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Published: March 2, 2008
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Whew! So I FINALLY got this up...SORRY bluerosescavic!!! Hope it meets to your liking! Anywhos, she basically asked me to draw the ladies from Dark Shadows as Disney princesses, which was just WAY too fun to pass up. Here's who's who:

Carolyn Stoddard: Alice in Wonderland
Angelique Bouchard (this was a hard one since she's so evil!): Cinderella
Josette du Pres Collins: Belle (with Barnabas as her beast :-P)
Samantha Drew Collins: Ariel
Victoria Winters: Snow White
Julianka (the gypsy from 1897): Jasmine
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CartoonNetworkgalHobbyist Digital Artist
You might want to see this:[link]
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Yeah, that's my updated version on my newer page. :)
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Let's see...

-The One True Alice is like Carolyn because they are both strong, brave, kind, intelligent and corageous. They are not afraid to kick ass when the occasion calls for it, but otherwise they are both peaceful and gentle. And they are both blondes.

-Cinderella is like Angelique because they are both vain, shallow, obsessed with love, and poor role models for girls. And they are both blondes

-Belle is like Josette since they are shy, quiet, meek and kind-hearted girls who had to suffer for their love, and they both fell in love with men that were cursed to look like beasts yet those men are honorable, peaceful and loving. And both Belle and Josette are brunettes.

-Victoria is like Snow White because, while neither of them are seen as anything more than bland characters, they both have the capacity to become better characters (Victoria by becoming Barnaba's emotional support, Snow White by becoming Kristen Stewart)

-And I have no idea who Samantha or Julianka are.


-Dr. Hoffman is like The Witch Queen because they are both villains obsessed with eternal beauty that the hero of the story (Snow White/Barnabas) trusted at first.

-Roger is Gaston. They are both handsome, yet they are both horrible people who eventually get their comeuppance.

-David is Lilo. Both are kind of weird, yet funny and charming little kids. They both befriend an heroic creature (Stitch/Barnabas), and they both quarrel with their sisters (Carolyn/Nani), yet they love them.

-Elizabeth is Dr. Anne Possible. A strong, nurturing, caring and compassionate mother figure that provides moral support for the hero (Barnabas/Kim) and is willing to kick ass when villains threaten their family.
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Haha, thanks for all the interesting analyses! :P I actually see Quentin as Gaston instead of Roger. Quentin is the token womanizer of the show, so it only makes sense. He's also a bit vain, although I can see why you'd pick Roger. And Dr. Hoffman was evil at first, but once she fell in love with Barnabas, she made it her sole duty to protect him throughout the series. I always felt bad for her, because Barnabas would flit from one new love interest to the other while she was always hanging out in the background. With that said, I'm not quite sure who I'd pin her down as...it'd have to be a character who starts off evil, but then redeems herself.

Samantha Collins is from the 1840 storyline (one of my personal faves), and Julianka is the pretty gypsy from the 1897 storyline. :meow:
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Dr. Hoffman went evil, Barnabas bit her and left her for dead, and she came back as a vampire. She never fell in love with Barnabas, and she never wanted to protect him, she was just using him to become immortal.

And there was no gypsy in the 19th century flashbacks, or anyone named "Samantha Collins". Just Barnabas, Josette and Angelique. In fact, there were no gypsies at all in "Dark Shadows", or anyone named Julianka. Barnabas got turned into a vampire and buried in that coffiun before he could meet either of them.

And there's nobody called "Quentin" in "Dark Shadows". The only womanizer is Roger, which is why Barnabas kicked Roger out of Collingswood Manor, because he was a womanizer and a terrible father figure to Carolyn.
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Like I said, this picture was based off the TV show, not the movie. Julia and Roger were very different in the film, and I know the original Julia's son was pissed since they made her a slut. ^^; lol I have a feeling they'll bring Quentin into the sequel they've been hinting at since he was a werewolf. I'm guessing he was the werewolf who bit Carolyn.
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Nafanua123Hobbyist General Artist
carolyn! ahh she would wear that *3* these are all really well done!!!
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LOL! Thank you so much! :love:
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I really love this, I espically love Josette as Belle Cause they are both French!!! :)
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Thank you so much! Ironically, I never even thought of it that way. :giggle: I just picked Josette as Belle because she has a "beast." ;)
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chibipanda95Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yuss! The Dark Shadows women get some luvvin! Good luck, Barnabas. You inherently now have Gaston to deal with...sooo cute, nice work!
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lmao! Barnabas vs Gaston would certainly be interesting. ;P And thank you so much!
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skelly-jellyHobbyist General Artist
OMG! Favorites are def Vicki as Snow White and Carolyn as Alice (who is definitely sexing up her role a little! LOL!) Nice work on all! :heart:
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LOL Thanks! :-D I actually like my Josette (cuz Barn's her beast...thought that was kinda clever, hehe ^^;) and Samantha, who's beside her. But yeah, Carolyn seems to be the favorite. :-P
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liltrix7Student General Artist
That's so cool! XD Though it would be more interesting if I knew the characters. I like the Alice and the Belle.
SweetFaith06's avatar
LOL Yay, thanks! ^^ You like the same ones as me, hehe, but I also like my Ariel, which is beside Belle. Belle's probably my favorite creative-wise since she's the belle (duh) and Barnabas (the vampire) is her beast. :-P Whew, I'm tired...got done from a choir tour (we performed 6 times in 48 hours...aaaah! lol), and now I'm ready for my spring break, which starts after class today. *happiness*
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liltrix7Student General Artist
Ack, I missed this comment?? *smack'd*

XD Yeah, I think so too, it is creative.

That's a lot of performing at one time. o__o' I'm on my spring break right now, but it shall come to a close soon. >_>
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Nice job:D

I like Alice the best:aww:
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Thanks SO much for the fave! :-P Hehe Yeah, Carolyn Stoddard as Alice definitely works...I think she's my favorite, too. :-P
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CUTE! I love it, it is unique and beautiful! FAV!
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Really? Yaay, thanks! ^^ It'd probably be cuter if you knew all the characters, but that's ok! :-P I think my favorite is Josette as Belle, because in the mirror is her "beast", Barnabas, who was a vampire. ^^
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Heheh! True, but I still adore it! I like Belle too, but then she is my favorite Princess... Also Cinderella is awesome, I love her hair! I want hair like that! lol!
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LOL Well I hate the character that's supposed to be Cinderella since she's this really mean, nasty witch -- but yeah, her hair's pretty cool. I actually like Josette's hair better (which is Belle), but I didn't do a good enough job of it for you to see what it's like. :)
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