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Goooosh, I hate those days…I´m tired as Hell, slept like half an hour and woke up again, only to find I can´t fall asleep anymore. >.>


So I decided to draw.


So, here we have :iconkeiiaru:Keiiaru´s OC Kohaku.

Made for him because I was a complete jerk and was unable to complete a collab he already had put much, much effort into. I can only be happy that he isn´t too mad at me… :ashamed:


But Kohaku is sooo much fun to draw! A rather pleasant way to spend a sleepless night, I have to say…




  Reference for Kohaku by faestock

Polka Dot Paper (purchased) by EmileeSelf

Kohaku © Keiiaru

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What a cutieeeee! The colors you used are so different and fun. :D
I hope you have a better sleep soon! <3
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Thank you. :3
Oh, I certainly will! I have bad nights once in a while, but eventually I´ll find my sleep again.
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He looks so cute. It's fun to see how different characters end up looking when you draw his in your own style! He looks really adorable and I like the earmuffs and that background :)
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He is a very cute character; I definetely had fun drawing him. :3
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I love it <333 He looks so cute and at home with his snuggly pillows and chinese takeout. You did such a good job! And a pleasant surprise, I wasn't expecting this until tomorrow O: 

Thank you so muchhhh <3! 
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You´re welcome! :3

Well I hadn´t planned to finish it so fast, but then I woke up and couuldn´t sleep anymore.
So I thought I might just as well use the time to draw.
I wanted to read but couldn´t find my book anywhere. :/
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Well, I'm certainly not complaining <33 You actually work pretty fast c:
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You mean as soon as I get my lazy ass to work, then I can be fast, yes. XD
But I´m also one Hell of a should see how close to the deadline I hand in my essays...
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