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Rainbow Leopard 3

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The third and final shot in the "Rainbow Leopard" series- I'm fond of it, even if it doesn't show off all the pain in the ass spots that I had to do under my jaw. Probably because it looks so leopard-vampy.

Rawr, baby. And yes, I am most certainly clothed- I've just pushed my spaghetti straps off my shoulders. X3 You pervs.

:bulletblue: Medium: Makeup + Boredom
:bulletred: Time: 1/2-ish hour.
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Jan 21, 2007, 12:25:20 AM
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Your art is amazing. I just looked through some of your other pictures but this design was my favourite. Would it be ok if eventually I took your picture to a tattooist to have something similar to this tattooed? I am thinking of rewarding myself when I loose weight and get to my goal weight.
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You're completely welcome to do so! That's sweet of you! :D

And good luck getting to your goal weight! :heart:
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lol...Hunter the leopard.

I loooove leopards, this is so amazing. All of your pictures are. o_O and congrats on the DD (sorry i am adding to your flood of messages....)
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Thank you!! ^_^ And oh, please, by all means add to the flood. :XD: I'm sorting through them as an alternative to actual work. It's a delightful procrastination. Not too shabby for the ego, either. :D :heart:
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i could only imagine. =3 i would love to get a DD but i guess nothing of mine is interesting enough XD

When did you start doing this sort of stuff with make up?
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I've been doing little things- playing around with bruises, whatnot, since 6th grade- but I only started doing full face art pieces like this in January. (Although I did a full-face leopard around two years ago for an art project, but it was an isolated incident. ^_^)

And trust me, if someone could pick something of MINE for a DD... anyone could get one. ^_^
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Hahaha. Isn't the subliminal goal of all Deviants to get a DD or be up on the popular list? Its like a game but we don't even know it.

I like to play with make up and sharpies sometimes. My parents laugh at me with the make up and get mad when i use sharpies XD But it is a lot of fun. And looking at your work is very inspiring.

Do you do this as a job? or is it just a freetime passion? (XD sorry i always like to ask so many questions....)
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I like questions. :D :heart:

I've never played with sharpies! I'd be afraid I'd muck up and it'd not come off easily. XD Halloween makeup is good for screw ups like myself, I can always wipe it off and do something else!

This is 100% a free time passion- I do it at night when I'm bored and/or procrastinating, and sometimes I volunteer at parties and such. I did get paid to do a Halloween party, though, which was nice. :XD:
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^_^ sharpies actually come off pretty easy with water and a little scrubbing or some rubbing alcohol. Q-tips work well for smaller places =3 XD i mess up all the time. But i always try to find a way to roll with it and work it in rather than scrap everything to start again.

One time i volunteered to do face painting at a carnival at my old elementary school. that was pretty fun. All the Halloween make up i have just doesn't dry fast enough for me.

You are very creative XD the pumpkin lips were so cool. I've never seen anything like that before.

How much did you get paid for that?
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For the party, you mean? $50 an hour.
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This makes me think of Lisa Frank- Was anyone else obsessed with the cute colorful cuddly animals when they were little?

btw- LOVE this- makes me want to invest in some actual factual face painting cosmetics. I only use eyshadows/liners/lipsticks... grrrr.
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:heart: Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. ^_^ And yay, Lisa Frank! I used to love that art- I had LF stationery and buttons. XD Technicolor Uber-cuteness was definitely a staple of my childhood.
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hehe....ahhh memories...
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"I've just pushed my spaghetti straps off my shoulders." Way to ruin everything!... :tears:

Looks very good! It worked out well. :)
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*laugh* Thank you! :flirty:
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thats pretty freekin rad!
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Wonderful :clap:!
Your gallery is very interesting. One of the more rare forms of art :nod:
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@Chisai: Thank you! Do you ever upload makeup projects? ^^

@Lcompston: *le gasp* A double compliment! Look kids, a wild double compliment. They're very rare. They deserve two thank yous. :giggle:
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I don't know what to complement more, the artwork or your picture. :)
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ooo pretty face doodles. i love playing with make up, adn the rainbow eyes are awesome

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Thats awsome. Other then the color, those spots look very realistic.
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