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Cutie Mark Symbolism

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This is just a small comic about cutie marks and what I think they mean~

I really REALLY didn't want to draw a lot for this, but I ended up making it a fully coloured comic. :iconfluttershyyayplz:Yay!

Background is 100% hand drawn, didn't want to put too much work into it.

Uhh yeah, tell me what you think~ I think this was 20% funnier in my head.
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O.O Pinkie Pie: So one day I invited him to my place for cupcakes and...


Y-You didn't... is it... physics flavoured muffins?

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KopaLeoHobbyist Digital Artist
You know, Newton's cutie mark was a (dented) apple too.
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RunawayComicsStudent General Artist
applejack: her mark symbolize a calling to her family as well as the farm. the multiple apples represent her place as an apple among other apples, right were she belongs.
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Spirittai1Hobbyist General Artist
AppleJack, way to go XD
Pinkie, Umm... yeah, okay I guess?
Cheerlee, everyone already knows

Love the picture! Looks really well done! :D
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If you get a non-apple/apple-product related cutie mark, can you even stay in the Apple family?
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KapalskyProfessional Traditional Artist
HAHA Awesome comic! I love the disappointed look on AJ's face!! :D
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
Heh, yeah. ^^;

On a related note, I was kind of surprised as to how it is Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom that was the cause for everypony else to gain their cutie mark (heh, so ... were the CMC hiding in a basement while she pulled it off the second time? ^^;) - yet her story was the most simple of them all. :O

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Mah name is Applejack 'n 'Ah sell Apples 'n Apple 'cessories.
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Lmao, Hank'le Jack ftw.
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EpicFermionHobbyist General Artist
:iconbigmaceeyupplz::iconsaysplz:She shore does.

I think it's funny!
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EpicFermionHobbyist General Artist
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PixelKittiesProfessional Digital Artist
Oh Applejack! Your apples symbolize...um... lots of things... about apples. Hmmmm.
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Raposa6598Student Writer
oh..oh my god...did you really have to add the *%#&ing CUPCAKES?
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EpicFermionHobbyist General Artist
I wasn't thinking of THAT, until you mentioned it...
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Raposa6598Student Writer
:iconcupcakespinkieplz::evillaugh: would you like one?
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It wouldn't be as funny without it. :iconsweetiebelleshyplz:
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Raposa6598Student Writer
*stares into your soul* you should ashamed of yourself...okay i'll admit, that's actually really funny, you my good fellow get *drumroll* A GOLD STAR!

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Raposa6598Student Writer
did I make you happy?
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:iconsweetieunimpressplz: What do you think?
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Raposa6598Student Writer
I'll take that as a no...good picture though.
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nijjabunnyHobbyist Traditional Artist
cupcakes you say...
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