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Fairytales Dont Always Have A Happy Ending




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Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, these are two Fawnlings – or at least what we imagine their human forms to look like. You can see their respective Fawnling-selves in the frosted glass behind them.


On the left, we have orengel´s Elodi

Elodi | Colt | Duke of Glenmore by orengel

And on the right DatNachtmaehre´s Glenór

Prince Glenor|colt|Glenmore|Royal Blondie by DatNachtmaehre


The two have a veeeery heartbreaking story for their boys in mind, and I was kinda lured into drawing this sneak preview – which I gladly did. This was work, but it was fun onetheless.

Prepare your tissues for when these two reach adulthood. XD


Credits & Resources:


Frosted Glass brush by dierat

Gothic texture by AshenSorrow

Flower brushes  by luxbella

Elodi © orengel

Glenór © DatNachtmaehre

Fawnlings © Ehetere

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Jian89's avatar
damn, so beautiful :love:
I wonder how Conan would look like as human :giggle:
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Thank you! :3
I don´t even know what Mael would look like, to be honest. XDD
Winxhelina's avatar
Someone is into gorgeous church windows. It's gorgeous. Those two guys look great, really cute and handsome, I love their clothes, their regal clothes with amazing patterns and their lovely curly hair. And I love the symbols on the windows back there. It's all beautiful....god my comments are short & crappy these days, but they look very cute & I'm sure the story is great. 
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Compared to others your comments are really short these days, but I don´t mind. XD

Why thank you!
Winxhelina's avatar
I don't know why, bit I just can't think of such long descriptions like I used to, but I still love your stuff- 
You're welcome
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
It sometimes happens. :3
okami02's avatar
omg so goregous QQ if only i had your talent to do the same for my fawnlings. but still why heartbreak?!Nuu  nuuu i demand a happy ending for these two! D,:
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
*sigh* I don´t think there will be a happy ending, though.
There´s even a rumour about suicide going around, but I know for a fact that the person who made that rumour about one of those two isn´t sure yet whether it´s going to be a thing or not. I hope it won´t.

Can there be something more tragic than to fall in love with your half sibling? 
And I mean genuine feelings, not only lust or passion, but real deep love...
And you know that it can never happen because obvious reasons. :cries:
okami02's avatar
nuuuu D: they cant! this couple must live! ;^; i know its tragic but there is always a way, always! they just cant do this to me, they have to live and be happy and maybe adopt a child i dont care but they must have a happy ending :crying: rvmp 
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
I confirm the rumor is no longer a rumor. One of them will die at the age of 7 or 8 by poisoning himself.
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
Glenmore is no happy place. Never go to glenmore if you want to be happy.
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
You´d have to talk to orengel and DatNachtmaehre; sadly these aren´t my characters.
But I´m on your side. 
okami02's avatar
i know but i had to say it :( we can only hope they change their minds since it isnt in my place to just note them and try to make them change their plotting. but i dont care i love these two too much, i will go down with this ship!!!
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
I think there´s  third person involved in the plot, which makes it even more difficult.
But on a side note - go ahead and note them, they´re both really nice. XD

This ship needs a stamp, a support group, merchandise... XD
okami02's avatar
nah its not my place, if they wanna make their story that way then they have every right to do so :) and yuuus it does :D i wanna do some fanart of them so bad but i havent been able to draw fawnlings in the past few days X( the moment my "muse" is back ill make sure to draw these two mark my words XD
DatNachtmaehre's avatar

Die sind so schön geworden.
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
Sie sind toll.
Dappleclaw's avatar
Shh- how long did this take you to do?? Because it's lovely and homg. How does one form words. xD
That tear kills me >n>
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Pffft, lemme see, about 6 to 8 hours for the sketch and the lineart (including the lines for the background), and about another 8 hours for colouring and shading.
But I can´t really tell, because I didn´t look at the watch. ^^; Does it help when I say two nights? XD

Thank you. :3 Yeah, the tear for some extra feels.
Dappleclaw's avatar
oh my goodness XD that's so awesome for just two nights

SweetLittleVampire's avatar

I´m usually quite fast when I draw something I enjoy. :3

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