Starter


Open for purebreed Zlesdin horses and horses of the following list:

• Russian Don
• Saddlebred
• Akhal teke
• Karabakh
• Budyonny
• Morgan
• Thoroughbred

A foal out of a Zlesdin and a foal out of a horse of this list can be registered as half-Zlesdin. Read more about it here.


- Parents need to be older than 3 years old
- Parents need to be registered with the Zlesdin group
- A breeding picture, showing both of the parents together. Preferably full body; would be nice if it was shaded, but it doesn´t have to be.
- A picture showing my mare with its foal if it is going to stay with you. Headshots are alright.


  • Offsprings: 
    StEE Tirza - purebred offspring - + 1 ZP


  • Ceremonial Tack:

Nurana 's Ceremonial Tack by SweetLittleVampire

Bullet; White Registration: +1 ZP

Bullet; White Boodline:

Bullet; White Show Entries:

Warm Evening Air - Full-body: + 5 ZP
Firestone - Full-body: + 5 ZP
Dancer Full-body: + 5 ZP

Bullet; White Show Placing:

Bullet; White Training/other Images:
Summer Moved On - Half-body: + 2 ZP
Baby Got Back - Full-body: + 3 ZP
The Lawnmower - Full-body: + 3 ZP
Zlesdin Of The Month December 2015 - Full-body: + 3 ZP
We Are Family - Full-body: + 3 ZP

Bullet; White Art by others:
-  Champion Mare - 1 ZP

:bulletwhite: Others:
- Nurana 's Ceremonial Tack - Full-body: + 3 ZP
Zlesdin of the Month for December 2015 - 5 ZP

  • Total: 40 ZP = Fleder

Credits & Resources:

:iconzlesdin: by Zoubstance 
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May I get a breeding for her?