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Learn what a ripoff means.

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"Stop saying every magical girl series is a ripoff of Sailor Moon"
What's worse? I saw someone say that Star vs the Forces of Evil was "a really badly done, low quality American version of Sailor Moon" and that they law suited Disney for it.:stare:
Why do people keep saying that every show with a magical girl protagonist is a Sailor Moon ripoff? Magical girl was a genre long before Sailor Moon existed.
So stop accusing every single cartoon with a magical girl of being a "ripoff" of your precious Sailor Moon.
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ninjakids21New Deviant

fans think that sailor moon and evangelion were the first to do those genre but that's incorrect. the first magical girl was sally the witch and the first mecha anime was mazinger z, so we have had those before it's just hadn't went mainstream yet.

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LovelyGirl146Student General Artist

As a magical girl/boy fan who's fave is Sailor Moon, I 100% stand by it!

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Jamison1209Student Filmographer
Just because that a show is very similar to another, doesn't mean that it's a ripoff. Because not all shows are rip-offs.
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EthanBurnesMKDMHobbyist General Artist
Did these people ever think to themselves that the creators of SVTFOE and MLP were just inspired by Sailor Moon and they just placed the elements they liked in there because of that?
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If we REALLY want to go there Sailor Moon herself is ripped off from Super Sentai. It was that genre that started the 5+ more team set up, color-coded members each with an archetypal personality, the different powers and transformations, and very strange yet surprisingly deadly villains. 
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SailorDoritoHobbyist Traditional Artist

So True.

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Something all of you should see. (Keyword, "STANDARD")

What Standard Magical Girl shows are really like by Hexidextrous
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AgentAlchemistCookieStudent General Artist
To add insult to the injury, they even call Steven Universe a Sailor Moon ripoff. I'm not the only one who pointed this out.
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Isagamer123Hobbyist Artist

you are not the only one

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AgentAlchemistCookieStudent General Artist

Hai. Long time no see.

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Isagamer123Hobbyist Artist

Same with you too

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AgentAlchemistCookieStudent General Artist

And yeah SU doesn't ripoff SM.

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Sparkybonbom27Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the first magical girl anime is sally the witch not sailor moon
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Sparkybonbom27Hobbyist Traditional Artist
not all magical girl animes are a ripoff of sailor moon and pretty cure people were calling jewelpet a precure ripoff and i HATE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Sapphie Emote - Dance Ruby (Joyful) [V1] Sango Emoticon 2 Rosa Smile Amelie Emoticon Prase Emoticon Ryl Emoticon Topaz Emoticon Angela Emoticon Jasper Emoticon Labra Blush Garnet Love  Peridot Emoticon Kohaku Emoticon  JEWELPET AND 6 HEARTS PRINCESS ARE THE BEST MAGICAL GIRL ANIMES!!!
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Isagamer123Hobbyist Artist
I Love Jewelpet!! And yes you are right, not all magical animes are a ripoff of sailor moon or a ripoff of pretty cure
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I love Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon but I agree with this stamp. I love magical girl series (Japanese or not), and this 'series x is a ripof of saolor mun'  thingy kinda makes me...uncomfortable. Because the first Magical Girl ever was Himitsu no Akko-chan, which was been written on the 60's..60'S!!! And the first magical girl that was the model of the magical girls that we know nowadays was Cutey Honey, from the 70's. Like ???
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Isagamer123Hobbyist Artist
Yeah it is really annoying they Just Always Go Like “I hate Pretty cure because it’s a ripoff of sailor moon  Mario gets pissed by JustaPerson0107 “ OH COME ON SAILOR MOON AND PRETTY CURE ARE BOTH FROM THE SAME STUDIO, and yeah on time of that, I seen some people that think that winx club is a rip off of sailor moon too, REALLY?!? Sailor moon came before winx club Even Came Out -_-
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Mochiettes-DAHobbyist General Artist
LOL Yeah. It gets annoying. 
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Peppermint-DemonStudent General Artist
Even pretty cure and Sailor moon are my favorites. but people needs to stop saying every magical girls "a sailor moon ripoff" alot also. that make me a headache, damn. Wow, These rabid people who are saying a sailor moon ripoff are really gone too fucking way far... Smg4 Mario Facepalm 
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This also works on the "same genre" shows,its like i say that Kamen Rider,Ultraman,Super Sentai,and every Tokusatsu show starring persons in coloured suits are all Ripoals of Power Rangers.
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I think people called Wedding Peach a Sailor Moon ripoff...

Ugh... I also hate it when people called Pretty Cure a Sailor Moon ripoff, they're both from the same studio...
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I once saw a guy call Revolutionary Girl Utena a SM ripoff... Dafaq?! I really love Sailor Moon, I really do (the Japanese and Viz dubs at least), but just because its a Magical Girl/Shojo series does not mean its a ripoff!
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darkfrost-starStudent Digital Artist
Really? Utena is very different from Sailor Moon. They may both have transformations, magical objects, girls using magic, and a theme of secret duel lives/identities and other magical girl tropes/themes, and also Utena and Anthy being based off Haruka and Michiru, but they only have THAT much in common.
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